What to Buy in Dubai?

Faizal Khan
Faizal Khan
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Are you considering visiting Dubai, one of the world’s most opulent cities? Are you using a notepad or pen and paper? You can create a shopping list with the assistance of this article of what to buy in Dubai. As we all know, Dubai is the dazzling jewel of the United Arab Emirates and also a shopper’s paradise.

With a myriad of options, Dubai offers an unparalleled shopping experience. We will take you on a tour of this vibrant City’s most coveted treasures and hidden gems which showcase everything from traditional Arabian coffee and essential oils to shimmering gold jewelry and exquisite Persian rugs.

Whether you are strolling through the bustling streets of Bur Dubai Souk Market or going to explore the modern Marvels of Downtown Dubai, we will help you navigate the labyrinth of options. It will make sure you get the most out of your shopping trip in this Arabian paradise.

So, let’s dive into the world of Dubai’s souls, malls, and markets, where treasures are waiting for you promising a shopping experience like no other in the heart of the Middle East.

1. What to Buy in Dubai?

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This article will cover 20 unique items you can bring back to your home for your loved ones and yourself. All the items mentioned in the article will be must-buy items on your trip to Dubai. Let’s make your list of what to buy in Dubai.

1.1. Gold Jewelry

When in Dubai, one of the items that you should must-buy is gold jewelry. For that, you need to head to the Dubai Gold Souk which is located in the heart of Deira, for a dazzling array of exquisite pieces. This is one of the iconic marketplaces in the city which is located in Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa offering traditional and contemporary designs in 18k, 22k, and 24k gold.

1.2. Persian Carpets

Do you want to adorn your home with timeless elegance? Visit the National Iranian Carpets store. It is located near Dubai Marina Mall and Burj Al Arab and showcases beautiful Persian rugs. These carpets are world-famous for their Intricate designs and craftsmanship. These carpets are the perfect Souvenirs to remember your Dubai visit.

1.3. Perfumes

Are you someone who always wants to smell good? Discover the essence of Dubai by exploring the Dubai Perfume Souk, found within the bustling Spice Souk. Here, you will find many varieties of fragrances including famous perfume brands and pure oils. So, while making what to buy in Dubai, don’t forget to add these scents that capture the essence of the Arab world.

1.4. Spices

Are you a fan of spices? Why not explore the Dubai Spice Souk and immerse yourself in a world of flavorful spices? It is located near the Dubai Gold Souk, this market in the heart of old Dubai is the heart of this city. Got it what I’m saying? You will when you visit this place. It offers an array of exotic spices, from saffron to sumac, making it a culinary delight for those who love to cook.

1.5. Camel Milk Chocolate

Hello to all the chocolate lovers. Don’t miss the chance to taste these unique camel milk chocolates in Dubai. You can find these chocolates at various outlets including Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall, offering a delightful blend of traditional flavors with a Middle Eastern twist which makes them a sweet souvenir to remember. It might also work out to be a wonderful present for the kids at home.

1.6. Semi-Precious Stones

If you are someone seeking a touch of elegance, adding semi-precious gemstones in Dubai is a must. Do you wish to learn where you may view these magnificent stones? Well, you will find them in various stores throughout Dubai, including the Dubai Outlet Mall, and find the perfect piece of jewelry or keepsake. Additionally, these things make the ideal presents to bring back to your friends and family.

1.7. Arabian Coffee

Coffee lovers, are you ready to experience the rich and flavorful taste of Arabian coffee? Nodding your head, we will consider this as yes. Well, this coffee is an integral part of Middle Eastern culture, served in many cafes and restaurants in Downtown Dubai and Jumeirah Beach Residence. This traditional brew is a warm and inviting way for you to immerse yourself in the local culture.

1.8. Traditional Arabic Shoes

I am a shoe lover who can do anything to get a new pair of shoes, are you? If yes then explore the Cloth Souk in Bur Dubai and find a fascinating collection of traditional Arabic Shoes. Once you buy them you will realize that these intricately designed footwear options are not only comfortable but also stylish additions to your wardrobe. Also, it is perfect for a stroll through the historic Al Fahidi Street.

