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Canadian Diamond Mines: The Surprise in Northern Canada

Welcome to Canada, the largest country in the world. It has captured the hearts of tourists and locals with its captivating landscapes, Rocky Mountains, bustling cities, and historic sites. 

But do you know the hidden gem of Canada? Canadian diamond mines in Northern Canada have remarkable diamond mines that serve as a Symbol of the nation in the diamond industry and marketplace. Today, in this article, we will discover the exceptional Canadian diamond mines and their economic growth, environmental impact, and geology.

1. The Canadian Diamond Mines in Northern Canada:

Canadian diamond mines are part of the stunning landscapes of Northern Canada, offering the world’s leading high-quality diamonds. Everyone was surprised when Canada introduced the gem of Canadian diamonds. People thought only Europe and Africa had the best diamond centers and mining.  

In the 20th century, two geologists, Stewart Blusson and Chuck Fipk, discovered diamond mines, and Canada became a tremendous player in the diamond industry. Ekati Diamond Mine was the first mine to introduce diamond production.   

Canada may not be the only diamond production country, but the Northern Territories also offer a diamond marketplace that attracts people worldwide.

Canadian diamond mining companies provide various jewelry markets and high-quality diamond marketplaces in Canada; Canadian people support Canadian diamond mining and allow the diamond industry to make exceptional stones. While making the diamonds, they take care of the environmental and human impacts and get the certification.

Canadian diamond companies produce high-quality diamonds. This is the only reason Canadian diamond mines are the world’s leading diamond company compared to other countries.

Each produces extraordinary diamond collections, from the Ekati diamond mine in the Northwest Territories to the Davik diamond mine in North America. Join us as we uncover the Canadian diamond mines and their geology, discovery, and environmental impact.

1.1. Ekati Diamond Mine:

In the Lac de Gras of the Northwest Territories region, Ekati Diamond Mining is the first diamond mine in Canada owned by Dominion Diamond Mines. Ekati Diamond Mining produces high-quality, original diamonds and supplies the Canadian diamond marketplaces.

The company’s name is taken from the Tlicho word, which means a fat lake, so Ekati Diamond Company is the first landscape of Canadian diamonds. The Ekati diamond mines collaborate with Burgundy Australian diamond mines; they buy the rough diamonds from Ekati to polish and cut in the diamonds in Australia. Burgundy Austria Mining sells Ekati diamonds in Australia under the certification of Canadamark a canadian diamonds are produced sustainably and environmentally and support the Canadian diamond communities. 

The Ekati diamond mine is the original diamond mine among the other mines in Canada. It is near the north of Yellowknife and the Arctic Circle.

Overall, Ekati Diamond is one of the best diamond mines in Canada, and it is expected to operate for the long term. However, proper operations and environmental protection are needed to expand diamond mines in Canada further. Its annual production is three million carats, which means it can operate until 2034.

Canadian Diamond Mines
Screenshot from: Ekati Diamond mines

1.2. Diavik Diamond Mine

Diavik Diamond Mine was Canada’s second underground and surface diamond; it produces incredible diamonds in North America. The discovery of the Diavik diamond by Rio Tinto PLC. This diamond mining company collaborated with Diamond Dominion to process natural and original diamonds in Canada.

Rio was on the exploration of underground diamond mining, and to be expected, millions of rough diamonds were produced. They sold three types of Diamonds Vega of the Arctic, Altair of the Arctic, and Capella of the Arctic, The Vega Arctic is one of the most spectacular and high-quality stones that is produced in Canada, the Altair is the most valuable one and Capella is the largest that produced yellow diamonds.

Diavik mines are situated in the northwest territories near Yellowknife, about 120 miles from the Arctic Circle. Diamonds are supplied and delivered through the Ice Road, which directly connects Diavik to Yellowknife.

Diavik Diamond Mine is an excellent diamond mine among the diamond mines in Canada. With its high-quality stones, it is predicted that it can continue manufacturing diamonds. While producing diamonds, it prioritizes social and environmental effects.

Canadian Diamond Mines
Screenshot From: Diavik Diamond Mine

1.3. Jericho Diamond Mine

Jericho Mine was the third-largest diamond producer in Canada, and Tahera Diamond Production owned Jericho Diamond Mine. Jericho Diamond Mine Company was the first Canadian diamond mine in Nunavut territory to be officially opened for the excellent production of diamonds.

When the company went into a loss, the Shear Minerals, Ltd Company obtained the Jericho mine Property to bring it back into the manufacturer. The diamond mining is situated in the Northwest Territories and North of Yellowknife.

