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Best Tax Software in Canada: Accurate and Simple Solutions

Filing one’s own taxes can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There is a wide range of free return software available today, and it couldn’t be less intimidating or simpler to file taxes on your own.

The most significant advantage of using tax preparation software and submitting on your own rather than hiring a tax consultant is cost savings. Savings from completing your own taxes will accumulate year after year.

In general, submitting your own taxes makes sense only if the return of taxes is simple. If the situation is complicated, you might be better off engaging a tax consultant.

Despite many of the free programs that can manage self-employment and rental income, if you are inexperienced with tax systems, that may miss out on tax credits and deductions to which you are entitled, essentially negating any savings you would have made by filing your taxes yourself.

Therefore, let’s examine the best tax software In Canada….

1. What Exactly is Tax Registration Software and Way Does it Function?

If the tax on personal income was straightforward, this could have been much easier. Instead, tax rates fluctuate over time, programs are implemented, used, and then abandoned, various goods are charged differently, and it everything adds up to a tonne of paperwork.

Tax filing software helps the entire process simpler, faster, and more accurate by helping you find the forms you need more quickly, making it easier in some cases to fill them out, and doing the calculation right away to make sure you avoid any costly arithmetic errors. Numerous software choices can also help you file your entire family’s taxes at once and streamline your tax return.

2. A Complete Guide to Best Tax Software In Canada

Before looking for the best tax software in Canada let’s see some of the features as well that you should look for before selecting any software for tax calculations:

2.1 Utilization Ease

Unless you have expertise in taxation, you’ll want simple free tax return software. Rather than needing to select the particular tax forms you’ll require, I find it helpful if the accounting software includes a wizard. As a result, the program will assist you in selecting the appropriate tax forms without requiring you to be an expert.

2.2 Operating System Compatibility

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Additionally, you will want tax software that is compatible with your computer’s operating system. If you use Windows, you should have no trouble locating tax software that is compatible. If you use a Mac, your options may be significantly limited.

2.3 There is a Free Version Available.

If your return for taxes is simple — for example, you’re a salaried worker with no rental revenue or freelance work — why spend on tax refund software if you don’t have to? Save money by selecting the finest free tax filing software available.

2.4 Languages that are Supported

If you’re reading this, chances are you comprehend English, but if you’ve been searching for tax return software in another tongue, you might have a more difficult time. Despite that, there is now a tonne of multilingual computer software accessible. To find out if the one you choose is available, check ahead of time.

2.5 NETFILE Accepted

Last but not least, you’ll need NETFILE-compliant income tax software. NETFILE is an application that allows you to securely and safely submit your tax return to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) from your computer. You will be informed once the CRA receives it. If you’re using tax preparation software, odds are it’s NETFILE compatible, but it’s always beneficial to double-check.

3. What to Search for in Tax Preparation Software?

There are numerous tax filing applications available, but some are superior to others. Here have six questions to inquire about before choosing a tax software program.

3.1 Is It NETFILE Approved?

One of the best features of tax return software is the ability to submit your return online to the CRA right away as you finish it via NETFILE. NETFILE is an information transmission service that enables Canadians to electronically submit their tax returns to the CRA. It saves you from needing to drop off your file at a Tax Center office, mail it, or submit your return via a professional tax-prep service like H and R Block or Liberty Tax Service.

3.2 Can I Get A FreeVersion?

In our selection, I’ve included either free or purchased tax software programs. Wealthsimple Tax, for example, is completely free to use. TurboTax offers a free edition, but it only handles basic tax returns. Others prefer to pay for additional amenities, but if their tax situation is simple, I suggest using free software. In each of the app evaluations that follow, I’ll go over the differences between free and paid apps in greater detail.

3.3 What is the Free Version’s Capability?

Not every free tax software is made equal. Some free programs are only designed to manage the most fundamental returns. So, if you’d like to take advantage of free software but have your own business or own home for investment with rental income, make sure the program can manage your return prior to you begin. You don’t want to get halfway done with your return solely to discover that you can’t record specific earnings or expenses.

3.4 Is there an RRSP Optimizer?

Every dollar you put into an RRSP lowers your taxable revenue by an identical amount. Tax return software apps that include RRSP Planner tools can compute tax savings based on various RRSP contribution amounts in real time. If Registered Retirement Savings Plans are part of your tax strategy, this will be a must-have tool. Remember that the deadline for making a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) payment for the current financial year is 60 days following the start of the new year. (usually March 1st.)

The Icy Canada team talked to Ilker Dalgic, Business Owner at Edi Gourmet Spice, about the advancements in free tax software in Canada. Here is what he said:

Ilker Dalgic - Featured
Ilker Dalgic

“The advancements in “free” tax software in Canada, while offering features like auto-filling tax info and audit support, have left a bitter taste for many.

