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Best Italian Restaurants in Little Italy & Downtown Toronto

Are you looking for Italian pasta, pizza, and cuisines in Downtown Toronto that transport you into the food streets of Italy? You can discover many amazing Italian restaurants and food spots in charming Little Italy and downtown Toronto.  

Flavours from the Italian antipasti of Trattoria Taverniti, Italian-style seafood and pasta of Terroni restaurant, and classic wines and pasta of Scotto Voca wine and pasta bar to the bowl of Spaghetti of La Forchetta and Italian-style Pizza of Cafe Diplomatico, every restaurant has a unique taste and flavours on its own that serves every bite.

Join me as we explore the best Italian restaurants in Little Italy and downtown Toronto, where you can find different Italian dishes, exceptional flavours, and signature Italian meals.

1. The Best Italian Restaurants in Little Italy and Downtown Toronto

Toronto is famously known for its gastronomic treats and best dining destinations. Italian restaurants in beautiful little Italy and downtown Toronto neighbourhoods play an important role in Toronto’s culinary scene.

Little Italy and downtown Toronto offer the best eatery Italian restaurants, each one offering traditional Italian cuisines, international flavours, and local and seasonal textures that cater to every type of taste.

Whether you seek Italian dining, trendy offerings, and delectable food options or want to savour Italian cuisines and good food like no other in Toronto, diners will find something in these restaurants that will leave them craving for more. 

Here are some of the best Italian restaurants in Little Italy and downtown Toronto, where rich flavors meet the delectable Italian plates. 

Best Italian Restaurants in Little Italy & Downtown Toronto
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1.1. Trattoria Taverniti

Satisfy your Italian carvings at the Trattoria Taverniti with chef Rosina Taverna’s Italian culinary creativity. The chef, Rosina Taverna, who came from Monasterace Calabria, Italy, is passionate about Italian food and wants to savour the Italian flavours for Torotians and feel them like the food streets of Italy. Later on, her son joined the restaurant and learned how to make good food.

Trattoria Taverniti restaurants invite many visitors and guests to stop at their restaurants and try the good food that is made with care, love, and Italian flavours. The restaurant offers a good food spot for lunch, dinner, and brunch with family and friends. It has a beautiful ambiance, bricks, tablecloths, and wooden design walls that attract visitors and locals alike. Diners can sip chilling wines, beers, and drinks in the evening or night.

Enjoy your dining with an Italian-based menu at the Trattoria Taverniti that offers dynamic textures and flavours using the finest ingredients. Grab a bite of Pizza and pasta for brunch with butternut squash, Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and black olives.

For a healthy bite try caprese salad, Caesar salad, and traditional southern Italian Taverniti salad with fresh slices of vegetables and olives. Taste something new, which is Chicken parmesan with spices, salad, and mozzarella cheese, this dish comes under the oven specialties menu.

To accompany your dining sip sparkling wines, red wines, and white wines sourced from different regions of Italy and end your dinner with ice creams, American or cappuccino coffee, and digestive drinks, making it an amazing dining spot for savouring Italian cuisine in Little Italy and downtown Toronto. 

Best Italian restaurants near little Italy and downtown toronto
Screenshot From: Trattoria Taverniti

1.2. Terroni Restaurant

If you want to savour the Italian flavours and dishes and are wondering where to dine, you must visit the Terroni restaurant, which is located in various locations, including Little Italy, Queen Street West, Yonge Street, and many more in Toronto.

They bring pure and traditional Italian flavours to their dishes using fresh ingredients imported from Italy. They use traditional cooking methods and family-style recipes and continue to serve creative and innovative Italian dishes to guests and locals in Toronto.

Meet the culinary team who are passionate about food and deliver exceptional Italian cuisines and different seasonings every time. All are trained and skillful under the guidance of Italian culinary experts.

Diners will find a fantastic menu with no modifications and persevere added from the serving of pure quality balsamic vinegar in sourdough bread, and no cheese added to seafood pasta because in Italian, delicate textures of seafood to the served pizza uncut give guests the freedom to decide how big or small of their pizza should be and suggest guest sip coffee after the lunch or dinner because it contains an excessive amount of milk which could not consume in breakfast according to Italian cooking.

