Your Guide to Raising a Cavachon Puppy

Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamJanuary 18, 2021
Updated 2023/08/28 at 11:41 PM

Are you preparing for a new Cavachon puppy? You’re in for a lot of exciting things for sure! Pre-puppy preparations are essential to provide a comfy place for your furry companion. 

Here are a bunch of things to know – and do – before bringing your adorable Cavachon home. 

Cavachon’s are a cross between Cavalier King Charles and Bichon Frise dogs. They are sweet-tempered, fun-filled, and full of love. 

Puppy-proof your home and do your research for a happy place to live in for your fuzzy ball.

Do these things listed below before welcoming the new member to your family. 


  • Understand Cavachon’s Behavior

Before you bring in a Cavachon puppy or any breed, knowing their behavior is essential. 

Read and research Cavachon’s temperament, type of food they eat, and overall personality provide a better environment. There are tons of books and websites to help you do so. 

  • Hunt for a Vet Near You

Before bringing in the lovely Cavachon, look for the best vet near you to avoid going through the hassle of hunting one during a pet emergency. 


Talk to your neighbor’s with a pet, look for the top vets on websites, check their services, and be prepared. 

  • Ensure Everyone’s OK with a Puppy

Another crucial thing to do is ensure your kids and family members are okay with having a puppy around. 


Your pup needs a friendly atmosphere, and to create that, people in your house shouldn’t be dog haters. Set up ground rules for everyone before taking the next step. 

  • Create a Schedule

Preparing a schedule for your puppy is great. Plan your puppy’s day with the right mealtime, playtime, snack time, and poop time. You can then easily train the puppy and ensure it doesn’t alter your daily routine.  


  • Shop for Puppy Essentials

Shopping for your canine companion is a must before bringing it home. Running errands now and then can be bothersome. 


  • Grooming Kit

Pamper your puppy and keep it clean by buying the right grooming supplies. Shop for clippers, scissors, puppy shampoos, conditioners, and dryers.  


  • Collar and Leash

Go for a collar where it’s easy for you to spot at night, and if you’ve already decided your puppy’s name, get the name etched on it. Shop around for the one you see fit.


  • Puppy Toys

Get a couple of chew toys and a teddy bear-type cuddly toy for the fluffy teddy bear. Chavalon’s love chew toys, and you would never go wrong with them. 


  • Crate

Buy a pet crate for your puppy for crate training and to ensure it’s well-behaved. It’s essential in the early days until your dog is old enough. 


  • Puppy food

Don’t hoard your room with puppy food straight away. Know what your puppy likes and dislikes before stacking them up. 


Wrapping it Up!

That’s about it! These are just a couple of things to prepare for before bringing a Cavachon puppy to your home. 

They are gentle, friendly, and highly-spirited. Have a wonderful time with the furry bundle of joy. 

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