Despite being labeled as free, these options often come with conditions, such as age restrictions or limited tax scenarios, leading to frustration among users.

As a taxpayer, the obligation to file taxes remains unchanged, yet the government’s reliance on third-party platforms with hidden fees undermines the notion of truly accessible tax assistance.

Instead, there’s a growing call for the government to develop and provide genuinely free tax software, aligning with our constitutional duty to file taxes without an additional financial burden.

Moving forward, Canadians seek transparency and inclusivity in tax services, with features like comprehensive eligibility criteria, user-friendly interfaces, and direct integration with government systems.

By prioritizing accessibility and fairness, future advancements in tax software can truly empower citizens and streamline the tax-filing process for all.”

4. Best Tax Software In Canada

Some of the best tax software list is given below:

4.1 Wealthsimple Tax

Wealthsimple Tax, formerly SimpleTax, is a newer tax preparation program that appears to combine the finest features of additional tax return software to create a well-rounded program.

Wealthsimple Tax is accessible on the web, on local Mac or Windows desktop computers, and on smartphones via the app stores of Apple and Google Play. It has a one-of-a-kind pay-what-you-want structure: it’s officially free, but you might want to donate something to support the creators.

Despite the name it bears, Wealthsimple Tax is capable of handling more complex tax scenarios such as self-employment, investment revenue, and cryptocurrency trading.

It will import your transactions automatically, discover the exchange rates at the moment of your professions, as well as the match moves among over 300 supported accounts and exchanges to compute your crypto gains/losses.

Wealthsimple Tax additionally supports Québec filing requirements and includes a complete French translation, which is uncommon in free taxation software.

It has one of the finest user interfaces available, which is more intuitive than StudioTax, for example. You can NETFILE up to the permitted 20 returns of taxes for free, just like with StudioTax. The information you provide is secure because it is transferred using encryption.

In addition to these characteristics, this online tax return software includes a smart search box that makes it simple to add medical expenditures and presents to your return.

When it pertains to accuracy, we genuinely think that Wealthsimple Tax is a reliable online tax return software. If you’re still not persuaded, it comes with a “100% Awesome Guarantee,” which means that if they make an error or you end up paying an administration fee or extra interest, they’ll refund you.

While this tax report software is completely free, you’re given the choice of paying what you’d like after sending the return with the CRA if you want to help them out.

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4.2 TurboTax

TurboTax is available in both free and paid editions and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The trial version’s lack of a revenue cap is one differentiating feature. (unlike some competing free tax prep programs).

Although you are able to import tax data using CRA’s Auto-fill My Return, if you’d like to export your tax data from last year, you must buy the more expensive version of the program. This is disappointing.

However, most people will find the Deluxe version, which costs only $20.99, to be useful. It will not only save as well as transfer tax data from previous returns, but it will also look for over 400 extra tax credits as well as deductions to determine if they are relevant.

Your return may rise dramatically as a result of this.

Over time, the TurboTax ui has evolved from presenting complicated forms to showing simpler, more user-friendly segments in which you only have to complete sections pertinent to you. Everything is neatly organized into tabs, and if you encounter any issues, the user help is excellent.

The Standard plan not only allows you to share tax information from previous years, yet it also searches for over 400 credits as well as tax deductions, enabling you to maximize your tax refund potential. After all, who in their right mind would turn down the chance to save money?

If you’re new to completing your taxes online, we suggest the Assist and Review plan — or the Assist & Research Self-Employed plan — over unlimited tax-related guidance from TurboTax experts. If you’re a complete beginner, TurboTax’s professional team can help you fill out your tax return as well as review it before you submit it. Overall, TurboTax is a simple-to-operate and cheap tax return program, which is why it is ranked first on our list.

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4.3 H&R Block

You can submit your tax return for income with H&R Block even if you are self-employed or had investment income. Quebec residents can also take advantage of the deal.

Taxes can be submitted online with NETFILE on a Windows and Mac computer, as well as on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. If your tax circumstance is more complicated, you can buy add-ons such as Audit Security and Expert Review.

The UI of H&R Block is well thought out. The initial interface is divided into five logical tabs: start a quick entry, prepare, wrap up, and file. To help you progress through the application at a manageable pace, each screen only asks just a few queries at a time.

The status report on the left side of the screen allows you to keep track of where you stand financially in terms of the refund of taxes or the amount owing.

H&R Block Vs. TurboTax — Which Is Better For Filing Taxes?

4.4 StudioTax

For over a decade, StudioTax has assisted Canadians in filing their income tax reports.

For the majority of that decade, it was free, as it still is for residents of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Nunavut, as well as those earning less than $20,000. However, for all of us, filing a limit of 20 returns costs $15.

Though it is generally regarded as a streamlined program with few frills, it does suit those with freelance work and rental income. The Quick Start Wizard of the program proceeds logically, prompting users to input their data step by step.

