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Did you know that Canada is one of the largest golfing countries in the world?

According to the World Wide Web, it is.

A golf course is an outdoor land designed for the sport. The basic, standard course consists of a number of holes, marked by a teeing box or teeing ground, a fairway, a putting green, the rough, and quite a few hazards.

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In a basic and standard golf course, you’ll see 18 holes. At the same time, a 9-hole golf course is quite ordinary, too. But an executive course of this sport offers you a bigger 9-hole golf course and a smaller version of the common 18-hole course.

A measure of somewhere near 1,500 to 2000 yards would be a 9-hole executive golf course, with a par of 29 to 33. Par is the number of times you take a swing at the golf ball to get it inside the hole. The 18-hole executive golf course will be equipped with approximately 60-66 par in a play inside a 3000 to 5000 yards area.

An executive golf course is designed with fewer holes and different overall par differences. An active, busy person would opt for a quicker golf game, and so the major difference is the number of holes you’d have to strike to achieve a par. It’s the objective of a casual, relaxed, efficient, and less hour-consuming land that is built with.

1. Who’s The Executive Golf Course For?

It’s a golf course developed specifically for executives who are busy but want to play the sport, even for a little while. With the regular and famous golf courses having their discipline and standard guidelines, the busybees couldn’t fit the sport of a couple of hours into their schedule.

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A sport shouldn’t be another activity to participate in, next on the list, but rather a stress-free outlet for relief. And so an executive golf course was created. With all qualities of golf adjusted to fit in a day of an executive. A golf-playing expert executive.

The executive golf course is said to be the in-between amidst the regulation 18-hole course and the par 3 course.

2. Features of an Executive Golf Course

Perhaps not all executive courses may offer similar experiences. But most of such golf courses harbour a number of fancy facilities and offers.

Rental clubs and golf carts are available – executive services for the executive. Rented golf cars can be used from any club at some executive golf courses. Mandatory to remain on the path and not damage the turf.

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Aesthetic and refreshing mountainous views or on one – Along with being mostly situated on the outskirts of urban cities for the quiet for the players’ concentration, it is hyper-mainly to not hit any passers-by on their heads. And also the requirement to cover a massive piece of land.

Facilities to hold meetings and important appointments – a golden opportunity to conduct fancy events or facilitate urgent meetings could not have slipped off the list of features offered by huge executive golf courses. The huge space can be used for the event attendees to walk around custom designed area.

Attached putting green and driving ranges make it easier for learners to practise – this training infrastructure is a said necessity for every player’s benefit. To train their concentration on the field, golfers can practise how to aim for the holes and hit their strokes.

3. Canadian Golf Courses

Canada has approximately 2400 or so diverse and massive golf courses. Golf Canada, The Royal Canadian Golf Association, is the governing body of the sport in the country.

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Executive golf enables seasoned golfers to practice their experienced skills while toning down the intimidation of the grandeur of the sport.

Canada is recorded as the third-largest golfing nation in the world. With around 3,10,000 official golf players, the country has a number of quality courses for golf enthusiasts. All kinds, for all players’ needs. And a whopping majority of the courses in Canada are open to the public.

4. Why Choose Executive Golf Courses?

Once you learn and understand the golf course layout – irrespective of you being an expert, beginner or in between – it becomes easier to strategize your play which in return ups your confidence level and enhances the quality of your play.

Being not only a sports ground, executive golf courses also sustain the environment around them. Some include features like conserving water, and natural habitats and maintaining eco-friendly practices. So, executive golf courses protect the environment and ease your sports dilemma, at the same time.

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There are always going to be obstacles that deter your chance in a tournament or game. Be it the weather, the number of fairways or the dimensions of the golf course, uncontrollable factors affect your game time. But in an executive golf course, there’s at least the guarantee of an efficient playing field and fewer occupants. Leaving you enough margin to not count on the unreliable factors.

Hence, an executive golf course is ideal for you who’s looking for a bigger space and shorter gameplay than the other options – a 3-par course, 9-hole course, regulation course, or the pitch and putt course (for beginners)

5. Final Thoughts on Executive Courses

Executive golf courses have a lower par than the standard, regulation golf courses and take less time to complete your golf round than any other courses. Other than less time spent playing, it is also an appropriate option for beginners in this sport.

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It may not be as favored or famous as its bigger kinsfolk, but executive golf courses might just be the smartest and healthiest member of the family for you. And on the topic of family, executive golf courses can be the best place to get your kids, or the younger ones, acquainted with the golf world. Executive style.

You can experience golf at a lesser and more convenient time frame according to your day-to-day itinerary. Be it flexing your aged skills or learning new ones. It’s the better choice than the bigger, crowded and timed sports experiences.

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