Why a Tummy Tuck Might Be Right for You

Tummy tuck surgery

You may recognize an abdominoplasty by its more common name: “tummy tuck.” It’s a popular plastic surgery that focuses on toning and contouring the midsection. Read ahead to learn the clues that a tummy tuck is the right surgical procedure for you. 

You Have Loose Skin

One of the unexpected side effects of weight loss that you might be dealing with is loose skin. It’s a common side effect for people who lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. The skin doesn’t adapt to the rapid change in size, so it hangs loose or sags. 

Loose skin can be a frustrating problem. It pulls focus from the positive aspects of your weight loss/fitness journey. It can make you feel like covering up instead of showing off the results of your hard work. And in extreme cases, your loose skin can be incredibly uncomfortable to live with. It can weigh you down. It can chaff when you exercise. It can make finding fitted clothes a challenge. 

If you have loose skin around your midsection after losing weight, a tummy tuck could be a great procedure for you. The surgery will remove the excess skin so that you have a smooth, defined stomach. 

Where should you go for your tummy tuck? You should go to a world-class Canadian surgeon for your consultation. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you can go to this clinic for plastic surgery in Oakville for your tummy tuck consultation. Their top surgeons specialize in the procedure. They will let you know if you’re the right candidate for it or whether another type of cosmetic treatment will be a better idea. 

tummy tuck process

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You’ve Had Kids

A tummy tuck can be extremely helpful for moms. Why is that? First, it can remove excess skin around the midsection. Second, it can strengthen the abdominal muscles. It’s common for pregnant women to experience diastasis recti — this leads to a weaker abdominal wall. A tummy tuck can tighten the muscles to give you more strength and support. 

You Want Toned Abs

It’s common knowledge that getting toned abs is incredibly difficult. If you’re finding it impossible to get that six-pack that you want, no matter how much you exercise, then a tummy tuck could help.  

How Can You Maintain a Tummy Tuck?

You will want to maintain the results of your tummy tuck to avoid undergoing any corrective surgery in the future. How can you do that? The best way to do that is to lead an active lifestyle, have a balanced diet, and keep away from unhealthy habits. Otherwise, you could gain weight and lose the contour provided by the surgery. See how you can change your sedentary lifestyle so that you can make your tummy tuck results last as long as possible. 

Another thing that could disrupt the results of your tummy tuck? Pregnancy. If you have a tummy tuck and then get pregnant, you may want to do the surgery again after you’ve recovered from giving birth. This is why surgeons recommend that you only go through this procedure when done with family planning. 

If you sound like the right candidate for a tummy tuck, then it’s time to get the process started and book your consultation.

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