1.9. Pashmina Shawls

Do you want to surprise the woman at home with some beautiful gifts? Add Pashmina Shawls to your What to Buy in Dubai shopping list. Explore Pashmina House which is also called a haven for luxurious shawls. This is located near Dubai’s bustling shopping malls and souks. These shawls are made from fine Pashmina wool and are known for their softness and elegance which makes them an accessory for any fashion enthusiasts visiting Dubai and a perfect gift for the lovely women waiting for you at home.

1.10. Diamond Jewelry

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We explored gold jewelry and it is time for us to have a look at the beautiful diamond jewelry this city has to offer. Indulge yourself in the brilliance of exquisite diamond jewelry at Diamond Park which is a haven for diamond enthusiasts. It is located near the Dubai Gold Souk and Burj Al Arab where you can explore an impressive collection of diamonds. From engagement rings to dazzling necklaces, you can find every type of jewelry offering timeless elegance for every occasion.

1.11. Incense Holders

Do you want to enhance your sensory experience on your trip to Dubai? Immerse yourself in the incense holders found in Dubai’s markets and boutiques. These beautifully designed holders are available in various souls including the Spice Souk and Textile Souk. You can add a touch of Middle Eastern charm to your home while enjoying aromatic incense which makes it a perfect Dubai souvenir to bring back home.

1.12. Arabic Lanterns

As a previous item, the enchanting glow of ornate Arabic lanterns can illuminate your home. You can find these exquisite lanterns in Dubai’s souls and markets including But Dubai Souk and the Global Village. If you are the kind of person who loves to decorate their home, these items can make elegant decor pieces that capture the essence of Arabian nights.

1.13. Dates

Dates are one of the most famous items of this elegant city. You can explore these mouth-watering dates in the Dates Souk which offers a wide variety of dates, a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. It is located near Deira Food Market and Meena Bazaar, this market offers a rich assortment of dates. From sweet and soft to dry and delectable which allows you to savor the flavors of Dubai’s culinary heritage. Many people, on their visit, buy these dates to bring back home for their loved ones.

1.14. Traditional Arabic Clothing

Visiting Dubai and not diving into its rich heritage, how can someone miss this? Well, if you don’t want to by immersing yourself in the shopping for elegant traditional clothing like abayas, kanduras, and shawls. You can find a variety of boutiques in Bur Dubai, Kara ma Soul, and Meena Bazaar offering exquisite garments that reflect the cultural essence of the Middle East. These can end up being the most thoughtful items you can bring back for your loved ones.

1.15. Arabic Coffee Pots

We talked about coffee. Now let’s discover beautifully crafted Arabic coffee pots, also known as dallah, as unique souvenirs. You can find these pots in various markets such as Dubai Spice Souk and Bur Dubai Souk, offering both functional and decorative pieces that capture the artistry of Arab hospitality. Just like Arabic lanterns and incense holders, these can be a perfect item to decorate your home.

1.16. Hookahs

Are you a hookah lover, hold your breath as this vibrant city has a wide range of shisha pipes and flavored tobacco. You can explore these at Dubai’s markets and specialized stores. If you visit places like Dragon Mart and Dubai Souks which offer an array of hookah options, you can partake in the traditional Middle Eastern ritual of smoking flavored tobacco in style. You can also call Dubai a haven for all the hookah lovers out there in the world.

1.17. Handmade Crafts

What are you even going to do on your trip to Dubai if you didn’t immerse yourself in the world of traditional Emirati crafts? You will encounter a wide range of variety including camel bone carvings, glassware, and pottery. Heritage stores in Bur Dubai and Al Fahidi Street showcase these authentic handmade items which makes them perfect Souvenirs to bring back home that reflects Dubai’s cultural heritage.