Apart from the delicious Italian menu, the restaurant features various types of shops that offer high-quality and handpicked Italian products, including wines and spirits, bread, a prepared meal shop where a family meal or balanced meal boxes are available for lunch or brunch, an Italian pasta shop, and frozen items.

Guests can buy the chef series and learn how to cook Italian dishes at home using ingredients from Terroni restaurants.  

Discover the Italian wine collection sourced from the Ontario-based wine agency Cavinona, which produces the best Italian wines. The restaurant invites guests to sip a bottle of wine or buy it through the shop or online.

Host your next event at the Terroni restaurants that offer large rooms, luxurious suites, modern amenities, excellent catering, friendly services, and an incredible Italian menu. 

Their talented event team provides curated facilities according to your needs from family get-togethers, wedding celebrations, and birthday parties to business meetings and events, the restaurants cater to every type of occasion with family-style meals, classy cocktails bars, sophisticated tables, and attentive services. 

Terroni restaurant also offers wholesale products to food services and retailers in all regions of Ontario. The Italian products are made of high-quality ingredients and imported from Italy. Interested visitors can go through the online form to purchase wholesale products.

Best Italian restaurants in Little Italy and Downtown Toronto
Screenshot From: Terroni Restaurant

1.3. Sotto Voce Wine & Pasta Bar

Scotto Voca wine and pasta bar has been considered the best Italian comfort food in the cornerstones of Little Italy over the past twenty years. The Scotto Voca wine and pasta bar offers cozy settings during winter for a first date or just to reconnect with loved ones.   

In summer they have the perfect patio for family get-togethers or getaways with traditional and classic Italian food a variety of wines and a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy the interesting menu at the Scotto Voco Wine and Pasta bar, which enhances your overall dining experience in a cool atmosphere. The restaurant is operated by Alan and Anita who invite guests to savour the delicious Italian cuisine and dishes along with their loved ones or families.

Enjoy the extensive range of Italian menus that offer authentic Italian taste using the freshest ingredients sourced from diverse corners of Italy. The menu includes Antipasti with grilled bread, basil, and garlic, topped with marinated tomatoes, Italian pasta with chillies, spaghetti, garlic, and extra olive oil for a new taste. Go for the wild mushroom risotto pasta with extra cheese, truffle oil, and oyster mushrooms. 

Check out the Restaurant’s world-class wine collections and cocktails carefully curated by Alan and imported from Italy. A wide range of wines are available at the Scotto Voco wine bar that suit everyone’s taste. Take a tour of wine selections with Alan and Anita, who continue to seek out you to sip the old and new wines all under one roof.    

Best Italian restaurants in Little Italy and Downtown Toronto

Screenshot From: Sotto Voce Wine & Pasta Bar

1.4. La Forchetta

La Forchetta restaurant is run by an Italian family who wanted to build Italian cuisines and food for Torontonian guests and locals with their fantastic hospitality and services and allow them to feel just at home.

La Forchetta greets guests in a beautiful atmosphere and rustic decor with its delicious Italian menu and lovely services and hopes guests will experience the dynamic food and offerings at the La Forchetta restaurant that they would not find anywhere in Toronto.

Benvenuti is their signature dish that takes time to cook, Offering a delightful meal. Go and join them as a stranger with their delicious dinner, have a memorable experience, and leave as a family member.

Pick your favourite from the all-in-one menu made by creative chefs that offer trendy Italian Antipasti, mouthwatering French combos, healthy salads, traditional plates of pasta, classic Italian offerings, and tasty pairings.

Go for the Burrata and beans antipasto with mozzarella cheese and cream; the new mac and cheese pasta is so delicious alongside Mediterranean Salad. Traditional kinds of pasta are their specialty with Spaghetti Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti with a choice of meatball or Sausage you can add chicken or shrimp for phenomenal dining and pair it with House salad, gluten-free roll, and spaghetti. 

