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Best Restaurants Near Yonge Street, Toronto

Welcome to the most stunning destination of Toronto, Yonge Street. Every year, millions of locals and visitors visit to shop, walk, explore, eat, and celebrate the rich history of the City’s culture and traditions. When it comes to finding the best restaurants near Yonge Street, Toronto, it offers different types of dining spots with delectable eating options, international cuisines, fresh flavours, a spacious ambiance, and a chilling bar.

From the tasty sushi bowls of Rolltation, the Great Indian Food of Pukka restaurant, and juicy burgers and trendy vegan options of Banjara Indian Cuisine to the Thai cuisine of Pai Uptown and the upscale Mediterranean of Byblos Uptown, each caters to a diverse array of food selection from every corner of the world. 

1. The Best Restaurants Near Yonge Street, Toronto

Yonge Street is located in downtown Toronto and is surrounded by popular spots, including the entertainment district, Queen Street West, Eglington Avenue, Pleasant Road, and many more. With its vast landscapes, visitors can find amazing restaurants that offer delectable dining options, international flavours, fresh seasonings, a contemporary aura, and a classy bar. 

Whether you are craving Mexican, Indian food and fine dining, or casual food and gastronomic treats with a luscious atmosphere, the restaurants near Yonge Street serve every type of food and dining to ensure there is something on every bite. 

Let’s explore the eatery delights through Yonge Street’s top, which represents Toronto’s cooking creativity and specialties.

Best Restaurants near Yonge Street, Toronto
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1.1. Rolltation Resturant

Satisfy your sushi cravings inspired by Asian cuisine and made up of fresh and finest ingredients at Rolltation Restaurant. Rolltaion is the best sushi dining near Young Street and Eglington Avenue.

Rolltaion restaurant also provides the best Poke bowls unlike others in Toronto. It offers an extensive range of menus from Miso salmon, classic salmon, and California roll to kimchi beef and Teriyaki chicken, each one is delicious with fresh and flavorful seasonings.

The restaurant is a wonderful place for sushi lovers with its edible options. The Restaurant is famously known for its Sushi burritos. Visitors can find excellent cuilnery through their menu including fresh tofu, lettuce, green onion, avocado, carrot, and crispy chicken.

Don’t compromise with your diet and fill your apptite with their fresh salad which is dressed and topped with high proteins, carbs, veggies, and a bit of creamy sauce. The best part is restaurants allow guest to choose their protein to mix in and serve in a tasty bowl with homemade sources. Go for the Kani salad, and seaweed salad, with miso sauce that makes your dining more delicious.

Rice lovers can enjoy the kimchi fried rice with your choice of seafood, kimchi, shrimp, fresh veggies Beef brisket with mozzarella cheese, and Karaage Rice Bowl. Snacks are many delicious options including Torched cheese Karaage, spicy Habanero Karaage with hot coffees, and chilling drinks. 

Whether you go for a sushi burrito, casual snacks, poke bowls, or veggie salad and fried chicken rice, every dish showcases the Rolltaion’s cooking creativity in a lively atmosphere.

Best restaurants near Yonge Street
Screenshot From the site: Rolltation Restaurant


The Icy Canada team talked to Gustav Nicholson, Editor of Ampifire, about key factors when choosing a restaurant for a special night out. Here is what he said:

Gustav Nicholson - Featured
Gustav Nicholson

“When choosing a restaurant for a special night out, I prioritize three key factors:

  1. Quality of Food: The menu and cuisine are the most critical aspects. I look for restaurants that offer fresh, high-quality ingredients and well-executed dishes. Excellent food is the foundation of a memorable dining experience.
  2. Ambiance: The restaurant’s atmosphere should be inviting and suit the occasion. Lighting, music, decor, and overall vibe contribute to the emotional impact of the evening. I prefer restaurants with a unique ambiance that makes me feel welcome and sets the right mood.
  3. Service: Attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly staff can elevate the entire experience. Efficient service ensures a smooth flow of the meal without feeling rushed. Great service makes me feel valued as a guest and enhances my enjoyment of the food and atmosphere.

