People enjoying the coolness of the sprayers installed Place de la Bastille in Paris on a hot day, France. People enjoying the coolness of the sprayers installed Place de la Bastille in Paris on a hot day, France.

What Makes Paris a Favourite Destinations for All Canadians

There are historical links between France and Canada. The most important one is clearly the fact that the first established themselves in the current province of Quebec a long time ago, before losing a war and the territory to England. Still, they left behind a large population who still speaks French today. If you ask French citizens, they tell you that “Québécois” are their cousins. But when Canadians visit L’Hexagone, what they realize is that their culture is quite different.

For French Canadians, Travelling to Paris Means Uncovering Their Roots

Paris is a fascinating destination for French Canadians. They are planning more than just a typical holiday when they decide that it is time to look for flights from Montreal to Paris. It is more like embarking on a trip to the past, in order to understand where they come from. To some people that live in the province of Quebec, speaking French is what differentiates them from the rest of other people living in Canada and the rest of America. They have built their whole identity around their language. Therefore, going back to their “homeland” is an important moment of their lives.

However, what they don’t expect is the large different of culture that they find upon their arrival. For in truth, even French Canadians are much closer to the British way of life than the one they will discover in France. Spending a few days in London feels like you have never left home when you are from (any part of) Canada. That is not the case in France. And so, it becomes a trip of wonderful discoveries for Quebec citizens, once they walk on Parisian streets, which makes it even more pleasant. A wonderful unexpected surprise, which will make them richer people culturally once they go back home.

For the Rest of Canada, a Trip to the French Capital City is Pure Pleasure

Language is also important to the rest of Canada. They often see the province of Quebec as more European than the other Canadian territories. To that extent they may be right, as the cultural difference between the single French-speaking province and the others is a reality. What the English-speaking Canadians expect to find in Paris, is what they are known for their “joie de vivre”. Especially those who have never been to the province of Quebec. And indeed, those hopping on flights from Toronto to Paris are not disappointed once they arrive to their destination, as they do find that lightness that they were hoping for, sitting outside at a café terrace, visiting the Louvres Museum, or simply walking by the Seine River.

Canada and France have a special link, and that is in great part due to the French language being spoken in both countries. But what makes it so important, is that the French were one of the two founding countries of Canada. France’s place in Canadian history books is significant, and it creates a desire for all Canadian citizens to get on a plane and head East, towards one of the most famous capital cities in the world: Paris.

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