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Best Restaurants on Queen Street Toronto To Try Out

Are you searching for the best restaurants on Queen Street, Toronto? Continue Reading the article because today, we will discover the best restaurants to dine at on Queen Street, where the gastronomic treats of Queen Street West await you like no other in Toronto. 

From Planta Queen’s vegan and vegetarian options and Midori Ramen’s Japanese cuisine to North Brooklyn’s New York-style Pizza and Fresh Restaurant’s juicy burgers, each restaurant serves diverse seasonings and trendy eateries in every bite.

1. Exploring the Best Restaurants On Queen Street in Toronto 

Queen Street is located in downtown Toronto between the Bathrust and Simocoe streets of Ontario. It is surrounded by various food spots, art galleries, music venues, vibrant shopping destinations, and pretty boutiques. However, one of the best reasons to visit Queen Street Toronto is its culinary delights, which you won’t find anywhere else in Canada.

Whether you want romantic dining with your loved ones and family getaways or carving for Italian, Mexican, and international flavors, Queen West offers delicious treats from scratch and caters to different tastes and appetites.

Let us explore Queen Street’s best restaurants in Toronto and tantalize your taste buds with an extraordinary one. 

restaurants on queen street Toronto
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1.1. Planta Queen:

The Planta Queen is owned and operated by Steven Salmand and David Lee. Both are extremely talented cooks, and they are expanding their plant-based dining in Toronto. The Planta Queen is located on Queen Street West.

The Planta Queen restaurant prepares Asian-based dishes like sushi, vegan noodles, and dumplings, all made with plant-based ingredients. As you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed to a natural and lush atmosphere, where visitors will find an elegant ambiance and outdoor seating to embrace natural beauty. 

The Planta Queen provides an exclusive menu crafted by skilled chefs and plant-based seasonings, from vegan options and gluten-free eateries to fresh salads, fruits, and dishes. You can choose the lunch, dinner, and brunch menu, including beverages, desserts, and cocktails. Try out their signature dishes, which are so delicious, like Eggplant nigiri, Ahi watermelon Nigri, bao slider, and summer rolls, and complement your dinner with match cheesecake and chilling cocktails and wines. 

The restaurants feature an amazing garden, offer fresh fruits and vegetables, and serve food on reusable plates, one-time-use cups, and bottles to reduce environmental impacts. Overall, if you want fresh and natural food in Toronto, you must visit Planta Queen, where every flavor and dish is infused with plant-based herbs.

restaurants on queen street Toronto
Screenshot From: Planta Queen

1.2. Salad King:

Satisfy the Thai cravings that move you into the culinary scene of Thailand at Salad King, one of the best Thai restaurants on Queen Street West Toronto, which offers tasty Thai cuisine and seasonings. Salad King creates excellent food with fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, and seafood. 

The restaurant’s extensive menu and a diverse array of family-style dishes make your dining memorable. The menu includes Queen Street-style curry, meat dishes, stir-fried noodles, Thai lettuce wraps, and seafood. Satisfy your appetite with the restaurant’s sweet desserts and a wine list that pairs perfectly with your meal.

Street food in Thailand is discovered on the restaurant’s menu, and diners can enjoy the comfort food of northern Thailand. Salad King sourced the ingredients from local markets, and the ingredients they use are egg, milk, seafood, soybeans, wheat, and tree nuts.

They also provide vegan and gluten-free options. If someone has any food allegory, they can tell the staff prior. The chefs and staff are friendly and attentive to cooperating with you while choosing the menu.

The elegant Thai room, intimate dining, and cozy atmosphere accomplish authentic Thai dining crafted with the finest ingredients. Save your room for Ontario’s craft beers, which offer a perfect blend of sweet taste, spice flavor, and iced zest.

Salad King is located on the second floor of Yonge Street and the second unit of Queen Street West. It’s warm colors and romantic vibe make it a perfect spot for a romantic date night or dinner.  While eating at Salad King, visitors can stroll through the boom music, art galleries, and casual cafes because the restaurant is situated right on Queen Street West.  

Best restaurants on queen street Toronto
Screenshot from: Salad King

1.3. Little India: 

Are you seeking Indian cuisine and seasonings in Toronto? Visit Little India, where the great Indian food and flavors await you. This is the only reason Little India restaurant is the top restaurant in Queen West. Satisfy your Indian cravings with their mouthwatering flavors, traditional textures, international cuisine, and great food that moves you to Indian culture.

Explore the menus crafted in Indian style using fresh and locally sourced ingredients and grab the delicious Indian cooking you won’t find anywhere in Toronto. Diners scroll through an inviting and friendly atmosphere to the guests and treat them like family members.

Little India’s Exclusive menu offers a wide variety of food options, from butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, and cocktail kabab to onion bhajia, pulao rice, and garlic naan. The restaurant ensures that everything is on every bite.

