Why Should You Upgrade to LED High Bay Lighting

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Every organization aims to maximize productivity while minimizing the cost – This can be achieved by upgrading various fixtures such as the lighting systems. For this case, upgrading the lighting system replaces the historical and most famous high bay lighting system (Metal Halide and fluorescent) with a LED high bay lighting system like LED recessed lighting.

 For instance, you may want to improve the lighting system and at the same time minimizing on the cost. Usually, this cannot be achieved with the historic lighting system. It means that you have to upgrade to a LED high bay lighting system. Stick to the article and come to the bottom line of why you need to upgrade to a LED high bay light system. 


Why You Need to Upgrade to LED High Bay Lighting System

Lepro, an outstanding LED company, provides its users with LED UFO high bay lighting systems. Usually, the LED high bay lights are the ones called LED UFOs. Moreover, LED UFOs provide top-notch results when it comes to lighting.

Lepro incorporates the use of high-quality LED chips from Nichia and Cree, thus producing exceptional light brightness. 

Some of the reasons why you need to upgrade to a LED high bay lighting system include:

LED UFO high bay lights are very economical. Its power consumption is relatively low compared to metal halides and fluorescent lamps. For instance, when we compare the Lepro 240W Dimmable UFO LED high bay light to its equivalent 600W metal halide, the metal halide consumes more power, which is way more expensive.

Additionally, the LED UFO high bay lights have relatively fair initial costs. The lifespan of this lamp is 50,000 hours which is over 17 years of 8-hour lighting. The warranty period of most of the LED UFO high bay lights is about five years.

LED UFO high bay light requires few replacements – Usually less than 1% per annum. 

To effectively save on costs, it will be better to replace your lighting from metal halide or fluorescent to LED UFO high bay light.


  • They are Dimmable

LED UFO high bay lights are dimmable. Unlike the historic metal halide or fluorescent bulb, which are not dimmable, the LED UFO high bay light has a 1- 10V dimmer. With the dimmer, you can easily adjust the brightness levels of the lamps. 

For instance, during the day, when the sun’s light is insufficient to light the whole warehouse, you need some additional light. And if the lights are turned on without adjusting brightness levels, the light may be dangerous to the human eye. Therefore, you can adjust the brightness to the desired level, usually up to 50%. 

All the LED UFO high bay lights are dimmable. It includes the 220W 2ft Dimmable Linear High Bay Light and the 150W Dimmable UFO High Bay LED Light


  • High Lumen Performance

Lumens are the unit measurement for light emitted. 

LED UFO high bay light emits lumens higher than its unit area. For instance, the 100W Dimmable UFO LED High Bay Light has a light efficiency of up to 135lm/W with outstanding heat dissipation.

Unlike in metal halide lamps with a constant lumen capacity of 24,000lumens, the lumens in LED high bay light vary with the height of the ceiling as in the table below: 

Ceiling Height lumens
40 feet and above40,000 lumens and above
30 – 40 feet 30,000 – 39,000 lumens
20 – 30 feet 20,000 – 29,000 lumens
15 – 20 feet15,000 – 19,000 lumens


A 400W metal halide lamp produces light (lumens) equivalent to a 280W LED UFO high bay light. 

Based on your warehouse ceiling height, you can select a suitable LED UFO high bay light to use to give you maximum lighting capacity. 


  • Color Customizability

The LED UFO high bay light lamps allow one to customize the colors easily. Based on your color preferences, you can decide on how to light your warehouse. 

You can give your warehouse a glamorous touch by customizing the colors. You can select the lamps to project colors uniformly in the warehouse or differently.

Usually, color-changing lamps are used outdoors. Some examples of the color-changing LED UFO high bay light is LED Stage Wash Lighting RGBW 4 In 1 and the 12*15W In 1 RGBWA Mini Flat LED Par Light Outdoor IP65 60 degrees.


It is now clear that UFO LED high bay lights are way better than the metal halides and the fluorescent light bulbs. And if you are looking forward to minimizing the operational cost of in warehouse and maximizing the output, you need not hesitate. Select an UFO LED high bay light and get to explore its importance. 

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