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Unveiling the 10 Best Ontario Spa Resorts

Welcome to the most popular province of Canada, Ontario- known for its stunning landscapes, breathtaking surroundings, and rich history. It is also home to a diverse curated display of luxurious spa getaways. These paradises of relaxation and rejuvenation became the relief destination for those seeking a wave of peace from the hassle of everyday life.

The best Ontario spa resorts are extended to captivate visitors with their world-class luxurious indulgence, amenities, panoramic wellness, and dazzling natural settings. Join us as we embark on a relaxing adventure through the best 10 Ontario spa resorts, each offering a unique blend of treatments, luxury, and serenity experience. Whether looking for a romantic retreat spa or a relaxing spa gateway, Ontario has the best spa resorts for every getaway.   

1. Best Ontario Spa Resorts to Know About

Get ready to explore the relaxing spa gateways as we uncover the best 10 Ontario spa resorts. From opulence retreat spas surrounded by nature to urban activities, each destination promises a peaceful blend of wellness and luxury getaways.

Discover the essence of a relaxing getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and rejuvenate yourself with every modern amenity, treatment, and natural beauty. Whether immersed in contemporary style aura or historical culture, these spa resorts in Ontario invite you to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary indulgence in the heart of Ontario’s tranquil landscapes.

There are ample spa resorts in Ontario, with fantastic spa treatments, retreats, and services. From Scandinavian-inspired spa retreats, The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto and Muskoka Resort & Spa each provide luxurious relaxation retreats in the heart of Canada. Let us explore the best spas in Ontario, where every Spa offers a luxury, tranquil, serene landscape and therapeutic rejuvenation. 

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
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1.1. Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, Ontario

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is an award-winning spa in Ontario located in the stunning Blue Mountain Resort. It is renowned as a Scandinavian Spa-inspired retreat. The natural hardwood forest surrounds the Spa to capture the expensive views of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Niagara Escarpment and its iconic location with four premier regions of Collingwood and South Georgian Bay; the Spa offers guests to explore the outdoor adventure along with relaxation spas every year.

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain has a unique hydrotherapy pool featuring hot tubs, cold plunges, waterfalls, saunas, a steam room, and cosy relaxation areas such as an iconic setting, relaxation thermal spa, cultivate silence, and digital detox spa; these spas offer to escape the turmoil while journeying through these relaxation cycles.

Reserve and relax with their thermal journey experience or massage treatment. Scandinave Spa allows visitors to transport themselves to world peace, escape the daily routine, and experience ultimate relaxation.         

The thermal journey experience makes your Spa both adventure and memorable while embracing the tranquillity and digital detox area. It allows you to elevate yourself in hot and cold immersion and relax for many health benefits.

Enjoy the 15 minutes of heat in dry saunas to increase the body temperature and cause blood vessels. Embrace the 30 seconds of cold in the Nordic waterfall cold plunge, immerse yourself, and breathe consciously from head to toe. Treat yourself to the 15 minutes of relaxation and live in the moment by closing your eyes and opening your senses. 

The Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is one of the best relaxing spas in Ontario. It offers a perfect blend of impeccable services, treatments, and holistic wellness.  

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain – Blue Mountains

1.2. Ste. Anne’s Spa and Resort – Grafton, Ontario

Unleash your rejuvenation journey at the Ste. Anne’s Spa is well-known for its extensive spa resorts in Ontario. Their 1800 fieldstone heritage is located in the heart of the green landscape of Northumberland’s rolling countryside, just 90 minutes away from downtown Toronto.

As you step into the Spa, you are enveloped in the old charm setting with healing, rest, and rejuvenation, welcoming you into a comfortable environment focusing on a health and wellness spa to revive the soul and body.

Ste. Anne’s Spa prioritizes rejuvenating guests’ mental health and well-being by offering them to spend a whole day in plush bathrobes, embrace tranquility and spa hair by escaping their daily grind, and recreate themselves in a holistic ambience.  

The Ste. Anne’s Spa and Resort Ontario is an inclusive spa destination, which means you get complete access to all the Spa’s facilities, amenities, the country’s delicious cuisine, and allowance to easy access wellness classes and spa treatments for the ultimate rejuvenation.

From the holistic cottages to the wellness rooms and suites in the main castle, they offer various accommodations that suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a relaxing weekend with a group. Ste Anne’s Spa has everything to refresh your mental health and well-being.

St Anne’s Spa features a diverse array of spa retreats, body treatments, a steam room, a therapeutic hydrotherapy pool, an eucalyptus steam room, an indoor and outdoor pool, and meditation classes—moreover, Ste. Anne’s Spa is a complete relaxation package where guests can rejuvenate spa treatments, facial massages, and hydrotherapy to enhance the overall wellness experience. 

