Who can Provide Solution to the H1B Visa Massacre – Trump or Clinton?

Who can Provide Solution to the H1B Visa Massacre - Trump or Clinton? 1

The two prominent presidential candidates had gone flip flops with their views on H1B Visas. The future of the visas is looked upon with expectations by many companies who rely on it to hire foreign labor.

The current process of getting an H1B Visa is not very lenient. Applications for the visas have to be backed with a US company sponsorship and a maximum of 65,000 foreign nationals are chosen by a lottery draw. The number of applications was almost thrice than the permitted cap and most requests will never see the light of the day.

Who can Provide Solution to the H1B Visa Massacre - Trump or Clinton? 2

A recent case where an active American citizen was turned down by a company in favor of a H1B Visa worker fuelled a post on the website Quora. The post was seeking an answer to a very relevant question at the time of the presidential elections. The poster asked who is more likely to provide a solution to the H1B Massacre which is responsible for a case like above.

There were many insightful answers left by keen observant persons who tend to agree on one point. Neither Hillary nor Donald Trump is likely to deliver proper reforms to the system and make way for a transparent H1B Visa processing system.

Trump had showed his support for legal immigration in the past and more or less maintained a same stance on the subject. But on the other hand, he has vowed to make the laws dealing with H1B Visas more strict if he comes to power. He responds strongly against illegal immigrants and plans to deport them in millions.

Donald Trump in his interviews and speeches has promised to uphold the right of Americans against the low paying H1B alternative. One of his measures is suggests increasing the H1B wages to lower the competition caused by prevailing rates.

H1B Visa itself does not fall under illegal immigration. It may be expected he will focus his main budget to deal with illegal immigrants. Hillary Clinton looks forward to reforming the H1B Visa procedure keeping the rights of immigrants and their families.

She may come to power but will have a lot more of immigration issues than to focus on just H1B. One of the answers opined Clinton will just concentrate on making illegal immigration free while not bothering about H1B Visas.

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