The restaurant provides Catering facilities for any special occasion or celebration. They offer a lavish Indian menu for birthdays, parties, business meetings, and family get-togethers. The elegant ambiance, prison lights, and even the tables are made of reclaimed wood, offering perfectly fine-dining seating.

Little India restaurant is situated in Queen Street West and the Entertainment District. In addition to Food, visitors can explore music concerts, gaming spots, relaxing spas, and more.  

Best restaurants on queen street Toronto
Screenshot From: Little India


1.4. Midori Ramen:

Get ready to experience Japanese cuisine and flavors at Midori Ramen, where every dish is made with innovative Japanese cooking styles and the finest ingredients. Midori Ramen restaurant puts all the Japanese seasonings and love on every plate and caters to healthy and amazing recipes for guests and locals that will surely transform your tastes in Japan.

Midori Ramen uses a carefully curated array of ingredients to serve its guests the highest-quality meals. These ingredients are locally sourced from the city’s farm.

Midori Ramen is led by talented chefs Masaru Ogasawara and Natsuhiko Sugimoto. They constantly showcase their Japanese cooking creativity to Japanese foodie enthusiasts and offer them creamy and delicious ramen in the bustling food streets of Toronto.  

Midori Ramen provides two delightful signature dishes that will leave you craving more and more; the signature dishes are Chicken Broth and Vegetarian Broth. Try Chicken Broth, a delicious and flavorful dish that you can have for lunch or dinner. It is made with umami and dressed in creamy and milky thickness, satisfying your appetite and hungriness.

On the other hand, Enjoy the rich flavors of ramen with vegetarian Broth crafted by a skilled chef. They put the finest ingredients, cauliflower, fresh vegetables, and creamy soup, in a bowl to serve a hearty and nutritious dish that captures your senses into an extraordinary one. 

Midori Ramen introduces the goodness and textures of Ramen to Toronto City. It allows guests to select from pork-based ramen or chicken-based ramen that perfectly complements the toppings that the talented chefs select. From signature Tori Paithen and red spice with toppings like extra noodles, fried garlic, and scallions to the tori Pathan Shoyu with fried onion.  Sip chilling beverages and cocktails and enjoy the overall dining experience at Midori Ramen.

Best Restaurants on Queen Street Toronto
Screenshot From: Midori Ramen

1.5. North of Brooklyn Pizza

If you are looking for the best pizza in Toronto, then North of Brooklyn Pizza would be the perfect choice. Here, New York-style pizza is served using fresh and finest ingredients. North of Brooklyn Pizza provides beautiful seating for families and friends to taste a variety of pizzas, along with drinks and small pockets of tacos.

The North of Brooklyn Pizza is the top among the pizzerias in Queen Street West. The chef showcases innovative cooking and caters to unique pizzas for the guests.

North of Brooklyn Pizza offers an array of menu items, from medium pies, small pies, and garlic knots to salads and drinks. Go for the Margherita Pizza made with Sauce, Mozzarella, Basil, Grana Padano, and Olive Oil. If you want a healthy option, you can try the Arugula salad with Arugula, Pecorino, Pickled Red Onions, Walnuts, and Sherry Vinaigrette Dressing. 

North of Brooklyn Pizza is located in many locations, including Queen West, Greenwood Avenue, Rogers Road, and Church Street. It stands out among the Pizza mania in Toronto with its unique creativity in Pizza making. 

Best Restaurants on Queen Street Toronto
Screenshot from: North of Brooklyn Pizza

1.6. Terroni Restaurant:

Welcome to the Italian food corners, which are locally collected from Italy. Visitors can savor every bite of Italian cuisine and enjoy Italian dining at Terroni restaurant. Two Italian chefs who opened this restaurant want to share their traditional Italian dishes and seasonings with Canadian people.

Terroni makes delicious and authentic Italian food using the finest seasonings imported from Italy. Its food transports guests into the Italian culinary scene. The foremost thing about Terroni is its menu offers no alteration or subscription. They use balsamic vinegar and olive oil and want to provide authentic flavors and pure quality to every guest.

They do not add cheese to seafood pasta because of its complex taste and flavor. They serve uncut pizza with the freshest ingredients. In Italy, pizza is traditionally served Uncut, so they stick to the culture and keep it as it was invented, allowing guests to cut with a knife or fork and to decide how big or small a pizza slice they want. They serve butter with bread and use olive oil on their menu.

Calamari is delicious fried; in Italy, it is usually not served with dipping sauce or ketchup as it has already been made with fresh ingredients and topped with lemon that pairs perfectly with fried.  

Last but not least, sometimes we cannot decide when to have a cappuccino, whether for breakfast or after lunch and dinner. Terrino restaurant provides cappuccino for breakfast because it contains a large amount of milk that can be consumed in the morning; if you take it after lunch, it may be too heavy. 