Location and accessibility are also important considerations. I prefer restaurants that are conveniently located and easy to get to. Budget is another factor, as I look for restaurants that provide good value for the price point.

When these elements come together harmoniously, they create a special and memorable dining experience. Quality food satisfies a sensory level, while the right ambiance and service make the evening feel extra special.

By carefully considering these factors, I can choose a restaurant that will contribute to an enjoyable and meaningful night out.”

1.2. Banh Mi Boys

Tantalize your taste buds with Vietnamese flavours at the Banh Mi Boys restaurant on Queen Street West and Yonge Street. Banh Mi is a kind of bread in the Vietnamese served in a bun as a sandwich filled with fresh veggies and spice sauces. 

Banh Mi is the main cuisine in Vietnamese, three brothers shared this Vietnamese cuisine with Toronto’s locals and visitors and savoured the rich flavours and seasonings. Three brothers started their food business by offering savoury meats filled in a bun with fresh veggies, sauces, cheese, and butter wonderfully.

Explore the menu sourced from Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese with high-quality meals, ingredients, and homemade spices. The restaurant’s staff is friendly offers impeccable services and helps customers to choose their signature dishes. From Grilled Pork Banh mi, Grilled chicken Bnah mi, and kimchi fries, to the fried chicken steamed bao and Lemongrass Tofu Banh Mi.

The restaurant provides delicious family meals where whole family members can enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, and sandwiches are all crafted by a talented chef who showcases their cooking creativity through an inclusive menu, the menu includes Five Spice Pork Belly Banh Mi, Five Spice Pork Belly Banh Mi, Five Spice Pork Belly Steamed Bao, Pork Belly Family Bao Kit and Lemongrass Tofu Family Bao Kit.

If you are a fan of tacos then Banh Mi Boys restaurant would be the perfect choice to savour the unique and delectable tacos with mayo sauces, pickled carrots, tofu, and grilled chicken. Try their Squid taco, kalbi beef taco, and grilled chicken taco are so delicious.

All the dishes are complemented with tasty sides and drinks that pair your meal perfectly. The restaurants have many franchises in different locations such as Yonge Street, Eglington avenues, Spadina Avenue, and Dundas, In every location visitors can find exceptional food in an elegant atmosphere and colourful lights. 

Restuarnts near Yonge Street
Screenshot from the site: Banh Mi Boys

1.3. Pukka Restaurant

Unleash your tastebuds with Indian-style cuisine that takes you to the rich culture and traditions of Indian great food, offering home-style dishes, flavours, and platters and transporting every guest and local to the Indian eatery scene.  

The cooking team enhances Indian food with locally sourced ingredients, high-quality products, and tasty spices on their menu that satisfy guests’ appetites and make them wow the great Indian food.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is energetic, lively, and modern which makes your dining unforgettable. With its beautiful outdoor seating, large spaces, Indian food, and delicious delights the restaurant is a favorite place among tourists and locals.

The Pukka restaurant is operated by Harsh Chawla, who belongs to Northern India and came to Canada to introduce Indian curry to the Canadian people; his culinary creativity and spirit made his dream come true, and he opened his Indian restaurant with Derek, who is co-founder at Pukka.

An excellent cooking team who are trained in Indian classic cooking made the extensive range of menu to offer delicious Indian flavours and spices. They are trained to use unique techniques and cooking styles on their menu. Each member of the cuilnery team is from a different region showcasing cuilnery creativity and artistry that everyone loves. 

Sip on the chilling beverages, wines, drinks, and beers that complement your dinner wonderfully. Go for the Italian and English wines with rooftop patios and exciting entertainment at the Pukka restaurant. From white wine, rose, and sparkling wine to red wine, every bottle of wine is made of fresh fruits to enjoy your Indian dishes. 