1.18. Arabic Calligraphy Art

Are you an art enthusiast? A trip to Dubai can be one of the best experiences in life as it offers the chance to explore art galleries and markets for beautiful Arabic calligraphy paintings and artwork. These pieces are often found in Souk Madinat Jumeirah and Dubai Marina Mall representing the beauty of Arabic script and are wonderful additions to any art collection.

1.19. Henna Kits

Consider adding henna kits to your what-to-buy Dubai list to embrace the popular tradition of creating Intricate temporary tattoos. Available in Bur Dubai Souk and Deira Perfume Souk. You will love these as they provide you with the tools to design your henna art and allow you to immerse yourself in Middle Eastern culture.

1.20. Camel Souvenirs

There are some unique camel souvenirs that you won’t want to miss while visiting this vibrant city of Dubai. You will find camel-themed souvenirs like camel-shaped keychains, plush toys, or even decorative items. Explore various markets, including the Burj Khalifa area to find these fun keepsakes as they pay homage to the iconic symbol of the Arabian desert which makes them charming reminders of your Dubai visit.

2. Discover Dubai’s Iconic Landmarks

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Made your list of what to buy in Dubai? Now, let’s explore the iconic landmarks of Dubai so you can make your journey more memorable by visiting these places. Dubai is a city of breathtaking landmarks that will leave you in awe because of its architectural wonders and modern marvels. Let’s explore some of these iconic landmarks and make your visit to Dubai more memorable.

2.1. Dubai Mall: A Shopper’s Paradise

Dubai Mall is a retail extravaganza like no other. As you take your steps inside this colossal mall, you will encounter a vast array of stores offering everything from designer to the latest electronics. As we have made your list of what to buy in Dubai, at Dubai Mall, you will get almost all the items we have talked about.

It makes a shopaholic’s dream come true, with a diverse range of products, from exquisite gold jewelry at Dubai Gold Souk to fashionable textiles at the Textile Souk. So, why not make this mall a place to visit in Dubai and make this mall one of the priorities? Also, forget to check out the Souk Al Bahar for more unique finds.

2.2. Burj Khalifa: Touching the Sky

We have to put “the” while talking about the Burj Khalifa, this iconic building stands as a symbol of Dubai’s ambition and innovation. This towering structure is not only the world’s tallest building but also an architectural masterpiece that is a dream place for many people. Many tried to break this building’s height record, but no one yet managed to make such the tallest building.

As you ascend to the observation deck on the 148th floor, you will witness Dubai’s skyline in all its glory. Also, the Burj Khalifa is located in Downtown Dubai which is known for its shopping opportunities as this article’s topic on what to buy in Dubai.

2.3. Dubai Marina: The Modern Waterfront Marvel

Dubai Marina is a testament to Dubai’s transformation into a cosmopolitan oasis. You will walk through the picturesque marina promenade which is lined with trendy shops and cafes. This is also one of the iconic landmarks you will encounter on your visit to Dubai.

The Dubai Marina Mall offers a shopping experience like no other with a variety of outlets and boutiques. As you explore the area, you can also discover local spices and Arabian coffee in the traditional spice soul as we talked about earlier.

2.4. Burj Al Arab: The Icon of Luxury

The Burj Al Arab, often referred to as one of the first world’s seven-star hotels, epitomizes luxury and opulence. While you may not stay here, A trip to this famous building is essential. The Burj Al Arab is a house of some of the most famous perfume brands which makes it an ideal place to purchase a fragrant souvenir.

Also, you can explore the luxury shopping opportunities at Souk Madinat Jumeirah and discover treasures like pure oils and exquisite jewelry. So, adding Burj Al Arab will be worth your time and money on your visit to Dubai.

3. Luxury Stays and Dining

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Before you catch that flight that is going to take you to this iconic city, you might be wondering what are some best luxury stays and dining. Don’t worry, Dubai offers a splendid array of options to pamper yourself in style. This section of the article is to explore some of the most opulent choices for your stay and dining.

