Security guard on patrol by a fenced perimeter. Security guard on patrol by a fenced perimeter.

What Services Do Security Guard Companies in Toronto Offer?

Are you a business or property owner who is looking to hire Security services in Toronto?

Security services play a vital role in the growth of a business as well as in building confidence for the residents of a community or residential block.

People frequently ask questions about the security services and scope of these services that security companies offer.

This blog dives into everything from the type of security services offered by these companies to the scope of these services, so you can decide how to pick the best services that suit your needs.

Let’s dive in.

General Security Guard Services

Security companies provide security guards to perform general security duties during or after business hours. These guards can be armed or unarmed depending on the security needs.

In a supermarket, for example, the owner may need armed security guards to secure the premises from all sides. In addition to that, unarmed and trained security guards may be required inside the building to ensure a smooth flow of business.

Security companies provide the necessary security management training along with the training to use arms and other safety equipment. These training programs ensure the security guards are well-equipped with the Canadian laws of the security companies and the services they provide.

Receptionist Guards

These security guards perform the duties of receiving the visiting customers as they enter the premises of a marketplace or residential or commercial building. They are the first ones to meet and greet the visitors and guide them to the relevant sections of the building or store. 

Besides welcoming the visitors, they may be required to provide customer support services on phone calls, monitor the security equipment, or monitor the area to enhance security monitoring.

Distribution Guards

Distribution guards, unlike receptionist guards, are stationed outside a building and perform duties there. They greet the visitors and verify their identity so that only authorized persons or people with identifiable IDs are allowed to enter the building.

Especially, in walled residential blocks, these guards ensure that only residents of the area can go inside. In the case of visitors, their identity is first verified with the concerned homeowner before granting them access to the area. 

Distribution guards perform their duties and complete the security tasks in close coordination with the receptionist guards or the guards taking care of the internal safety and security of a building or premises.

Risk Assessment Services

These services are aimed towards identifying the potential risks to the business or corporate buildings. Mainly these are related to the potential accidents, loss of resources, physical assaults involving injuries to people or loss of lives, interruption of business activities, and so on.

These are critically important as they help you identify the potential weak points in the overall security system and better prepare to minimize and eliminate the risks. A specialist will do deep research and rank the risks based on the impact each could have on safety and security.

Surveillance Devices

Security measures in the 2020s and beyond can’t be deemed satisfactory without automation and remote monitoring systems. The surveillance systems and devices are your first eyes safeguarding the safety and well-being of personnel living in a neighborhood or working in a corporate building.

CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and monitoring stations are major components of a comprehensive and reliable surveillance monitoring system. Apart from these, security companies also provide mobile surveillance devices that become handy when you have large gatherings and conferences. In such scenarios, it becomes a very easy and flexible way to keep a close eye on the event and make it a huge success.

Patrolling Guards

When you have a large neighborhood or commercial or residential premises to secure, the patrolling guards are the best option. These security guards are trained by their respective security companies to perfectly manage the security of large-scale buildings and corporate organizations.

Generally, these guards are divided into teams and they work in multiple shifts, ensuring the security is top-notch 24/7 and never remains unattended. Working in pre-scheduled shifts and in dedicated teams, these guards monitor the surveillance system, manage the entry system, and look after the parking sections.

Specialized Security Services

Apart from generalized security services, many industries need specialized security services tailored specifically for those sectors. The scope of these services might include physical as well as cyber security services. Here are some of the sectors that may ask for specialized security services;

  • Bankruptcy asset protection
  • Camp security
  • Personal security
  • Construction security
  • Conventional home security
  • Professional home security
  • Home security compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Home security combined with emergency/healthcare services for the elderly
  • Healthcare industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Event security

As you can see, there are different aspects relevant to individual industries or sectors, and so are their security needs. Security companies in Toronto ensure customized specialized security services to cope with the needs of various industries.

Crisis Management Services

Crisis management services are the most complex and specialized services that only a few security companies offer. The scope of these services might involve counter-terrorist attacks, dealing with natural disasters, tackling socio-political conflicts, and more.

Considering the scale of risk these crises pose to human life and property, the security companies have to train the security personnel to take into account the potential risks, the level of security needs that arise in these crises, and a comprehensive plan to effectively enforce the security measures and minimize the loss to the people and resources.

These services might cost the biggest because of the scale of the potential threat to human lives and properties. 


Toronto is a vibrant place that offers a lot of business and corporate opportunities. With opportunities come security risks and the need to eliminate these risks. We have covered the most important security services that are being offered in Toronto by registered security companies. We hope that you are in a better position to think about your business and hire the most suitable security services for your buildings or business premises.

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