If you’ve been using StudioTax for a while, you may import your tax returns from the prior year to save time. For a reasonable price, StudioTax allows you to submit up to 20 forms — a maximum for NETFILE.

It used to only operate on a Windows or Macintosh desktop, but there is now an app for iOS and Android. StudioTax could use an update in terms of design, but it serves its purpose well.

One of the primary advantages of employing StudioTax over other programs is that it can be downloaded locally and used without being linked to the internet. This means that instead of being kept in the cloud, the tax return files are going to be securely stored on your personal computer (Windows and Mac).

You can even transfer both the Android and iOS versions of the program to your smartphone or tablet for on-the-go access to the return of your taxes. Who in their righteous estimation would refuse an opportunity to save money, after all?

StudioTax has just announced that the company’s tax return program has been certified by both the CRA and Revenue Québec, which is a great bonus for an entirely free tax filing program. Having said that, it should be stated that the version for Mac computers is currently unable to handle Québec tax returns.

It’s also worth noting that, while this is still a substantial sum, you can only submit up to 20 tax returns with StudioTax, so if you need more, we recommend choosing another software program from our list.

4.5 AdvTax

AdvTax can manage a wide range of tax situations, including single filers, joint filers, and self-employed individuals. It also allows Quebec tax returns, which is a nice and unusual feature for free tax software.

It is genuinely free income tax software rather than ‘freemium’—users aren’t going to have to shell out for any more advanced functionality. Once a return is completed, users can download it and submit the PDF files via the CRA NETFILE.

Although the software UI is adequate, the website is overly textual and could be improved. Those filing simple returns for taxes should be able to finish their return in less than five minutes using AdvTax.

The application runs on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. It accepts Chinese, English, and French as languages.

4.6 GenuTax

a little an easy-to-understand interview, GenuTax guides users through the income tax filing process, enabling them to claim the deductions and credits for taxes to which they are entitled. It’s officially free, like Wealthsimple Tax, but patrons are urged to give something to help the program’s developers.

Most tax situations, such as financial money, rental properties, and small companies, can be handled by GenuTax. It’s multiyear revenue tax software, which means that along with filing your current year’s tax return, you are able to go back to as far as the year 2008 if you want to file a prior year’s tax return. Users can submit a total of 20 separate tax returns.

The program is presently only available for Windows operating systems and is not accessible for Mac or mobile devices.

4.7 UFile

Last but not least on our list of the top tax filing software programs in Canada is UFile: a famous Canadian returns solution that is simple, free*, as well as most importantly, secure. While we just mentioned that UFile can be downloaded for free, the trial version is only accessible to students, initially tax filers, the ones with simple returns, and anyone earning less than $20,000.

Having said that, the paid variants are reasonably priced, beginning at around $19.95 per relative entered in UFile. Expect to pay an extra $12, plus VAT and GST, if you want to include an additional family member (spouse).

UFile, like some of the other programs we’ve looked at, enables you to submit your data from an earlier tax year via the CRA’s convenient ReFiILE service. As a result, if you utilized UFile the year before, you can easily import every one of your previous year’s data.

If you plan on using UFile in the near future, you’ll be relieved to learn that it keeps a copy of all your reports for the nine most recent years, enabling you to view years’ worth of tax documents at any time.

UFile, like SimpleTax, can be used directly on computers running Windows as well as Mac OS X. If you prefer to operate this program online, UFile has a quick and easy-to-use web-based variant. Unfortunately, UFile does not currently provide a mobile edition that may be used on the go.

Nonetheless, UFile is one of the most effective tax filing software programs for Canadians for 2023 and beyond, considering the low cost as well as all of the great features that are accessible.

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The Takeaway!

This was all about the topic “Best Tax Software “.

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Queries and Answers

Some of the most asked questions regarding the topic “Best Tax Software ” are listed below:

1. What is Canada’s most common tax software?

With an intuitive user interface and an extensive array of features, Intuit TurboTax has become one of the most common tax software choices in Canada. It works on Mac, Windows, Android, as well as iOS. TurboTax also serves as a great choice with both paid and free service packages that suit your needs.

2. Is it possible to claim software for taxes in Canada?

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of Canadian taxes, the answer is no. Accounting fees as well as the price of tax preparation tools are only tax deductible in the following circumstances: Accounting and tax preparation software expenses are deemed eligible business/rental deductions if you are self-employed or earn rental income.

3. Is CPA used in Canada?

In Canada, Chartered Occupational Accountant (CPA) is an occupational designation. It’s among the first stages of becoming a Canadian accountant. Previously, accountants could choose between three designations: Certified Accountant, Certified General Accountant, or Certified Management Accountant.

4. Why is the tariff in Canada so high?

Because of the progressive income taxation structure in Canada. Individuals in such a system are taxed at higher rates by the federal as well as provincial governments when their income surpasses certain thresholds. A simple example exemplifies the impact.

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