What Types of Safes Are Available for Sale?

Safes are mandatory components of providing reliable protection of valuables, which can be used both in residential and commercial premises. In these structures, you can store everything important to you, except for very bulky items. For them, it is worth allocating a separate storage room with solid doors.

If you need a safe, then you should familiarize yourself with the existing varieties before buying. There are quite a lot of models. Everyone can find a fire-resistant, security, jewelry safe for sale, and other options. To make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each type.

Reliable Home Safes

First, it is worth understanding the characteristics of home safes. These designs are characterized by a high level of protection, reliability, compact dimensions, and the ability to place various items inside. When looking for models in this category, you can often find gun safes for sale, as well as jewelry varieties, fire-resistant and burglar-resistant varieties. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Safes for Storing Weapons

These designs are created taking into account the characteristics of various types of firearms, ammunition for them, as well as additional items. They are usually made with extremely secure locks that cannot be opened by children. This is one of the main characteristics of these models. On sale, you can find models of various sizes and modifications. They may have a certain level of protection against burglary and fire.

Jewelry Safes

Designs from this category are ideal for storing jewelry, precious stones, accessories, and other valuable items. Most of these safes have a soft interior in the form of a velvet coating and many compartments to conveniently place jewelry. They are also produced in different sizes and modifications (floor or wall).

Safes With Protection Against Burglary

These designs are suitable for those who want to provide the highest degree of protection for their belongings or live in areas with a relatively high rate of theft. Among the main characteristics, it is possible to highlight the presence of increased protection in the form of thicker walls, special fastening of hinges, as well as combined locks. All this creates serious obstacles in the way of a thief and allows you to secure jewelry.

Fireproof Safes

Another variety of home safes can be called models with protection against high temperatures. Such models can withstand direct exposure to open fire, as well as strong heat. Several categories of these safes are available for sale. All of them differ in the level of fire resistance, which is determined by the period during which safes can withstand the effects of high temperatures.

Safes for Commercial Premises

For many business owners, a safe is not an additional protection, but a mandatory component of the security system. The design helps secure valuable documents, folders, digital data, confidential files, cash, contracts, agreements, and other important items. Several varieties can also be found on sale:

  • Safes for the office: These are models that are similar in characteristics to home models. However, they are stronger and have a higher level of protection against fire. The designs also undergo a series of important quality control tests.
  • Bank vaults: These are full-fledged rooms of certain sizes for storing large amounts of cash and other valuable items. Complex types of locks and various combinations are used for protection.

In addition, hotel safes can be found on sale, as well as structures for medical facilities and pharmacies, and deposit models.


When choosing the best safes for a specific purpose, you should first familiarize yourself with the existing varieties and their characteristics. This will help to select a model that will provide reliable protection for valuable things faster and easier.

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