Canadian flag waving against a blue sky, symbol of Canada. Canadian flag waving against a blue sky, symbol of Canada.

How to Apply for Canadian Immigration from India – All You Need to Know

India is Canada’s most crucial origin country for the latest Immigrants; in a sense, there are several choices to apply for Canadian PR from India.

Recently, according to statistics, Canada’s immigration level plans were declared by the federal government to embrace more than 1.2 million permanent residents annually from 2021 to 2023. An immense number of Indian citizens turned into permanent residents in 2021.

Moreover, as the Canadian government gets better from the recent coronavirus pandemic, immigration will probably become the central aspect of any other.

Before the pandemic, the influx of Indian citizens surged rapidly in 2019. After that, as soon as the pandemic ended in late 2021, the figure increased in only nine months. 

The Canadian immigration for Indian Citizens was significantly influenced by their arrival as permanent residents in Canada in 2021.

Suppose you are eagerly looking forward to migrating to Canada as a permanent resident in Canada. In that case, the first and foremost initiative is to evaluate which programs provide you with the best opportunities to succeed. There are various choices of immigration programs and immigration pathways to Canada via India.

1. The Federal Economic Class

Canada approves a vast number of immigrants by economic class and annual categories aligned to move above 0.2 million for the forthcoming three years. The biggest classification in terms of this class is The Federal Skilled Category. Numerous immigration ways can be considered while applying for Canadian permanent residency from India. 

1.1. Federal Skilled Worker 

How to Apply for Canada Immigration from India?
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The Federal Skilled Worker scheme works with the Express Entry Process and permits qualified foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada. Through the express entry process program, the express entry profile focuses on selecting candidates with the highest tendency to settle in Canada. 

It is one of the two primary federal schemes for skilled workers with Express Entry along the Canadian Experience Class. Concerning candidates, around 370 suitable designations comply with the minimum entry basis and can provide a profile to the Express Entry Pool. The applications of the candidates are categorized under a thorough ranking system.

The top-ranked candidates get a request offer to appeal for Canadian permanent residence. Candidates who get an invite should apply within 60 days. Moreover, the Express entry draw is conducted and recorded yearly.

Candidates eligible for the federal skilled worker scheme comply with education, work experience, age, and language obligations. To get fully approved for the federal skilled worker program, applicants must obey the following conditions : 

  • Must be familiar with consistent full-time paid work or equal to regular part-time employment within the last decade in one of 370 eligible professions given by the national occupational classification system. 
  • The work experience must be aligned with TEER categories: management occupations, designations that need a university degree, and professions that require a college study program or internship of less than or more than two years and a minimum of 6 months of training affiliated with national occupational classification. 
  • Score enough points concerning the skilled worker point grid comprising six choice factors. 
  • Take a language testing qualification from a well-known third party and represent intermediate language level skills in English or French according to the Canadian language benchmark. 
  • Must have sufficient funding for settlement.
  • Get checked with a security background and a proper medical examination. 

1.2. Federal Skilled Trades and their Requirements

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Canada’s Federal Skilled Trades Schemes provide permanent residence to skilled workers proficient in skilled trade. It is controlled through an Express entry system.

The Canadian Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada organizes a participation focused on Federal Skilled Trades Schemes candidates.  

The below-mentioned jobs are eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program, which comes under the National Occupational Classification : 

  • Technical business transportation officials 
  • General Trades
  • Managers in natural resources and agriculture
  • Assembly invigilators
  • Butchers, Bakers and Chefs.

The necessary and mandatory conditions for federal skilled trades schemes are : 

  • Language: Applicants, at minimum, need to have a Canadian Language Standard of 5 for speaking and listening and 4 for reading and writing in English or French. 
  • Work Experience: Candidates must have a minimum full-time work experience of 2 years and an equal quantity of part-time in a skilled business from the last five years. 
  • Job Offer: Candidates must have justifiable employment from the previous year or be certified in a skilled occupation that a Canadian provincial, territorial, or federal organization accredits.  
  • Education: There are no official educational demands for the Federal Skilled  Trade Schemes. However, candidates can showcase their educational certificates to their Express Entry profiles to surge their scores, resulting in an early invitation when they apply. 

Funds: It is displaying ample amounts of funding that aids in settling in Canada.

