Which Microsoft Azure Certification Should You Choose?

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If you want to get a Microsoft Azure Certification but don’t know which one to choose, this article will give a proper rundown on the available courses. Whether you want to improve your skills or plan to change your field, it is critical to know the correct credentials because Microsoft offers a variety of Azure certifications. 


Who Should Get Azure Certification?

Not every IT employee or aspirant will need to pursue these courses. However, azure certifications will help you get the hang of and even master the various software roles involved while dealing with Microsoft Azure or any of their offered services. 


Whether or not you should try to get an Azure certification might depend on factors like:


  • Does your current job role, or the job role you are trying for, demand an Azure certification?
  • Does the company you are working for use Microsoft Azure cloud computing services?
  • Are you fascinated by Azure Platform as a Service and are interested to learn about it?
  • Are you someone who is already experienced with Azure services and wants to prove your expertise with a certification?
  • Are you a basic-level Azure architect or developer who wants to take your skills to the next step to build your portfolio?
  • Do you want your IT career to advance and reach great heights as an Azure engineer properly?


If the answer to the questions mentioned above is “yes,” then there is undoubtedly an Azure certification available for you. 


Why Get an Azure Certification?

Every small or big business, including startups, need cloud storage. Tons of data gets generated every year, and cloud storage is one of the most accessible ways to store this data. Hence Microsoft Azure is widely being used for several different kinds of cloud services. Every year, a large number of companies across the globe sign up for Azure cloud services. 


For these reasons, the demand for cloud engineers, and Azure cloud engineers, in particular, is drastically increasing. Also, Microsoft certifications are globally recognized, and they have become a prominent qualification for several job roles. As a result, the competition for these job roles is high, and becoming an Azure certified engineer will thus improve your portfolio and help you land a high-paying job of your liking. 


Microsoft Azure List of Certifications and Which One to Choose


Basic Level Certification: 

The starting Azure certification is AZ-900. This certification does not qualify you for any particular job role as an Azure engineer. It’ll give you a clear idea about everything related to the Azure cloud. How Azure cloud works, services offered, security and maintenance, etc., are all a part of AZ-900 certification.


If you are an IT engineer new to the Azure cloud and quickly wants to learn everything about it, then Azure certification training for AZ-900 is the best option. However, remember, AZ-900 doesn’t make you a pro in any field but will instead give you an overall basic idea about Microsoft Azure cloud computing services.


The rest of the Microsoft Azure certifications you should choose based on your job role and your experience.


Associate Level Certification: 

This certification is for people with one or more years of experience with Azure cloud computing. Candidates can choose four different associate-level certificates depending on the job role or interested niche: 


  1. AZ-204 for Azure Developer: To get AZ-204 Microsoft Azure certification, you should know everything about developing solutions, testing and deploying them, and also maintenance, and thus land a job as an Azure Developer.
  2. AZ-104 for Azure Administrator: To get AZ-104 certification, you should know everything about administering the proper Azure solutions, managing virtual networking, maintaining all Azure resources, Azure storage, etc., and thus land in a job as an Azure Administrator.
  3. AZ-500 for Azure Security Engineer: To get AZ-500 certification, you should know everything about the various operations for securing data, managing identity, quick responding methods for security errors, etc., and thus land a job as an Azure Security Engineer.
  4. AZ-303 for basic level Azure Architect: AZ-303 is the Microsoft cloud certification that tests your knowledge on the basics of Azure architecture design, Azure cloud infrastructure, developed solutions for various software, etc.


Expert Level Certification: 

This certification is for people with four or more years of experience with Azure cloud computing. There are two Microsoft Azure expert-level certifications, and you have to choose depending on the job role you are looking for or your current field.


  1. AZ-400 for Azure DevOps Engineer: If you are an experienced Azure developer or architect, you can take your career forward into developing software by getting Microsoft Azure certification. To get AZ-400 certification, you should know everything about designing good, safe and robust cloud solutions by developing innovative instrumentation and SRE strategies, a good security plan, etc.
  2. AZ-304 for Azure Solutions Architect: If you are an AZ-303 certified engineer in Azure Architecture, it is wise to become an expert-level Azure Architect through this AZ-304 exam. It checks your ability to complete Azure solutions’ complete design and architecture, including factors like security, maintenance, cost, scalability, etc.



Every year hundreds of students take the Azure certification course exams. Every Azure certification cost is somewhere between Rs. 3K to Rs. 5K, but remember that getting the certification is twice the worth of every penny you invested for it.   

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