A Complete Guide: Do Background Checks Show Employment History

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Yes, the background check shows the employment history of the employee which is verified as individual details of one employee from one prior employer to another employer. As you are open for work that means your previous employment history will be checked through a recruiter. Do background checks show employment history? Read further to know more!

Everything that you have done with your old company each detail is verified and checked by the recruiter. Employment History is more important few sectors of services such as Banking, Information technology, Management, Healthcare, and many more.

After knowing that your employment history is checked in background verification you may be eager to know what included in background verification is and how the employment history is important in the Background verification. So now we will come to know about these things.

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1. What Is Background Verification?

Background checks include all the information that you have done in your previous company. This helps employers to check the credentials, education, identity verification, criminal records, and work experience of the employee. This brings a safeguard for the employer so that he can know whom he is going to hire. Whether he is worthy or not for the company.

1.1. How Is Employment History Important in Background Checks?

Employment history can be crucial in Background checks because every recruiter should have information about the employee.

This employment history verification assures that all documents and information which is provided by the employee are correct. This can lead to a minimized danger of unethical and unfair hiring of candidates who are not fit for the requirements.

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2. What Is Included in the Employment History Check?

Usually, this Employment history check includes the confirmation of a previous job, job titles, date of joining, behaviour toward the work, the reason for leaving or being terminated, and salary history from the date of joining in a few circumstances.

2.1. Employment Verification of Previous Job

This usually means getting in touch with your previous Human Resource Manager to know about you and authenticate your job titles, duty of your job, and date of Employment. This means that verification of all the Data that you have provided to the company is exact and well-attested.

2.2. Job Title and Responsibilities

Under this verification, your employer needs to know about your abilities and work ethic which you were performing for the previous company. This may help the recruiter to know whether you are a reliable personality for the company in the upcoming days. This criterion also states whether the employee is a workaholic or not.

2.3. The Date of Joining

This Date of employment or joining is one of the key features to know about the experience and whether Is there any joining gap between your work History. This helps to evaluate your year of experience in the specific fields or sector of work.

2.4. Reason for Leaving or Termination

An Employment history check may include a look at the reason why you are leaving the company or why you are terminated from the company this may provide the prior reason why the employee is leaving or terminated from the company. After analyzing the reason employer may decide whether the employee is good for his company or not. 

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2.5. Salary History

This is one of the most common employee histories which is verified by the employer from your previous background.

This salary history of an employee includes salary hikes, incentives, bonuses, and other types of remittances that were offered to the employee. Sometimes this salary history of an employee is checked for the negotiation of the pay scale on which you are going to be hired or if your pay scale is fit for the company budget or not.

2.6. Behavior Evaluation

All employers do this for their upcoming employees. Because they want to know the behaviour of employees toward their colleagues and work. Whether the employee is a team man or not. This is also important because this evaluation supports the maintenance of a suitable environment in the office.

3. How to Conduct Your Employment History Check?

If you are going for the hiring in a new company or open for work, then it is very crucial to run an employment history check for yourself so that all the information provided by you on the resume or Job application is exact. Here are a few steps from which you can go through your Employment history verification.

First of all, compile all documents that you have submitted for a job application and mention them in the resume for example identity proof, date of employment, Job details, experience, and salary history. There are many ways to check your employment records. If you are finding difficulties getting your records from the company. You can check your tax returns, incentives, social security funds, or salary slips.

Review all the documents, records, and statements. Match all documents from your resume and the application you have submitted to the company for hiring. After matching and verifying all the documents if you find any error then go for correction of those documents step by step.

There are various websites through which you can do Document verification and employment history in a very precise manner. This employment history check can be done in a few easy steps they are:

  • First, sign up on the websites.
  • Enter your name in the search bar of your website add more information and find your profile on the website.
  • After you find your profile go and verify your details and check your employment history from the section given on your website.

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4. Conclusion

In Conclusion, every employee has an employment history that shows the journey of that employee in the professional world. This employment history helps the recruiter to judge and find whether the employee is capable of the job or not.

As discussed in the article above how can verify your employment history before the background verification? And what is included in Employment history verification? 

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