1.3. Canadian Express Class

People who have worked in Canada and plan to settle in Canada forever, along with their dependents, could be eligible for Canada PR in compliance with Canadian Express Class. 

This Scheme acknowledges the perks to Canada for candidates who invest substantial amounts of time pursuing their study career in the country.

It acknowledges their efforts for the Canadian economy and establishing good affiliations with Canadian society. The considerations for the Canadian Experience Class are:

  • The applicant must have accomplished 12 months of work experience in a designation classified as TEER classifications 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the National Occupation Classification. Approving designations are of technical skill, trade, management, and professionalism.
  • Work experience of 36 months before the date of application. 
  • Must not have any records of criminal, security, or medical history. 

2. Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs

Insights: Applying Under Canada Express Entry Immigration Programs

If you qualify for the federal economic program, the next step would be to think about provincial streams for your permanent residence application from India.

Every province of Canada authorizes its different immigration programs and designs immigration pathways based on the particular demands of regional labor markets. If you have specific expertise, a provincial entity could approve you. 

The Canadian provinces design immigration pathways based on the Canadian educational credential and Education credential assessment criteria.

2.1. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

How to Apply for Canada Immigration from  India?
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The (OINP) Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program assists employers by providing the immigration of management professionals. The program targets skilled workers and international students to comply with their human resources necessity. 

The province of Ontario regulates the OINP in collaboration with the federal immigration department, immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The OINP controls three immigration classifications, including employer job offers and business immigration, as well as human capital. 

Ontario handles an Expression of Interest System to take charge of five courses that include all three streams of Employment job offers and International students who pursue Master’s and PhD programs. 

Additionally, the province manages 3 Express Entry Streams aiming at the applicants with the necessary qualifications of education credential assessment, work experience, language skills, and capability to settle in Ontario and donate to economic development. 

2.2. Supervised Schemes by Quebec Immigration

How to Apply for Canada Immigration from India?
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Candidates who want to move to Quebec can apply for a (CSQ) Certificate of Quebec in the below-mentioned divisions : 

2.2.1. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program recognizes and chooses candidates who have the probability of establishing themselves financially in the Quebec Province.

These are the skilled worker candidates whose skills correspond with specific provincial market requirements and who can seamlessly find a job. 

Quebec provides its nominations on specific factors for which points are granted. Typically, these include education, work experience, language knowledge, age, children, spouse’s aspects, and financial independence. 

2.2.2. The Quebec business immigration:

Affluent individuals can appraise any of Quebec’s Business Programs: Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Self-employed. 

2.2.3. The Quebec Experience Program:

There is one more scheme available for overseas Indian immigration candidates who are already staying, studying, or working in Quebec called the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

Suitable candidates can apply for a CSQ with an expedited process. Two categories are available: Quebec Graduate and Temporary Foreign Workers. 

2.3. Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

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The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) is structured for those with the skills and capabilities to flourish labour shortages in Alberta. The AAIP nominates adroit worker candidates within the Alberta Stream, the Express Entry System, which involves the expedited Tech Pathway, and the Bucolic Renewal Stream.

It also controls four business schemes: the graduate entrepreneur program, the farm program, the foreign graduate entrepreneur program, and the rural entrepreneur program. 

The Scheme is controlled by the government of Alberta in alliance with the federal immigration organization Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Candidates must abide by a two-step process that is: to apply for selection by the provincial government, and after that, if selected then apply for a Canada PR visa to the federal government. 

2.4. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program aims to boost the process for those who plan to acquire Canadian Permanent Residency to settle in British Columbia Forever.

The BCPNP approves applications within three primary classifications: Entrepreneur Immigration, Express Entry BC, and Skills Immigration.

BCPNP Tech permits British Columbia Immigration administrators to speed up the processing time of immigration candidates for in-demand technology designations.

Invites are given weekly to candidates with work experience in one out of 35 legal vacancies in the British Columbia Technology Sector. 

The eligibility criteria are Healthcare Professionals, International Graduates, and Entry-level semi-adroit workers. They upload a varied list of high-grossing designations that they showcase in aimed draws. 