The restaurants offer an inclusive menu that includes dinner, mains, starters, sides, rice, bread, desserts, and drinks of the finest ingredients and Indian spices.

For dinner, visitors can go for stuffed paneer, Punjabi chicken curry, butter chicken, or south Indian Vegetable curry with some starters like sweet potato samosa, chicken 65, and vegetable pakoras, sink your teeth into the sweet desserts that pair your dinner perfectly, Go for Rice pudding, sticky toffee pudding and mango Lassi.  

Pukka Restaurant is a perfect Indian restaurant in Canada that satisfies Indian cuisine and leaves you craving more.

Restaurants Near Yonge street
Screenshot From: Pukka Restaurant

In an interview with the Icy Canada team, Daisy Cabral, Dynamic CEO of Bella All Natural, discussed her priorities on this issue. Here is what she said:

Daisy Cabral - Featured
Daisy Cabral

“As someone who is in the food and nutrition industry, reputation and reviews are paramount considerations for me when selecting a restaurant for a night out.

A restaurant’s reputation is a reflection of its consistency, quality, and commitment to excellence, factors that directly impact the overall dining experience. 

Positive reviews from fellow diners and reputable food critics provide valuable insights into the restaurant’s menu, service, ambiance, and overall atmosphere, helping me make informed decisions about where to dine. 

I place great trust in the experiences of others who have dined at the restaurant, as their feedback serves as a reliable indicator of what to expect in terms of food quality, presentation, and attention to detail.

Reputation and reviews also contribute significantly to my overall enjoyment of the dining experience. Dining out is not just about the food itself but also about the entire experience, including the service, ambiance, and hospitality.

A restaurant with a stellar reputation and glowing reviews instills confidence and anticipation, setting the stage for a memorable and enjoyable evening. 

Conversely, negative reviews or a lackluster reputation can dampen expectations and detract from the overall dining experience.

By prioritizing reputation and reviews, I can ensure that my special night out is nothing short of exceptional, with every aspect of the dining experience surpassing expectations and leaving a lasting impression.”

1.4. PAI Uptown Restaurant

If you are looking for Thai cuisine in Yonge Street, visit Pai Uptown restaurant, which offers one of the best Northern thai cuisines in Toronto. Pai Uptown restaurant was discovered by the talented Chef Nuit and her husband Jeff, who bring different Thai flavours and fusions with impeccable service and hospitality to Toronto’s Yonge Street and other nearby locations.

The Pai thai restaurant provides a carefully curated array of homemade dishes, thai food, seasonings, flavours, and street food, allowing guests to feel the culinary scene of Thailand. 

The Pai uptown restaurant has an exclusive thai menu with thai ingredients and flavours. Whether you are seeking a thai northern platter, buckets, and pitches snacks and starters, or salads, soups, drinks, juices, and signature cocktails, Pai caters to every type of dinner and ensures everyone enjoys their thai meal.  

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diners can find various food options and enjoy dining at the Pai Uptown restaurant. Try their northern thai platter is so delicious with Northern Laab Salad, sticky rice, northern sausages, and barbeque Pork. For sides, you can have shrimp chips, thai chicken wings, and garlic tofu bites to accompany your dinner with mango sticky rice dessert.  

Don’t miss savouring Chef Nuit’s signature dishes like khao soi and Pad Thai, which are also available in vegan and gluten-free options. Explore the ambiance at Pai Restaurant, which invites guests to a graceful environment with elegant settings, colourful art galleries, and wooden ceilings.

Pai restaurant is the place for any occasion, celebration, and getaway. The superb wine bar offers craft cocktails with different flavours. The restaurant is a few minutes from the entertainment district and popular attraction. Visitors can enjoy the loud music shows and entertainment before or after the Thai dinner at the Pai Uptown Restaurant.

