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Alberta Calgary:  9 Best Places to Visit in Alberta Calgary

Traveling has become the most popular trend in the social world. When you open any social media page, you will find posts of people traveling now and then to the most infamous places; just being outdoors these days is enough to tell the world you are in a good space. If you are in Canada, there are a lot of places to visit, and below, the best places in Alberta Calgary will be discussed.

beautiful Alberta, Calgary
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Even if your intentions are not to show and tell, traveling has been set as a standard for a good life in this digital world, and we can not deny that fact. Traveling and visiting new places has many benefits in this chaotic world. It can be a time to recharge and take a break from all the noise and activities that are done on a daily schedule. One thing for sure is that everyone will need a travel break at some point in life.

1. Where is Calgary located?

Calgary is a city in the western province of Alberta. It is the largest city in Alberta, the third-largest city in Canada, and the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Canada, making it one of the major cities in Canada.

Calgary gets its name from Calgary Castle in Scotland. A Scottish colonel suggested its name after his frequent Calgary visits. Cala ghearraidh means the beach of meadows, representing what Calgary is. It has large meadows in the east, which lead to a beach.

1.1. What is the Geography of Calgary, Alberta?

The geography of Alberta Calgary is the most critical factor, making it one of the most popular, thriving, and attractive places in Canada. Firstly, Calgary is at the foot of the Rock Hill mountains, making it a hilly city that has contributed to many activities, especially winter sports.

Not only is Calgary a rock city, but it also has two rivers: the Bow and Elbow Rivers. The Bow River is the largest and flows from the west to the south; meanwhile, the Elbow River flows northwards and converges with the Bow River.

Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, making it an excellent destination for foreigners from tropical areas who are not yet familiar with the cold Canadian weather.

1.2. What is Calgary’s History?

Understanding a place’s history can help one enjoy its tourist activities. Alberta Calgary has a rich history and many ethnic groups.

Before Europeans settled in Calgary, other ethnic groups were there, dating back 11000 years. The first Europeans settled near River Bow, and later, the place was named Fort Brisebois, which was later named Fort Calgary. It stands up today as a tourist attraction in Calgary.

Calgary was first named a town in 1884. Visiting the fort and other online sites can broaden the understanding, but in summary, Calgary was the first city in the northwest territories.

1.3. What is Calgary known for?

Significant things make Calgary a popular destination in many sectors, such as the economy or the industry tourism industry. Due to its location, Calgary has become a popular site for sports activities. Calgary successfully held the Winter Olympics in 1988. there are many winter sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, and luge.

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1.4. How easily can one visit Alberta, Calgary?

Calgary has one of Canada’s biggest and most popular international airports and is a hub for most Canadian airlines. Direct airlines are also available, making arriving directly in Calgary accessible for international guests. For foreigners, as long as you have all the legal travel documents, you will not have any challenges getting to Calgary.

2. Top nine Places to Visit in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary has over 30 places to visit, and the list is long. Below are the most popular destinations that are a must-see when in Calgary.

2.1. Calgary Tower

You haven’t toured Calgary if you don’t visit the Calgary Tower. No Calgary tour will be considered complete without being up here. The Calgary Tower gives a 360-degree view of the whole city. If you are a local, get to see your city differently. It is a chance for anyone to experience walking on the glass floor above the city. The entrance fee is less than 21 dollars; it varies with the visitor’s age.

The Calgary tower in downtown
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The Calgary Tower is 191 meters above the city’s downtown core. Its original name was Husky Tower. It was built to promote the downtown area and honor Canada’s centennial Heritage Park historical village. Calgary Tower offers a city view, but there is more to experience.

There is fine dining on the tower, so after the tour, you feel like you need to refresh and eat something; you are a minute away from restaurants. Also, there are shops at the base where you can buy souvenirs. A theatre display is also a must-see in the Calgary Tower, and you can move and experience the tower at your own pace, with no need to rush.

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 2.2. Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge has become a spectacular landmark in Calgary. It opened in March 2012, and since then, it has been a significant tourist attraction for Calgarians and foreigners. The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava built it to connect the south of the river bow pathway and the downtown with the northern path and reduce traffic.

Peace Bridge in Calgary AB
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The Peace Bridge receives approximately 9,000 visits daily, and one can tour it by walking or cycling. Its design, color, and materials make it stand out among many other bridges in Canada and even the world.

Peace Bridge has its name as a tribute to the military

2.3. Calwaya Park

If you are a fan of fun, then this is it for you. There is only one pay at the gate, and from there on, everything and activity inside is unlimited. Calwaya Park has successfully attracted many people in and outside Calgary, and it is not just a place for foreigners. Even the locals get to enjoy being there. Families, schools, and other groups have their best times here.