3.1. Bab Al Shams Hotel: Desert Oasis Retreat

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and venture into the serene desert landscape of Dubai at the Bab Al Shams Hotel. Another heaven but this time of desert oasis offering its guests a chance to experience traditional Arabian amidst stunning surroundings.

Do you remember we talked about Arabian coffee while talking about what to buy in Dubai? Nearby this hotel you can buy this coffee to enhance your relaxation on your trip to Dubai.

3.2. Emirates Towers Hotel: Urban Luxury

Are you someone who prefers the cityscape? The Emirates Towers Hotel is a beacon of urban luxury and is one of the best places to stay and dine. As you take your steps you will encounter sleek design and modern amenities, this amenities, this hotel caters to the discerning traveler.

You find exquisite dining options within the hotel, and just a short drive away, the Dubai Mall will provide you with a shopping extravaganza. Staying in this hotel will not only be a great experience but a memory that you will not be able to forget in your whole lifetime.

3.3. Jumeirah Beach Residence: Beachfront Bliss

If you are dreaming of beachfront luxury, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is the place you should add to your list of where to stay in Dubai. With a backdrop of the Arabian Gulf and a vibrant atmosphere, JBR offers every visitor here a unique blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Here, you can shop for stylish pashmina shawls and indulge in camel milk chocolates we talked about earlier in the What to Buy in Dubai part of this article. This should be in your must-visit place list in Dubai before you catch that flight.

4. Dubai Festivals and Events

what to buy in Dubai
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Don’t be mistaken to think that Dubai is just a city of attraction and shopping, it is also a hub for festivals and events that celebrate culture, entertainment, and shopping extravaganzas. Let’s dive into two of Dubai’s most renowned festivals and events.

4.1. Dubai Shopping Festivals: Bargains Galore

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual retail extravaganza that attracts shoppers from around the globe. Getting the question in your: what to buy in Dubai during this festival? The answer is almost everything. During this event, you will find great discounts on a variety of goods.

This year in 2023, this festival is going to start from 15 December to to 29 January 2024. Shop for semi-precious stones, camel milk chocolates, and exquisite gold jewelry every day at very reasonable prices. This festival is something that transforms Dubai into a shopper’s paradise by offering discounts on everything from fashion to electronics.

4.2. Global Village: A World of Entertainment

Global Village is a venue that immerses visitors in culture and entertainment while showcasing the variety of global cultures. As you explore this you will find out how it represents different countries, you can discover unique treasures, including traditional Arabic lanterns, pure oils, and local spices.

This year 2023, you can attend this festival from 18 October, for more information you can click here to visit their official site. Being fully immersed in this festival will be one of your best and most memorable experiences.

Take Away

In summary, Dubai’s shopping scene is a captivating blend of tradition and luxury. This city has something for everyone. From the world-famous Dubai Mall and the bustling Dubai Gold Souks to the modern Dubai Marina, you will find endless options to put in your what to buy in the Dubai list.

You can explore the rich heritage at the Perfume Souk and Spice Souk. Also, don’t miss the chance to buy national Iranian carpets or admire the iconic Burj Al Arab. Venture yourself into the bustling markets of Karama Souk and Bur Dubai Souk, or discover unique finds at Dragon Mart.

This year’s Dubai Shopping Festival will also be open to you and will include amazing savings. So, before you catch that flight, note down the headings and subheadings of this article as this will help you plan your trip. Have a great journey.


Q1. Is visiting Dubai expensive?

Absolutely, as Dubai is among the most expensive cities in the world, traveling there is pretty pricey.

Q2. What is the second name of Dubai?

Dubai is also known as Al Wasl as this name is the old Arabic name of the city which means connection if you translate it into English.

Q3. What language is spoken in Dubai?

English is extensively recognized and spoken in Dubai, notably in the business and tourism sectors, despite Arabic being the city’s official language.

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