The restaurants have various franchises in Toronto, including Downtown Duncanstreet, Castlefield Avenue, uptown Yonge Street, and King Street West; no matter which location you choose to dine at, You will surely get good thai food at the Pai Uptown restaurant.

Best restaurants near Yonge Street
Screenshot From: PAI Uptown Restaurant

1.5. Banjara Indian Cuisine

Banjara Indian cuisine invites guests and locals to savour every bite of Indian home-based food at the Banjara Indian cuisine in a Maharaja-style dining area. Chef Raj Veerella makes exceptional Indian food using imported ingredients that are served to Indian food lovers on an outdoor rooftop patio.

From the soups, salads, tandoori sizzlers, and biryanis to the desserts and seafood dishes, every dish is unique and made with homemade spices, catering to guests’ next level of dining at Banjara Indian Cuisine.

The all-inclusive menu includes delectable food options tandoori chicken, red meat, breads, lunch combos, dinner meals, and different types of naans, and vegetarians can find vegetable rice, pulao, and curries, ensuring everyone there is something on every plate.

While savouring Indian food, one can browse shopping centres, banks, Christ subway stations, and popular landmarks. The restaurant provides phenomenal catering services.

daily for lunch, an a la carte menu, and aThe management and attentive staff provide impeccable services to guests with a gratitude and smile. Its friendly and helpful services make the visitor feel at home. The restaurant is open to the public every day for lunch, an a la carte menu, and brunch, cocktail bar is also available.

With its delicious Indian food, The restaurant got a lot of appreciation from Torontonians and locals, opening the franchise in many locations and expanding east to west and north to south.

Host your next event or occasion at the Banjara Indian cuisine and savour the flavourful Indian south and north dishes. The catering services are exclusive with an a la carte menu, free parking, large patio space, outdoor facilities, wheelchair accessibility, and on-site wedding.

Explore the delicious menu, which includes soups, salads, appetizers, seafood delights, tandoori sizzlers, meat delights, dinner combos, sides, vegetarian meals, desserts, beverages, and wines.

Try their signature chicken tandoori full, Karahi Beef, fish curry, aloo korma, Banaraja’s special gulab jamun, and Banjara’s Rice Pudding.

Best restaurants Near Yonge street
Screenshot from the site: Banjara Indian Cuisine

1.6. Byblos Uptown Restaurant

Enjoy the Gastronomic treats of Eastern Mediterranean that are made with cultural and locally sourced ingredients at the Byblos Uptown Restaurant. With its modern and traditional cuilnery techniques that showcase Eastern Mediterranean flavours and spices on its menu, which is served in a family style in a friendly ambiance, this is the reason the restaurant is the best spot to dine on Yonge Street.

Embark on a truffle journey through their truffle menu which includes Truffle pear salad as a starter, for the main course go for the black truffle rice and complement the dinner with walnut Katayef with truffle honey, this is something new that you would not find anywhere in Yonge street.

The menu for dinner is thoughtfully crafted with a touch of Eastern Mediterranean flavours and accompanied by sweet desserts and frozen beverages. From crispy stuffed olives and Middle Eastern fried chicken to the chocolate olive oil cake and creamy larger beer, every dish is made with Eastern Mediterranean seasonings and fusion.

When you enter the Byblos uptown restaurant, you are greeted with a stunning ambiance and vibrant colours, setting the tables for diners in a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are seeking a romantic date night or a family getaway, Byblos restaurant’s ambiance is perfect for any occasion.

Book your weddings, ceremonies, and celebrations along with outdoor spaces, indoor settings, rooftop patios, luxurious suites, and an exceptional traditional-based menu with exotic flavours of Eastern Mediterranean at the Byblos restaurant. 

Visit Byblos restaurant for fine dining. It has different dishes, elegant decor, homemade cuisine, attentive staff, and friendly hospitality. Byblos is situated in many locations, including the entertainment district, Yonge Street, and many more in Toronto.  