Gilmpse of Calgary's Calwaya park.
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The park has 32 rides, live shows, and many street performers, and the best part is free parking. Calwaya Park also has restaurants to fill your stomach before and after the activities.

2.4. Fish Creek Provisional Park

There are more than ten activities that you can enjoy in Fish Creek. Riders can enjoy biking on the sidewalks created for biking. There are more than 200 species of birds, so birding is possible. World-class fishing, swimming, and boating are also available in Fish Creek.

For daytime visitors, a picnic is also a great thing to do there. The park is home to a lot of wildlife, so you can enjoy wildlife watching while in the Park. There are many other activities that you can do in the park, such as winter activities, hiking, or even rollerblading.

2.5. Fort Calgary

If you are into history, this is an excellent start for learning the history of Calgary and the first settlers. The fort’s location is on the west side of the Elbow River at its junction with the Bow River.

Fort Calgary is a wooden fort in square form, a reconstruction of the old fort, but they are both in the exact location. It was initially established in 1875 by the F’troop. It was the base for the patrol police of the natives during the railway construction. Fort Calgary is where Calgary was born, and Calgary continues to cherish it to the present day.

In Fort Calgary, you will have a chance to see different historical exhibits.

2.6. Prince’s Island Park

Who doesn’t love islands? Most attractions in this world are on islands. Princes Park Island is named after Peter Anthony Prince, a skilled lumberman from Quebec. His lumbering company dug a channel to transport logs, resulting in the island. The channel is now a lagoon.

This park is the heart of Calgary Festiv and is a beautiful park with a million activities throughout the year. Many festivals and events in Calgary are held here, and it is one of the best places to have a picnic. Furthermore, you will enjoy beautiful gardens, water fountains, playgrounds, skating, and skiing.

2.7. Telus Spark

This is the most popular science center in Calgary. Many live shows and demonstrations are held on all working days. The entrance fee varies depending on the number of people and their age. The Telus Spark has indoor and outdoor activities; in the outdoor area, there is a brain, a game that allows the mind to work through problem-solving.

The first floor has the kids’ museum and the digital immersion gallery. The second floor has an open studio and a live space for building and design; there is also a room where one can experience being human.

Generally speaking, Telus Spark is for all people, from very young children to mature adults.

2.8. Studio Bell

Studio Bell is the home and heart of music and is a must-visit place in Calgary. Whether you are into music or not, you will fall in love with it. The studio hall is where most concerts are held.

Apart from concerts, Studio Bell hosts many online or offline exhibits. It also has recording rooms and rental venues for musical activities, weddings, filming, and photo shoots.

Studio Bell has approximately 200 rare instruments, making it a unique place to visit. It also has four Canadian Hall of Fame. Isn’t that interesting and worth a visit?!

2.9. Calgary Zoo

A zoo is the most essential place that anyone can visit anywhere. But the Calgary Zoo is too unique to skip. Apart from watching the wild animals, the zoo has many activities.

Zoos are there to connect people and animals; the Calgary Zoo is on another level because the animals there are spectacular, extensive in size, and diverse. The zoo has giant polar bears and other bears. Canada is generally rich in wildlife from wetlands and rock mountains, and you can get a close-up look at all the animals in the Calgary Zoo.

Apart from the animals, you can also enjoy the zoo lights. There are more than one million lights in the zoo.

The entry fee is less than 35 Canadian dollars and varies with age.

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3. What are other free activities that can be done in Calgary?

There is no lie that Calgary is rich in places to see and things to do. The above just mentioned the best places to see, but there are many more other places that deserve a visit, and the good news is, you can visit the places for free.

3.1. Bow River

The Bow River is an essential aspect of Calgary, and it is the lifeline of Calgarians. There are lovely walkways on the adjacent sides of the river where you can take a walk or cycle on the sideway and enjoy the view of the river and even birds.

3.2. Wonderland sculpture

Sculpture is something that can capture the eye of almost everyone. Calgary has a beautiful sculpture, which is just so magical, especially at night. You can take a close-up look at this spectacular art for free.

wonderland sculpture in Calgary
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3.3. Shopping malls

Visiting the magnificent shopping malls in Calgary should be on the bucket list. There is everything you need in the malls, and many malls are in Calgary. Some popular malls include the CORE shopping center, CF Chinook Center, West Hills, and Stephen Avenue, where you will find shopping malls and historic walking areas.

3.4. Gardens and Parks

Calgary has numerous Parks and Gardens, most accessible to locals and foreigners. When you want fresh air, take a walk, picnic, or see some breathtaking flowers, you have many free options in Calgary, all close by.

