Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Commercial Roof Repairs

Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamMarch 23, 2021
Updated 2023/07/08 at 1:42 AM

If you are responsible for managing a major commercial property, finding the right time to undertake repairs can be demanding. Not only do you need to take seasonal issues into account, but you also need to look around the use of the property and consider the needs of your tenants. 

It is crucial for commercial roofing, an involved and often expensive procedure that may significantly impact day-to-day operations. 

For this reason, it is important to think about repairs strategically and to have any large-scale commercial roofing done at a time of year that is most conducive to the rapid completion of the work. For buildings located in the country’s relatively hotter regions, most likely prefer to get the job during spring. 

Here’s why.

    Beat the Summer Rush

Roofing is weather-dependent work, and it is usually impossible to install new membranes or tar-and-gravel in extreme cold or wet conditions. 

In countries like Canada or the Northern United States, the major commercial roofing projects are confined to the spring, summer, and early autumn. The bookings for companies that provide roofing services are likely to get rapidly filled up during early summers. 

Calling a commercial roofer in Pickering for consultation early in the season will help you beat the summer rush and ensure that the new roof is installed on time.  

    Avoid Extreme Temperatures

While it isn’t advisable to install a new commercial roof in winter, installation during summer has its drawbacks. Spending the entire day on top of a building in a city’s downtown core or a concrete shopping plaza under the scorching sun can be exhausting and might slow laborers down considerably. 

Furthermore, commercial heating and cooling apparatuses are often located on the roof. If they need to be shut off during a more temperate time of year, after heating is no longer needed but before air conditioning becomes essential, it will reduce the potential impact on your tenants. 

    Problem Areas are More Obvious 

Two of the most common issues affecting commercial roofs are standing water and poor drainage. Especially in cases of older buildings, shifts over time may cause depressions in certain parts of the roof deck. These depressions are dangerous, as standing water can seep through any small cracks or seams in the membrane and leak into the interior. 

Experienced roofers can look through these problem areas even during summers, but booking a consultation in the spring, when it is easier to notice the areas of particular stress that a roof experiences during wetter times of the year, will help identify issues that might be harder to see in summer. 

A crucial part of effective building maintenance involves anticipating repairs before they become critical. This is important especially when the problem persists around the roof. It can cost a fortune to repair in the event of widespread degradation of the membrane or tar-and-gravel protection. 

Booking repairs from Pickering roofers for the spring will help ensure that the project gets underway quickly, doesn’t take place in the extreme summer heat, and considers all the potential problem areas on your roof.  

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