Who Loves More: A Man or a Woman?

Who Loves More: A Man or a Woman? 1

This issue is as exciting as it is controversial. Absolutely in every couple, a man and a woman trying to find out who loves more and who — less. So, at all times, there were two opposing camps: women and men. Representatives of each group are ready to argue about the same thing — who loves more: a man or a woman.

Men’s Arguments

For instance, some Asian brides tend to choose well-doing men. At the same time, they are ready to ignore men’s modest appearance, bad inclinations and habits, and lack of love. Men are not very interested in what their ladies have in material terms. For them, the qualities that women possess are much more essential.


  • In relationships, women like to be loved more than to feel strong feelings for their partners. Men need to trust completely to be sure that their partners are not cheating on them, and they can only entrust them when they are in love.

  • Women are selfish. In love, they seek confirmation of their sexuality and irresistibility. For them, love is a way to satisfy their desires and not the desire to indulge the whims of the chosen one.

  • The breakup of relationships pushes lots of men to commit suicide. Women can only threaten suicide to manipulate a partner.

  • Wives initiate 70% of divorces.

  • Most of the masterpieces created by male hands are dedicated to women. Even in their art, ladies are more focused on themselves, other women, their feelings, and desires.

  • Female songs always celebrate women, their problems, and one-sided love affairs. If they mention a man, it is most likely the culprit of all their troubles, a seducer, a betrayer.

Women’s Arguments

What about the other camp?

  • Women are deeply emotional creatures. They perceive any life situation very sensitively. Therefore, such a deep, strong, and bright feeling as love, in no case can leave them indifferent. It is like a typhoon, covering them with their head.

  • Women can love to the point of complete self-denial, but only those men can make them happy. History is full of examples when men, driven by any ideology or duty, were ready to sacrifice their loved ones and even their families for the benefit of a great deed. But there were always plenty of women who were prepared to follow their loved one anywhere and share his fate.

Opinion of Scientists

Both women and men love their chosen ones very much, but at the same time, such love is manifested in different ways for each sex. The functioning of the brain influences these behaviors. In men, the left hemisphere is leading, and in women, it is the right one.

As is well known, the left hemisphere is responsible for logic, concreteness, accuracy, and correctness of perception. The right one is responsible for creativity, imagination, visual perception, eloquence, and emotionality.

Hence, men and women can react differently to the same event. However, this does not mean that particular gender has a lower sensitivity. Just as one hemisphere of the brain is created to complement the other, women’s feelings should be complemented by masculine ones so that their love is more harmonious.

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