Some popular free parks include Nose Hill Park, Bowness Park, Riley Park, North Glenmore Park, and Carburn Park, and some gardens include the Devonian Garden and Reader Rock Garden.

 3.4. Monuments and Statues

Calgary is not only a city of nature, but it is a city of art. There are spectacular statues that hold significance to the people of Calgary. The must-see statues in Calgary include the Conversation sculpture, the Family of Man sculpture downtown, and the famous Five Statues.

3.5. Central Library

For readers and seekers of information, this is the place for you. Calgary has many libraries, but the most outstanding one is the central liberal. You can easily reach it by bike, cycle, car or public transport. There are enough parking spaces for private vehicles too, so that is the least of the challenges. It is at the very center of the city and thus hard to miss.

The library has every piece of information you need. It has all the information you need about Calgary and its essential structures and architecture, making it suitable for readers and people looking for a brief history of Calgary. Moreover, the library has a section for everyone, from children to grown adults.

3.6. Alberta university of art

This is another must-see spot for free in Calgary. The university itself is art. It has world-class, stunning galleries with magnificent pieces of art. Galleries inspire and spark extraordinary thoughts. Some galleries include the Illingworth Kerr Gallery and Marion Nicoll Gallery. You can easily visit the university for different exhibitions and events.

4. Why visit Calgary?

There are many beautiful places to visit in Canada, especially the western part, but Calgary should not be left out because it is an all-in-one Place.

Being an all-in-one place means that all that you need to see is in one place, be it wild animals, mountains, rocks, water bodies, technological displays, amusement, history, culture, or whatever that your heart has been yearning for in terms of tourism is right there with you.

You won’t have to travel to different states to see attractions, and everything is up to your satisfaction in Calgary.

4. What is the best time to visit Calgary?

The best time to visit Calgary is during summer, that is, June to September. Visiting is one thing, and staying at the right time is a different level of fun. It would be best if you put much importance on the timings of your visit.

Calgary is a region that has a record of extreme weather, especially in the winter season. Summer is when many events take place, such as the Calgary stampede, cultural shows, and film festivals, and the weather is pretty good for the locals and foreigners. If you like warm weather, July is the hottest in the city, and temperatures go up to 23 degrees.

For summer visits, the most incredible outdoor activities you will enjoy include. 

4.1. Calgary Stampede

The Stampede is a ten-day celebration with musical performances, parades, the world’s largest rodeos, and more than one million attendees yearly.

4.2. Calgary Folk Music Festival

This is a four-day music festival done by the end of July. The festival features different icons and more than a hundred different performances,

Other performances include the pride parade, the Calgary Fringe Festival, and the Calgary International Blue Festival, all held between July and August.

If you like low-key visits, spring and fall are the best seasons since the crowds in Calgary are also reduced.

In Calgary, the last thing you should worry about is the means of transport. All sorts of transportation systems depend on your needs, the time frame, the budget, and the number of people.

The most popular means of touring are private tour buses and public transport, such as C-Trains; on the journey, you can also view the rocky mountains of Calgary.

Amiable and patient professional drivers operate all means of transport. If you are uncomfortable with public transport or tour buses, you can also use private taxis or limousines for your tour. Whatever means you prefer, you will get the services.

6. Is a day enough to tour the whole of Calgary?

Given its geography, history, and even population, Calgary is a vast place; there are many other places to see besides what has been described above.

Furthermore, other activities can be; therefore, a day is not enough if you are really into Calgary and want to explore and drink its beauty.

A tour of Calgary for at least two days can be fitting enough; sometimes, it can be extended to more than two days for more fun activities and exposure.

7. What is the cost of traveling around Alberta Calgary?

Having a good time does not generally require one to be very wealthy. You can do many things in Calgary; even if you have to pay for them, you will not spend a pot of gold on them.

You will spend most of your money on transportation and food, the rent for the activities you plan to do, the means of transport, and the number of days you will spend in Calgary.

If you are not very sure, you can consider tour packages that tourism companies offer; there are always packages that are affordable for anyone,

8. Is visiting Calgary worth it?

Of course, it is worth it. Every penny spent in Calgary is worth it; there is a guarantee of no regrets when in Calgary. Everything about it is accommodating to people of all kinds.

To sum it all up

Traveling is one of those things that will never go out of style for anyone in any place and often at any time, regardless of the season. Whether it’s extreme weather or mild weather, people always manage to visit different places. The rates might, of course, vary depending on the season, but you will always find travelers at any point in time.

Regarding Canada, you have many other options you can visit after Calgary. Still, one thing for sure is that you are guaranteed the best travel experience once you step foot in Calgary, and you will always have something new and exciting to see each day.

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