What Are Mixed Numbers and Their Definition?

The mixed number calculator converts a mixed number into a proper fraction and represents all its steps of calculations.

A mixed number is a fraction containing a whole number and a proper fraction. Mixed numbers represent decimal numbers and always have a whole number.

For example, if there is a fraction 3(1/2), then its decimal value is 3.5. Here, 3 is the whole number, and (½) represents the decimal part 0.5. 

So, the decimal value of mixed fraction 3(1/2) equals 3.5. The mixed number calculator converts a mixed number into a proper fraction. The mixed fractions are a little different from proper and improper fractions as they are made from whole numbers and improper fractions.

Definition Of Mixed Number

A fraction is made by combining a whole number and an improper fraction 

Example of Mixed Fraction

2(1/2),3(2/3), 1(2/5), 25(1/3),14(2/5), 3(2/5)

Here 2, 3, 1, 25,14, and 3 are the whole number of all the fractions

Improper Fractions To a Mixed Fraction

Covert 16/7 into a mixed fraction


Now follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, divide the 16 numerator by the denominator 7.
  • Now, 2 is a quotient, 2 is the remainder, and 7 is the divisor.
  • Denominator is 7 

Mixed fraction = 2(2/7)

Mixed Fractions To a Proper Fraction

Convert the 3(⅓) into an improper fraction.


Now follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, multiply the whole number 3 by the denominator 3
  • The answer would be 3*3 = 9
  • Now add 1 to 9, and the answer would be 10

The proper Fraction is 10/3

In the table below, different mixed fractions are converted to the 

Serial NoMixed FractionProper Fraction 

The mixed-number calculator converts a mixed number into a proper fraction; you only need to enter a whole number and the fractional part of a fraction.   

How to Add Mixed Fractions?

You can add two mixed fractions by the following procedure:

  • Convert both fractions into improper fractions 
  • Now add both the improper fractions
  • Add the numerator only if both the improper fractions have the same denominator 
  • Take the LCM of mixed fractions if the denominator is different 

Add a Fraction of the Same Denominator

Let’s suppose two mixed fractions 2(3/5) and 1(4/5)


2(3/5), 1(4/5)

Covert them into the improper fractions 

2(3/5) = 13/5

1(4/5) = 9/5

Both the improper fractions have the same denominator. You can find their addition just by adding the numerator.

13/5 + 9/5 = 22/5 

Here, only the 13 and 9 are added as both the fractions have the same denominator.

Add Fractions of Different Denominators

Let’s suppose two mixed fraction 2(1/3) and 1(2/5)

2 (1/3) = (3 * 2 + 1)/3

2 (1/3) = 7/3

1 (2/5) = (5 * 1 + 2)/5 

1 (2/5) = (5 * 1 + 2)/5 

1 (2/5) = 7/5

Now, add improper fractions 7/3 and 7/5, and you need to recognize that both fractions have different denominators.

7/3 +7/5 = 35/15 + 21/15 = 56/15

Here, 15 is the common denominator of both the fractions.

The mixed number calculator allows you to find the addition of two fractions in seconds. This online tool also allows you to apply different arithmetic operations like subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Mixed numbers can be a little difficult for students who have started learning fractions. You need to learn how to convert a mixed fraction into a proper fraction. The mixed number calculator readily converts a proper fraction into a mixed number and vice versa. 

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