When to tip the casino dealer? 

When to tip the casino dealer?  1

When to tip the casino dealer?  2Tipping is always an optional thing when it comes to casinos, but in the UK we’re not just as used to the idea (apart from, perhaps, in restaurants) as our US counterparts. So it can often feel like something of a chore, or – worse – something very awkward to even discuss. Here are some tips on how to tip your casino dealer to make that awkwardness go away and give you an insight into how things are going to work – play at www.666casino.com.

Tipping Blackjack Dealers

There are a few options when it comes to tipping the dealer in blackjack. You can give them your chips, or you can place a bet on their behalf. For many, the idea of betting for them and potentially having to give away a large win isn’t going to sit well, unless they’re already high rollers, that is. So it’s far more common to throw across an extra chip or two when you’re ready to leave the table. Of course, you should always let them know this is a tip – say ‘this is for you’ or something similar – otherwise you might accidentally find you’re betting again. 

Tipping Craps Dealers

Again, just like when playing blackjack, you’ve got two options for tipping in craps, and again,  you can make a bet on the dealer’s behalf, or just give them the money. Knowing which to do isn’t going to be easy, since there are going to be a number of dealers so you can’t really just ask them what they want, and that makes for a difficult decision. Craps is a lot more complicated than blackjack and there are many different elements that go into choosing what and when and where to bet. It’s hard enough deciding for yourself, let alone someone else. Plus, of course, if you lose, the dealer won’t get anything at all. 

This is often why people will simply give the dealer a couple of £5 chips (give or take) when they are finished playing, assuming they have any chips left to give. A winning player is much more likely to tip than a losing one, and the dealers know this, so don’t worry they’ll be expecting anything from you if you’ve been losing throughout. 

Tipping Roulette Dealers

It can be harder to tip at the roulette table because, until you cash out, you only have the chips you are playing with in front of you. So you might choose to keep back some chips that you can give to the dealer when you’re done, or you can exchange your chips for money and tip using real cash. 

The only issue with tipping at the end of the session is that it can be difficult to determine just how much money you are going to need to hand over. If it’s been a combination of winning and losing, it’s hard to tell what percentage of any profit needs to be handed over (assuming that’s what you want to do). In this case, it can be easier – if you’re intending to stay at the table for a long time – to tip after a win so you can keep up with everything that’s happening around you.


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