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: Ste. Anne’s Spa and Resort – Grafton

1.3. Spa at Q @ 124 on Queen Hotel & Spa

Located on Queen Street in the heart of the historic town of Niagara-on-the-lake, 124 Queen Hotel is a 12,000-square-foot spa destination. It offers luxury accommodations, phenomenal spa treatments, holistic treatments, and an on-site fine-dining restaurant.

Their multi-dollar state-of-the-art facilities include spa services and one of Canada’s best hydrotherapy wellness circuits, which features a unique snow room. It also features sensory showers, hot and cold pools, a eucalyptus steam room, and a cedar sauna; among the spas in Ontario, the 124 Queen Hotel stands asunder.

They provide elegant rooms for guests living in a comfortable environment and offer unconventional facilities where guests can take advantage of their world-class services. These holistic services are specially designed to treat your body, spirit, and mind. 

Suppose you are looking for the best Spa. In that case, you are in the right place because the 124 Queen Hotel is the perfect blend of unique features, the best accommodations, speciality amenities, and the critically acclaimed restaurant Tradewell cuisine, an ideal dining experience after a lovely spa.   

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: Spa at Q @ 124 on Queen Hotel & Spa

1.4. White Oaks Resort & Spa

The Spa is in the heart of Niagara-on-the-lake wineries and modern Niagara Area attractions. The white oaks resort hosts luxury amenities, wellness services, a fantastic conference centre, four-diamond accommodations, and a fine dining restaurant with a live play bar plus grill, a serene spa, and a great fitness club worldwide.

Let me start with the Spa. The White Oaks Resort greets you with a revitalizing, refreshing, and rejuvenating spa experience with blissful treatments, therapies, and Swedish massages. The resort’s skilled professionals provide facial treatments, massages, cleansing treatments, and aromatherapy to heal your body and mind.

The American Spas releases the 100 best spas, and out of them, the White Oaks Resort ranked no.1 in Niagara and sixth rank in Canada; it has become one the most extensive spa services in Ontario with its 19 wellness treatment rooms, pure indulgence, and luxurious couple suites. 

The White Spa hosts outstanding treatments, whether you seek relaxation assistance or pampering options. The White Oaks have it all. The spa menu offers enhanced retreats, from massages and body wraps to skin and nail therapy and ice facial fitness. It is a great choice to indulge in overnight spa packages and escape everyday life’s turmoil while rejuvenating.  

Discover the relaxation journey and savour the delectable cuisine at the white oaks resort. The Spa showcases fine dining plates with the freshest ingredients that fill the menu with local natural abundance. You will taste their three edible options at award-winning Niagara-on-the-lake restaurants.

Fine dining at LIV Restaurant offers breakfast and dinner with a chic ambience and impeccable service. Casual drinks are available at Play, where you will find sophisticated drinks and healthy cuisine at the Growing Kitchen and Cafe. You can also browse your favourite Starbucks and healthy go and grab breakfast bites.

The White Okas Spa is one of the best Ontario spas and resorts. It has everything you need for spa getaways, delicious dining, or relaxation therapies. 

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: The Spa at White Oaks Resort

1.5. Millcroft Inn & Spa, Caledon

Microsoft Inn is one of the closest spas to downtown Toronto. Located in the rolling hills of Caledon, it is an elegant countryside escape spa you have been waiting for. The Spa offers a combination of wellness retreats and luxury spa getaways. 

Explore the scenic route and luxury at the Millcroft Inn and Spa. The on-site spa and hot spring pool allow you to indulge and relax in nature. Savour the moment at the headwater restaurant along with the lush landscape.  

They mainly focus on holistic health and wellness, with state-of-the-art spa services, indoor and outdoor pools, and carefully selected wellness and treatments customized according to individual’s needs and preferences.

The Millcroft has flavourful adventure and luxury accommodations at the headwater restaurant, serving local cuisine made with natural and fresh ingredients from the region prepared by expert culinary chefs. They have a wide range of signature services to ensure everyone has a unique experience.

The Milcroft Inn and Spa offers seventeen treatments, including a hot spring pool, indoor pool, outdoor pool, steam room, and wood-burning fireplace. The Milcroft Inn spa offers the perfect health treatment or a self-satisfaction experience. They have private and hydrotherapy rooms, and you can select from massages to body wraps from their extensive spa menu.

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: Millcroft Inn & Spa, Caledon

1.6. Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa

Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa is an adult-only and couple-only inn and luxury spa nestled in the stunning highlands of Haliburton and on the edge of Eagle Lake. The lush highlands cover this couple’s resort in Ontario and offer a tranquil retreat for couples and friends to relax and reconnect in beautiful nature.