Jericho Diamond Mine is an ethics-responsible mining company that protects humans, the environment, and natural resources. The company is certified by Canadamark, which means your diamonds are officially Canadian.

Canada opens one of the world's biggest diamond mines

1.4. Snap Lake Diamond Mine

Snap Lake Diamond Mine was the fourth diamond mine in Canada, situated around the northwest territories and the North part of Yellowknife. De Beers discovered the mine, which was the first underground Canadian diamond mine in Canada’s history.

They do not follow the vertical pipe for mining; they follow the kimberlite dike to produce high-quality rough Canadian diamonds. The mine was situated under water, and groundwater was supplied into it for diamond production. 

Canadian Diamond Mines
Screenshot From: Snap Lake Diamond Mine

1.5. Victor Diamond Mine

The fifth Canadian diamond mine was Victor Diamond Mine, the first Canadian diamond mine in Ontario, located in the James Bay of Lawlands and around the west of Attawapiskat. The De Beers operated the Victor mine.

Diamond production was started in 2008, and they manufacture around six million carats throught the year, with this expansion they expected to produce high-quality diamonds in the next coming year.

Victor Diamond Mine produces excellent diamonds that set it apart from Canadian mines. It also reduces environmental effects, protects natural resources, and provides land reclamation and sustainable development.

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1.6. Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine

Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine is the sixth Canadian diamond-mining site between the Mountain Province diamonds and de Beers, Canada. Gahcho Kue Diamond is part of the northeast Yellowknife and Northwest territories.

Gachcho Kue Diamond Mine produced gem-quality diamonds to produce three kimberlite pipes, and they are expected to go on to diamond production in Canada. 

The company used drilling and extraordinary mining operations to manufacture ethically sourced diamonds. The Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine has won several awards for producing diamonds in Canada. The Gahcho Mine also follows metal project development safety to avoid environmental impacts.

Canadian Diamond Mines
Screenshot from: Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine

1.7. Renard Diamond Mine

Renard Diamond Mine was the seventh mine in Canada. It was located in the northern Quebec region of James Bay, around the north of Montreal. Renard Diamond Mine was the first mining company in Quebec. Stornoway Diamond Corporation discovered and operated Renard Diamond Mine.

The mine produces good-quality diamonds and is expected to manufacture four million carats annually. Renard Diamond Mine is exploring Canadian diamonds and caring for human resources while producing Canadian diamonds. Renard Diamond Mine was an excellent nt diamond mine in diamond production.

Video: Stornoway Diamond Corp.'s Renard diamond mine

1.8. Star-Orion South Diamond Mine

Star -Orion South diamond mine was the eighth Canadian diamond mine; the mine was on exploration with Rio Tino to produce good quality diamonds in Canada, located east of Prince Alberta, Saskatchewan.

The Star Diamond Corporation operates the Star-Orion South Diamond Mine, which Rio Tino joins to manufacture extraordinary Canadian diamonds worldwide.

While making the diamonds Star-Orion, South Diamond Mine follows the Canadian government and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment to reduce the natural impacts and produce exceptional diamond production in Canada.

Star-Orion South Diamond Mine provides remarkable environmental and safety services to improve human impacts and maximize the benefits of local indigenous.

Canadian Diamond Mines
Screenshot from: Star-Orion South Diamond Mine

2. Final Words:

Canadian diamonds in Canadian showcase their excellent diamond production compared to other countries and represent a gem of high-quality diamonds worldwide with its diverse array of geological expansions, economic growth, and perfect environmental services.

The Canadian diamond mines in northern Canada are a symbol of diamond production and high-quality stones. From the excellent diamond underground surfaces in Northwest territories and the first and only ethically sourced diamond in Nunvat to the exceptional manufacturing of diamond mines in Qubech, each caters to good-quality diamond marketplaces in Canada and worldwide like no other.

However, we have covered extensive lists of diamond mines in northern Canada that offer many exclusive stones and diamonds, from the first diamond of Ekati diamond mines and the underground surface diamond mine of Victor diamond mine to the manufacture of good diamonds of Star-Orion South diamond mine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Canadian Diamonds?

Canadian diamonds are the best-sourced diamond productions in Canada that offer the finest diamonds with the intent of environmental and social impacts.

2. What is So Special About the Canadian Diamonds?

Canadian diamonds are unique because of their superior quality, different colors and cuts, and laser-sourced diamonds, which also reduce environmental impacts.

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