What to Expect from the Thrilling Ottawa River Boat Cruise?

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Set yourself up for the Ottawa River Boat Cruise, which is going to be absolutely thrilling. It’ll start from Port de Plaisance Jacques-Cartier, on various dates and various time schedules for 90 minutes.

Brace yourself for this journey that takes you through the mesmerizing national capital region of Canada.

This has been the best way to explore this city since the year 1936, and of course, you’ll also have an unforgettable journey with some breathtaking adventures and a scenic view of the sparkling water of the Ottawa River.

1. What to Expect?

The Ottawa River Boat Cruise provides you with the opportunity to see Canada’s national capital region in a unique way where you be part of witnessing the beauty of the National Capital Region like you might not have experienced before on this 1.5-hour-long Ottawa River Cruise.

Gliding along with the peace of the river and getting closer to iconic landmarks like the Supreme Court, Parliament Buildings, and the majestic Rideau Falls are just a few of the things you’ll experience in the course of this cruise.

What to Expect from the Thrilling Ottawa River Boat Cruise?
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Some astounding pictures can be clicked from that open upper deck, leaving your friends desirous. And that is not all; you’ll also learn about the enchanting history of this city while being on the cruise.

This 90-minute cruise adventure guarantees some awe-inspiring views and lovely memories that will last forever etched deep in your mind. Don’t you dare miss this absolutely amazing and once-in-a-lifetime experience!

2. Highlights

  • You can capture some amazing moments on the open upper deck of the boat and discover the indulgent past of the capital of Canada and the regions surrounding it.
  • Witness the breathtaking beauty of Rideau Falls and the McDonald-Cartier Bridge.

3. Location

The cruise will start from Port de Plaisance Jacques-Cartier and reach its final destination, which is Marina de Hull.

4. Dates and Timing

You can select dates that suit you while booking your ticket and there are also various time slots from which you can choose according to your comfort.

5. Additional Info

  • The bar on the boat will cost you an additional charge for snacks and beverages.
  • A maximum of 150 people at a time can be on the boat.
  • This cruise can also be accessed by those in wheelchairs.


6. Tickets and Pricing

The pricing of tickets for this beautiful cruise journey is basically divided into two categories based on age and you can buy them online from the official website of Fever.

These include tickets for children who are between 3 and 11 years of age, and another category is for adults who are 12 or older.

  • Tickets for a child (3-11) will cost you $33.00.
  • The price of an adult’s ticket is $47.50.

7. Enthralling River Boat Cruise in Ottawa

  • What: Ottawa River Boat Cruise.
  • Where: From Port de Plaisance Jacques-Cartier to Marina de Hull.
  • When: Various dates and time slots.
  • Tickets: These can be purchased at Fever.com.
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