2.5. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

How to Apply for Canada Immigration from India?
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This Scheme or program elects applicants for Manitoba immigration based on provinces’ particular economic necessities. The Schemes are : 

  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway
  • Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway
  • International Education Pathway
  • Business investor Pathway

The project’s target is too pliable to Manitoba’s labor market and expands economic concerns. These priorities are interfaced with candidates through the constantly updated list of In-Demand Designations

Manitoba also embraces exploratory tours from francophone skilled worker immigration applicants, targeted at assisting them in congregating rapidly when they permanently arrive in the province.

2.6. New Brunswick Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Stream of New Brunswick aims at applicants with profiles in the Federal Express. They must possess skills, education, foreign credentials, and work experience to supply New Brunswick’s wealth and be ready to permanently work and stay in the province. 

Candidates must comply with minimum approval requirements before being assessed based on six criteria: age, education history, language ability, temporary work permit, valid job offer, and sustainability. 

2.7. The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program selects individuals for the federal government Planning to obtain Permanent Resident Visas in Canada. The NLPNP has a total of 7 immigration classifications. Those are 

  • Express Entry Skilled Worker 
  • Skilled Worker
  • International Graduate
  • Priority Skills NL
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur
  • International Entrepreneur
  • Atlantic Immigration Program

2.8. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program

NSNP focuses on potential immigrants with the skillsets and work exposure to bolster economic and demographic needs. The overseas Indian Immigration Candidate can comply with any one of the nine streams and can be appointed for Nova Scotia Immigration within the timespan of three months. 

Further, the province governs the Study and Stay scheme mainly designed to assist international students from China, India, and the Philippines who live and construct their careers after they graduate. 

2.9. Immigration to Saskatchewan Province in Canada

Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s grassland provinces, with a bright culture, traditions, and embracing people. The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program permits the province to select contenders to the federal government for permanent residence within three primary categories : 

  • International Skilled Worker.
  • Saskatchewan Experience.
  • Business Immigration.

2.10. Prince Edward Island Immigration Program

The Prince Edward Island Immigration Program fastens immigration to Canada for people and their families who comply with provincial standards in four strategies:

Higher economic and business development, a surge in the contribution of skilled workers, a rise in the demographic, and the goal of the province, as well as in social and traditional objectives.

The provinces embrace immigrants through three pathways:

  • Prince Edward Island Express Entry.
  • Prince Edward Island Labour Impact.
  • Prince Edward Island Trade Impact.
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Can I convert from short-term term to long-term Residence?

Surprisingly, immigrants are migrating to Canada as temporary residents and converting to permanent residents. This is a common way for candidates not eligible immediately for permanent residence to apply from India.

The total time in Canada as a short-term resident accounts for a full-term residence application. 

What is the Immigration for family class?

Applicants in India with family members who are already Canadian permanent residents beforehand or if they are citizens of Canada can apply via Family Class Sponsorship Immigration.

Which family persons are legally eligible to be promoted for Canada Immigration from India?

  • Wife or Husband.
  • Law Partner.
  • Conjugal Partner.
  • Dependant Son or Daughter.
  • Parents.
  • Grandparents.
  • Brothers, sisters, nephews or nieces, granddaughters or grandsons, dependent children who are orphaned under 18 years of age.
  • Other relative, regardless of their age or relation, but only under particular rules.

What are the criteria for being a sponsor?

  • You must be 18 years or above.
  • You and your sponsored relative must comply and sign an agreement that engages you to provide financial support if needed. 
  • You must support a dependent child for ten years until the child is 25. 

What is the Start-Up Canada Visa Program appointed Entity?

In a start-up visa program, an appointed entity is a Canadian private firm, angel investor, migrate capital fund or business accelerator.

So, How to Apply for Canadian Immigration from India?

Indians can apply for immigration from various options, including Federal Economic Class or Provincial Economic Class, Business Immigration, and Family Class. Everyone who may be an international student or a work visa holder in Canada from Indian origin can apply for immigration. 

To attain Permanent Residence status in Canada, specific criteria must be abided by the applicants, such as age, post-secondary education, work experience, sponsorship, and time spent in Canada. They can apply to either the federal or provincial class as both are applicable. 

Even the skilled workers with specific skills that can help grow and contribute to the economy of Canada can apply. Businessmen, investors, and traders can even apply to immigrate to Canada. 

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