Terroni restaurant ensures everyone enjoys Italian dining with no preservatives and modifications. Make sure to check out the Terroni wine list. Every bottle of wine is crafted by the 90 grape producers and not repeated every time it is served in a unique box. All the wines are exclusive and thoughtfully curated from the region of Italy.

Best Restaurants on Queen Street Toronto
Screenshot from: Terroni Restaurant

1.7. Smoque N Bones

Be prepared to experience Southern hospitality and delicious Southern-style BBQ dishes at Smoque N Bones. Visitors will get a unique blend of cooking styles from the Carolines, Memphis, Texas, and the metropolitan streets of Toronto.

Unleash your eatery and savor the southern-style BBQ menu, classic cuisine, comfort food, and BBQ salad platter. They have their authentic flavors and seasonings on their southern-style menu. From the Pork side rib BBQ Beef chuck rib BBQ to the smoked pulled chicken sandwiches and chocolate brownie dessert. 

The restaurant’s open kitchen invites guests to explore the BBQ chef’s creativity from scratch with fresh and fine ingredients. Their southern smoker pride was tailor-made for romantic or intimate dining, allowing guests to reconnect with their loved ones and serve delicious meat with different textures and flavors.

If you want to try a bunch of BBQ, go for many BBQ combos like a family feast, family BBQ, and chicken wings. This makes it the perfect spot for family get-togethers, birthday parties, or any celebrations. Enjoy turkey sandwiches with mac cheese, cornbread, and creamy Clawslaw sides at this famous Queen West Street BBQ nation in Toronto.

The Smoke n Bones menu is sourced from American-style cooking and the charming city of Toronto. If you want to try healthy salads, they have traditional Caesar salads, Cobb salads, and beet salads.

Accomplish your dinner with traditional bread pudding, bourbon-spiked pecan pie, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make your dining exceptional. The restaurant’s rustic ambiance, elegant art galleries, prison lights, and tables are made of reclaimed wood, offering a beautiful outdoor setting with delicious BBQ and frozen drinks. 

Best Restaurants on Queen Street Toronto
Screenshot from: Smoque N Bones

1.8. Fresh Kitchen

Savor the plant-based food options that make you healthy and wealthy and lead a better lifestyle. Fresh Kitchen and Juice Bar is situated on Queen Street West in the Greater Toronto area, inviting visitors and locals to taste the plant-based food and fresh juices.

Fresh Kitchen and Juice Bar restaurant is operated by Jennifer Houston, a talented chef who proves that a plant-based diet is craving, satisfying, and energizing through its menu. The food used in its dishes is 100% vegan and prepared using homemade recipes using natural, fresh, and whole ingredients.

From buffalo cauliflower, sweet potato fries, and protein bowl to the squash tacos entree, ultimate cheeseburgers with hot sauce and peanut dressings, and for a side, you can add green salads and marinated tofu.

The Juice Bar provides freshly made fruit and vegetable juice made of fresh fruits and vegetables using natural ingredients and boosts as a nutritional juice for a better lifestyle and well-being. Whether you sip face glow juice, energy juice, power shake or a perfect green juice, each one leads to a healthy life with healthy food options.

Beyond the healthy food, sip on their cocktails, wines, hot drinks, beers, and homemade soda to complement overall dining.

To eliminate environmental impacts and food waste The restaurant focuses on supporting sustainability, diversity, women entrepreneurs, and inclusivity, they aim to provide plant-based food, through different types of flavors, textures, cuisines, and healthy food and juices. The company is led by females they aim to support female entrepreneurs, and their sweet desserts are sourced from female-led companies.

The restaurant provides exclusive food options. Whether you are seeking vegan and vegetarian food options and healthy items or fresh juices and plant-based food, the restaurant caters to every bite and plate.

Best Restaurants on Queen Street Toronto
Screenshot from: Fresh Kitchen

2. Final Words

These are some of the best restaurants on Queen Street West to dine at; whenever you find one on Queen Street, check out these culinary scenes and savor every bite. These top restaurants offer edible treats, international fusions, creative delights, and diverse cuisines, all paired with sweet desserts, chilling cocktails, frozen beers, and hot drinks.

Whether you want to taste Italian, Japanese, and Indian cuisines or new-style pizza, an American-inspired menu, or plant-based food, each restaurant caters to upscale dining that is filled with delights and creative cooking. 

Indulge yourself in these fine-dining restaurants with your family and loved ones and enjoy the fantastic food options and gastronomic treats on Queen Street West in Toronto, from the southern services of Smoke and Bones and the plant-based diet of Fresh Kitchen to the Italian fusions of Terroni restaurant.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1. What Types of Cuisine are Found on Queen Street West in Toronto?

On Queen Street West, you can find every type of cuisine, including Italian, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, and many more.

3.2. Do These Restaurants on Queen West Provide Vegan or Vegetarian Options? 

Yes, Most of the restaurants on Queen Street West offer vegan and vegetarian food options like Fresh Kitchen, and Plant Queen provides plant-based food.

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