Vegetarian diners can find a variety of food options like gluten-free rolls, salads, plant-based meals, and fresh juices, La Forchetta restaurants ensure everyone can enjoy and experience delicious dining in Little Italy and downtown Toronto.

The La Forchetta restaurant also provides catering services for any occasion or event with Italian-style pasta, chicken or meat entrees, fresh veggies-based salad, and sweet desserts. 

The restaurant offers wonderful outdoor and roof patio settings, spacious rooms, stylish decorations, sleek design dining tables with impeccable services, modern amenities, and attentive staff that make your event or celebrations outstanding.

Best Italian restaurants in Little Italy and Downtown Toronto

Screenshot From: La Forchetta

1.5. Cafe Diplomatico

Step into the best Italian cafe in the food streets of Little Italy that has changed Toronto’s eatery scene with its delectable Italian cuisine, cheesy pizza, comfort food, gelato, and Coffees. Cafe Diplomatico is owned by Rocco Mastrangelo and his brother Paul, who opened small outdoor dining with a cool atmosphere in the vibrant city of Toronto. Later on, they renowned their restaurant with adjacent food spots and full space transforming it into a stunning cafe that locals and visitors have loved in Little Italy and downtown Toronto.

The Cafe has gained popularity due to its reasonably priced menu, warm atmosphere, welcoming ambiance, friendly catering, and summer outdoor patio with yummy pizza and cold coffees, these are reasons the cafe has become the best Italian establishment in Little Italy.

Cafe Diplomatico has a classic gathering spot in Little Italy and nearby areas of Toronto for any type of celebrations, parties, functions, or business meetings and events with a private dining area, elegant event room, cozy space for outdoor seating, and modern amenities like digital screens, projector, wifi facilities, valet parking, fireplace and much more, making it a pretty spot to host any occasions.

The Cafe provides a pretty place, with great offerings for brunch, lunch, or dinner gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options, hangout spots, patios, and delivery facilities, making it an amazing dining destination for tourists and locals.

The restaurant gives the freedom to create their pasta with their own favourite ingredients, and this option is also available in gluten-free pasta. Guests can taste the fresh portions of pasta with their choice of sauces and extra ingredients like cheddar cheese, cream, and spices.

Looking for a healthy menu at the Cafe Diplomatico? Visit Cafe Diplomatico, a worthy spot for healthy dieters with different salad offerings like tuna and bean salad, warm spanish salad, and Greek salad, offering the perfect menu for all diet and eatery-conscious guests.

Gourmet and juicy burgers can be made with fries, onion rings, and additional toppings like mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, parties, chicken, and veggies can allow the guests to tantalize their taste buds with these yummy burgers. Try out the Italian hub sandwich, which is so delicious with fresh basil, arugula, tomatoes, Italian herbs, and light olive oil that you would not ever taste.

Pizza lovers can get a chance to create their pizza with their favourite toppings, traditional crust, and the cafe’s special tomato sauce and cheese. Cafe Diplomatico offers various types of toppings including gourmet toppings, special toppings, and regular toppings, amazing spots to satisfy your pizza carvings.   

Accomplish your dinner with special teas, coffees, beverages, and desserts that will complete your fine dining wonderfully.

Best Italian Restaurants near little Italy and Downtown Toronto

Screenshot From: Cafe Diplomatico

2. Take away:

From the Italian dishes of Terroni restaurant, Italian sandwiches of Cafe Diplomatico, and signature offerings of La Forchetta restaurant to the chilling cocktails of Scotto Voca wine and pasta bar and innovative Italian food options of Trattoria Taverniti, each establishment offers exceptional eatery that caters to every kind of taste.

Whether you seek Italian pasta, pizza, and dishes or want to savour Italian flavours and textures, these restaurants provide different tastes, Italian seasonings, friendly services, and a warm atmosphere in the gastronomic landscapes of Little Italy and downtown Toronto.

So visit these restaurants and savour every bite of Italian food in the different corners of Little Italy and downtown Toronto and create lifelong Memories

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