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Icy Canada TeamJune 27, 2022
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Custom pins.
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Are you looking for the best custom pin manufacturers in Canada? You have searched far and wide but had no luck? Do not fret! We have got you! Here are some custom pins manufacturers that you should definitely check out. 

What are Custom Pins? 

A Custom pin, a tiny item, is specially designed to perform a specific function and also can serve a variety of functions. It can be used to spread a unique message, to show that you are a member of a specific team, and so on. We’ve frequently noticed that some clubs have unique pins made just for them. 

Additionally, sports teams and businesses may have their own custom pins. Many people collect pins for the sake of collecting them; not everyone uses them for commercial purposes. Because pins are frequently enamel-based, they are an excellent medium for displaying a variety of colors, patterns, and themes. 

The Key to Choosing a Pin Manufacturer 

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1) Price 

You should consider the pricing of the custom pin while choosing a manufacturer. Make sure that the manufacturer offers the features you want without crazily overpricing the pins. Here are some things that you should keep in mind: 

  • Make sure you do not spend a high amount on shipping charges 
  • Pricing depends upon the quality, size, and shape of the pin 
  • Mold fee is a one-time thing, make sure you do not pay the fee again for the exact same design 

2) Quality 

Iron makes up the majority of enamel pins, or at the very least, the fasteners that hold the pin in place. Enamel is often used for the pin’s smooth surface. Whether to use hard or soft custom enamel pins is one of the more important decisions you will have to make. Remember that soft enamel offers detailed, vibrantly colored motifs with a superior appearance when making your decision.

Hard enamel is recognized for being durable and long-lasting while maintaining a traditional aesthetic. In contrast to our hard enamel technique, the soft enamel method does not display an even, flat surface on your artwork. Following are some other things you should keep in mind: 

  • Is the paint well-applied and clean
  • Do you notice any areas of height or elevation that shouldn’t be there? Your pin has been polished to a shine? 
  • Does the enamel cover every area of your pin, or did they miss a region during the enamel-laying process? 

3) Ordering Process 

The ordering process should be easy. You don’t have to fill out lengthy forms to complete your order. Also, make sure the website reveals the prices instantly. It would also help if the website provided chatbots and virtual assistance in order to make your ordering process simple. 

In fact, placing your full order online should only take a few minutes. In order to do that, you must obtain your price, upload your artwork, and place your purchase. Make sure the manufacturer you use should provide an easy customer shopping experience for custom lapel pins. 

4) Product Reviews 

You should ensure that the custom pins manufacturer has a good reputation. Check to see if their website includes product reviews. 

After all, there may be an issue if they are unable to identify someone who is complementary to their goods or services. However, your visit should not end there. Examine their Instagram and Facebook pages, particularly their comment sections. You’ll see how the producer interacts with the audience. 

Now that you know what to look for while searching for a custom pins manufacturer. Here are some custom pin manufacturers in Canada that you should check out. 

1. –

Custompins Screenshot

Custom Pins Canada ( is one of the best pin manufacturers you will find in the country. Here is why you should give custom pins Canada a try

  • They offer low pricing with high-quality products 
  • They have an easy returns and exchange policy 
  • They offer good customer service  
  • They do not have a minimum order limit

2. – is our next recommendation for custom pin manufacturers in Canada. Here’s why you should try them out. 

  • Cheap Prices for good quality products 
  • No unwanted shipping charges 
  • 30% off most of their products 
  • They do not have a minimum quantity order 
  • There are several good reviews about their products 

3. Enamel Pins Inc. –

Our last recommendation is Enamel Pins Inc. Here is why you should consider them 

  • You can enjoy flat discounts of up to 40% 
  • They offer free shipping to US / CA / UK / AU 
  • No minimum quantity 
  • They offer kinds of products to choose from
  • You can enjoy an easy shopping experience

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