This four-season retreat features everything you can expect for complete rejuvenation, including cosy accommodations, modern amenities, fine dining, wellness treatments, and indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you are seeking a romantic couple getaway to unwind or a couple destination with a peaceful setting, the Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa has it all and more. This popular adult-couple-only resort has a variety of accommodations, from luxury cottages to elegant lakeside rooms with hot tubs, fireplaces, and balconies.

Sam’s Spa offers luxurious spa treatments. It offers natural rejuvenation and healing via various holistic therapies. Immerse yourself in the unique water spa experience, including water circuit waterfalls that soothe and energize your body and soul.   

Sir Sam's Inn & Spa Review - Haliburton , Canada

1.7. Elm Hurst Inn & Spa

It is one of the best spas and luxury hotels in the heart of southwestern Ontario and has been a resort landmark since 1872. The Elm Hurst Inn and Spa is a perfect balance spa between serene beauty and historic charm with contemporary amenities that cater to today’s traveller expectations.

The Elm Hurst Inn and Spa offers five wellness treatment rooms, including a sauna, eucalyptus steam room, manicure& pedicure stations, and men’s and women’s locker rooms.

It has spacious guest rooms, three luxury suites, an on-site spa, and a massage space. Whether you seek a spa destination for a relaxing weekend or a spa getaway for a romantic night. Elm Hurst Inn and Spa has been a pleasing place for guests worldwide to relax, revitalize, and restore.

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: Elm Hurst Inn & Spa

1.8. Touchstone Resort on Lake Muskoka

Touchstone Resort is one of the unique spas in Ontario, situated in the heart of a breathtaking Muskoka Lake. Explore the private sandy beach, swimming, boat ducks, and stunning views of Muskoka Lake while staying in luxurious accommodations.

Embark on a culinary journey through the Touchstone Resort’s delicious cuisine, prepared by skilled chefs and paired with a colourful menu with astonishing water views. Immerse yourself in personalized luxurious therapies and a signature spa package, including deluxe spa treatments such as hot rock massage, European Rose mud wraps, aromatic facial therapies, and invigorating body scrubs.

Professional trainers use modern techniques, and all products are naturally made and plant-based for ultimate revitalization. If you are seeking a peaceful weekend, then indulge your body, mind, and soul with their most relaxing spas and therapies. This spa is ideal for relaxation with panoramic views of the waterfront.

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: Touchstone Resort On Lake Muskoka

1.9. Miraj Hammam Spa Ontario

Hammam has been known as a silent doctor for centuries. Miraj Hammam invites you to indulge yourself in the culture of the Middle East and wellness treatments, catching you on the past journey. Miraj Hammam Spa welcomes you to a historical and traditional ambience inspired by Paris, Istanbul, and the Middle East. 

Get ready to experience ancient rituals and spa retreats during the Miraj Hammam spa journey. The Spa’s treatments feature hammams, massages, advanced facials, plant-based facials, body care, and waxing.

All the treatments are tailored to individual needs and inclinations, which allows focusing on the areas that trouble the most. These massages promote mental health and well-being by evoking tranquil feelings. Overall, if you want to explore ancient spas in the world of tranquillity, a hammam spa is the perfect resort for the ultimate retreats and rejuvenation. 

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: Miraj Hammam Spa Ontario

1.10. Iwa Spa

Iwa Spa is a full-service spa in the old town of Blue Mountain Village. The resort offers various wellness treatments and innovative spa packages and is covered with an elegant boutique and yoga retreats in the warm studio.

Iwa Spa features unique bathrobes, private hot tubs, naturally sourced oil and lotion, relaxing spas, and delectable cuisine. Its attentive and friendly staff provides impeccable indulgence to enhance the overall experience and make guests feel incredible every time.

THE 10 BEST Ontario Spa Resorts
Screenshot From: Iwa Spa

2. Takeaway

In short, the Ontario Spas in the heart of Canada are excellent commitments to providing the best spa retreats, wellness treatments, and tranquility in diverse settings, from relaxation spas at the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain to enduring rejuvenation journeys and luxury accommodations at Ste.

Anne’s Spa to the revitalizing spa experience at the white oaks resort and tranquil setting at the Sam’s Sir Inn and Spa. The Above Spas have carefully curated displays with creative, unique, and blissful wellness treatments, retreats, therapies, and excellent services. These Spas make Ontario stand apart as the best spa destination in Canada’s largest province.     

Whether you are looking for a break from daily life chaos or want to nourish your body, mind, and soul in a relaxing spa, these spas in Onatio serve every kind of service to guests.

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