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Where to apply single-color LED strips for your business

Today, people pay much attention to productive yet cost-effective means of illumination. LED lights are among the best devices from that point of view. What are LED light strips, and where to apply single-color 12V LED strip lights for your business? Let’s see.

LEDs’ advantages over other illumination devices

LEDs are diodes that emit light using special chips and reflectors. One diode consists of tiny, almost microscopical elements connected to a power source through an anode and cathode. A single diode produces light only convenient for a weak night lamp, so they collect them into a tight or lined arrangement to get a brighter illumination. 

LED devices are energy-saving due to the technology used to power the light sources, so even using lower wattage, they produce even more light than habitual fixtures. Regarding this, they are commonly used in all space sizes, premise types, and conditions. But here, we touch on strip lights that produce only one color per strip. 

Types of single-color LED strip lights

There’s a traditional concept of dividing lighting devices into categories of mono-color and multicolor. Sometimes, people confuse the terms and think that single-color lights suggest only variations of white, which obviously limits the range of decorative opportunities. In contrast to this misguided opinion, LED strips are commonly available in different colors except for white, even though their diversity is not as broad as RGB LED strip light kits

To specify, there are:

  • traditional white lights – warm, natural, and cold shades;
  • some manufacturers also offer the option of amber-warm light, which is closer to red-orange than yellowish;
  • another interesting shade is purplish white, which they call the “Black Light” – it results in a mysterious visage of a room where such lighting is applied;
  • among other colors far from white and yellow, you can also find red, green, and blue colors – but not all of them in a single strip;
  • a separate option of neon flexes, which are usually available in the colors mentioned above, and other, more complex ones, is more unique. 

The LED lights differ in voltage, so it impacts the length available. 12V pieces are usually available up to 5 meters long, while 24V ones are much more diverse in lengths and chip location varieties. So if you need a more advanced or custom option, it’s better to look for a 24V LED strip. 

Ways to apply single-color strip lights

First, let’s consider where you are going to apply it. The type of premise and the outcome required are the main criteria for choosing and fitting the strip, so if you’re talking about the office, the best option can be a LED strip light kit adjustable under the ceiling, in cabinets, above the working surfaces, and other places where better illumination is required. For this, don’t hesitate to take the natural white light of LEDs. People’s eyes are really sensitive to the shade of light they perceive during the day, and the closer the light is to natural daylight, the better it is for your workers’ sight. 

The situation gets drastically opposite if you own a catering business. The point of how comfortable your guests feel at your place depends on lighting even more than you can imagine, so it should be convenient to the concept of your place. In this regard, single-color LEDs are indispensable because they help create the necessary accents throughout the rooms, help with zoning, and create a general atmosphere without catching people’s eyes excessively. 

If to talk about the decor, any premise can find a conventional corner where it could be placed, and it can help with brand promotion, and so on – depending on what goals you set. Here, the only point of choice is the color, as neon lights would be a little straining by the end of a work day, while calm warm lights would lose among the brighter lighting in a nightclub. 

In conclusion, when considering the design of your space, it is crucial to prioritize a thoughtful concept that takes into account the unique aspects of work, leisure, rest zones, and other specificities of the room(s). Once the concept is established, the selection of lights and confirming decorative elements can follow. 

The easiest way to elevate your interior to another level is by utilizing LED Montreal’s cutting-edge LED lights and LED strip light accessories. With LED Montreal, you can enhance the ambiance, create stunning visual effects, and optimize energy efficiency. Set up your space with LED Montreal and experience a remarkable transformation of your design.


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