Best restaurants near Yonge street
Screenshot from the site: Byblos Uptown Restaurant

We interviewed Joshua Varner, Owner of Varner Roofing, about his considerations when choosing a restaurant for a special night out. Here is what he had to say:

Joshua Varner - Featured
Joshua Varner

“When it comes to choosing a restaurant for a special night out, there are three factors that can play a role in your decision. These factors not only contribute to the overall dining experience but also impact your enjoyment of the evening.

The first factor is the type of dish you have in mind. This is essential because deciding on the dish will determine which type of cuisine you and your companions will be eating.

The second factor is the ambiance of the restaurant. This includes everything from lighting, decor, music, and even the noise level. The ambiance can set the mood for the evening and create a comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests.

Lastly, the service at a restaurant and the ease of parking can make or break your dining experience. A poorly planned parking lot or an overcrowded valet service can start the evening off on a frustrating note.

On the other hand, if you can easily find parking and have a smooth experience with the valet, it can set a positive tone for the rest of the night.”

1.7. Oretta Midtown

Oretta Midtown restaurant is the best Italian spot in midtown Toronto where visitors will find the beauty and simplicity of Italian traditions and culture and great Italian food on their menu.  

Diners can experience savoury Italian dishes crafted by a creative and innovative culinary team and enjoy the eatery, which has a spacious aura and beautiful interior design. The staff and management provide attentive services. 

The restaurant has a cool cocktail bar allowing guests to drink craft beers, frozen cocktails, and thoughtfully curated wines. Welcoming all pizza lovers to taste the best pizzas in Toronto, serving hot, fresh, and dressed with firm ingredients, fresh vegetables, and mozzarella cheese.

Taste the cheesy pizza with friends and family and savour every bite that leaves you craving more. Go for the Margherita pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil, and pepperoni pizza topped with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. 

The restaurant menu is delicious from house-made Roman-style Foccasi with Oretta olive oil, and tasty pasta with Ontario peppers to the hazelnut gelato and bisco cocktail, the restaurants have tons of Italian food that caters to everyone’s taste and appetite.  

The restaurant’s upper level provides a large space to host any occasion, wedding, party, and celebration with a spacious ambiance, luxurious suites, elegant dining area, candlelight setups, chic decoration, and a beautiful stage.  

Visit the Oretta Midtown restaurant this weekend and enjoy upscale Italian dining with extensive wine selections that make the visitors feel the street food of Italy.  


Best restaurants Near Yonge street
Screenshot from the site: Oretta Midtown

Kate Kandefer, CEO of SEOwind, shared her priorities while selecting a restaurant for a special night out. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Kate Kandefer - Featured
Kate Kandefer

“The three biggest ones for me are size of venue, price point, and ambiance.

The size of the venue is important because a special night out, to me, means something that’s shared as much as possible with my loved ones. A large venue, regardless of its quality, means that it will likely feel crowded and not what I’m looking for. 

The price point is important as well because I don’t want to spend that special night out wondering how I am going to financially recover from it. It should be more expensive than normal, certainly, but not something that I have to stretch for. 

Finally, ambiance is very important because it needs to match the occasion that we are commemorating. No one restaurant is going to be able to meet every need, so knowing which vibe fits which venue best is important.”

2. Final Words:

When visiting Yonge Street, Dine at these establishments where visitors will find international fusions, lively and modern cooking techniques from different regions of the world, a pretty ambiance, craft beers, and outstanding services.

The best part of these restaurants near Yonge Street in Toronto is it is surrounded by famous destinations, Guests can explore exciting entertainment, booming music, bustling streets, shopping centers, and top venues before or after dining.

FAQs about the Yonge Street Restaurant

1. Do these restaurants on Yonge Street provide vegan or gluten-free food options?

Yes, most of the restaurants provide vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food options.

2. What cuisine can we find at Yonge Street restaurants?

The restaurant provides various cuisines including, fresh, Indian, American, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, and many more.

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