Why Muskoka is Canada’s Best Summer Destination 

Why Muskoka is Canada’s Best Summer Destination  1

There are a couple of things Muskoka locals will tell you. One: it’s not called “the Muskokas,” and two: that it isn’t just one place. It’s actually a beautiful collection of towns and lakes that comprise most of Ontario’s notorious cottage country. It’s one of the most sought-after locations for cottage-ing, golfing, fine-dining, and overall summer relaxing. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the country’s best summer destination, check out our list of reasons why it should be your number one travel goal this summer.

You’ll Dine and Drink In Style 

When you think of cottage country in the wilderness, drinking and eating at fine dining establishments may not be the first activity that comes to mind. But you’ll find incredible microbreweries and wineries all over the region, and many offer guided tours

You might want to double-check before booking anything, as there may be social distancing rules to follow. If permitted, you could enjoy an afternoon sipping some of the tastiest beers and wines Canada has to offer, all while taking in the beautiful, natural scenery of the region. 

And don’t forget about the fine dining part. Explore the area’s exquisite restaurants, such as The Artisan House in Huntsville. It’s a family owned restaurant that continually gets 5-star reviews from patrons. 

Escape From It All in a Home Away From Home

You may have owned or rented a cottage before in another part of the country. But nothing can compete with the beauty of having a home away from home in Muskoka. There are over 1600 lakes, thousands of acres of luscious, green forests, and so many interesting towns to visit in the region. It’s one of the hottest real estate areas in North America for cottages because not only is the area gorgeous and full of natural wonders, but the cottages are also stunning — built with incredible craftsmanship and design.

You won’t find better quality in construction, architecture, or aesthetics anywhere else. If you’re in the market for a modern summer retreat, keep your eyes out for Muskoka Real Estate listings. Now’s the time to look because summer is just around the corner! 

Immerse Yourself in Nature

If you live in a city or densely-populated area, you’ll know that sometimes it’s necessary to escape from the chaos. Did you know that spending time in nature can drastically reduce stress and anxiety? Activities such as hiking in the woods or a swim in the lake have been proven to reduce stress hormones as they can clear your mind and help you focus on the present moment. 

Muskoka offers countless hiking trails and meditative spots to sit and reflect. Are you someone who relaxes better on the golf course? Well, lucky for you, there are several gorgeous greens in the area to do precisely that.

Make this upcoming summer a memorable one and explore all that Muskoka has to offer. By the time September rolls around, you’ll feel rested, refreshed and excited to come back next year!

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