A laptop and a few dollar notes scattered on it. The concept of how to make money online in Canada. A laptop and a few dollar notes scattered on it. The concept of how to make money online in Canada.

How to Make Money Online in Canada?

Now if you’ve been brainstorming for ideas on how to earn extra money and are a resident of Canada, then look no further than this list of online side hustles.

Let’s be honest, a great number of people in the modern world want to break free from the cycle of working from 9 am to 5 pm every single day. In this day and age, what most people want is to earn cash through passive income from the comfort of their homes.

The country of Canada provides a heck of a lot more jobs to people looking to work from the comfort of their respective homes.

If you’re just a student and are looking to make money quickly or you’re a homemaker who’s got plenty of time on your hands, then this list of ways of making some extra money online is hand-made just for you.

1. How Can Making Money Online in Canada Help You Out?

A few dollar notes lying on the table and a phone kept on them with a calculator app opened in it. Concept of how to make money online in Canada.
Image by JESHOOTS-com from Pixabay/ Copyright 2017

Earning extra money through online mediums can always help out a soul in some way or the other.

  • In Canada, working online can provide opportunities for additional income or side gigs, which can help pay off debts, save for the future, or improve financial stability.
  • Online work can open doors to various job opportunities that may not be available in a person’s local area.
  • Working online can offer more control over one’s schedule, allowing individuals to allocate time for personal commitments, hobbies, and family, resulting in a better work-life balance.
  • Online work frequently involves acquiring new skills or enhancing existing ones. Through online training, courses, and collaborations, individuals can continually learn and grow professionally.
  • Online work often provides individuals with greater independence and the ability to work on their terms.

2. How to Make Money Online in Canada?

A woman doing Freelancing work on her laptop.
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay/ Copyright 2015

In the modern world where smartphones and computers are all the buzz, it’s safe to say work-from-home jobs make up a great percentage of the online economy in Canada.

When working for companies exclusively through online means, one must always have a computer and internet connection as a basic and/or mandatory requirement. But in the case of some other jobs that can earn you some extra money online, people can always just use their smartphones.

With that said, let’s begin this list to make money from home through online means:

2.1. Freelancing

Now you can provide and/or try offering freelance services online in several ways. In most cases, online freelancing is done through the means of typing and writing.

Writing blogs, articles, or just simple data entry tasks are some of the most common types of jobs that you can offer as a freelance service. The flexible shifts and the comfort of working from one’s own home make online work one of the most attractive ones.

  • In most cases of these types of freelancing work, the employer can always ask for more work and earn extra cash if they want to work for it. Like in data entry jobs, you can ask for more data to input.
  • Besides work that requires typing skills, one can always find various freelancing work that provides attractive salaries in exchange for skills in web design, logo design, graphic design, and so on.
  • Moreover, one can also try offering freelancing services of their own accord on some freelancing websites instead of searching for a Canadian company or a Canadian website that specializes in their choice of skills.

2.2. Drop-shipping

One of the most well-known, if not the most well-known ways to make money from home in Canada is undoubtedly drop-shipping. People can always see social media like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc. consisting of online gurus preaching the art of drop-shipping.

While it takes some getting used to the complex buying and selling of goods, it’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to make a quick buck. Many online gurus are known to make a few hundred dollars through drop-shipping in a very short time.

  • In the case of drop-shipping, the most attractive feature is probably that you don’t need to stock anything at a physical location to sell those goods online.
  • If you can get an invoice for an order, you can simply just ask your supplier to deliver the goods to the customer that ordered the product.
  • Since you’re most likely finding ways to make money as a profit off of another seller and trying to sell those goods to your customers, the profit most likely won’t be anything humongous for you as a Canadian.
  • But it can come close to being a full-time activity with major earning potential if you are patient and repetitive enough.

2.3. Online Businesses

Although less convenient than drop-shipping, starting up your own business online is a great way to earn extra cash online. But unlike drop shipping, a person is required to have a storehouse in which one may store all his products.

The general tactic of doing business online is to buy goods and products in bulk from an online store so that you may get a discount or to buy a new product as soon as it launches, so that you may purchase specific goods at retail price.

After that, you guessed it, sell those products on the Internet. Selling goods online at online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Instagram store, eBay, Etsy Shop, and Craigslist is always a good strategy for freshers.

But since starting up a business online requires a place to store your goods, a hearty investment, fewer people are determined to start up their very own business online and instead just try conventional methods like drop-shipping.

2.4. Online Surveys Sites

Now, sites that allow you to take online surveys are on the more non-traditional jobs that come to a person’s mind when thinking of working online from a remote location.

On such sites, you are to provide answers to several queries according to your own experience and knowledge. So, you can already see completing online surveys is a simpler way than other ones if you’re thinking about how to make money online in Canada.

Survey sites usually provide salaries through gift cards and allow you to earn cash rewards and/or reward vouchers on shopping websites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.

Since the rewards i.e. pay range for surveying are not usually more than a few dollars per answer, most people looking to work online avoid surveying for websites as they are looking to earn money which is a lot more than that.

2.5. Trading

A laptop with data showing on the screen. It is showing a Trading concept.
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay/ Copyright 2017

Whether it’s grown parents of children looking for ways to make money as a 9-5 job or it’s the youngbloods of the generation looking to make money fast, everyone thinks it’s never too late to get into trading, at least not in Canada. And as a matter of fact, online trading platforms are currently some of the largest companies in the entire globe.

The amount of money you generate depends on three major aspects of trading:

  • The goods or property you want to trade.
  • The investment you are willing to make.
  • The percentage of profit you’re making per trade.

So, you can probably already understand that with great risk in trading comes great rewards, that is, if you don’t face the bitterness of loss. Thus, if you want to invest in any sort of trading, you better start to save money starting right now.

2.5.1. Types of Trading

Some popular and well-known types of online trading are

Furthermore, every bit of your capital into one asset and/or into just one type of trading is never a good idea. So, always try to widen the network of items you want to invest in.

What you should be doing is gaining knowledge about all kinds of trading and investing in small amounts of various assets. Remember, start small to make big.

2.6. Social Media Influencing

To say few people have zero knowledge about social media is a gross understatement. Everyone knows about social media, from a kindergarten student to an 80-year-old grandma on her deathbed.

Now, this opens several opportunities for those who want to make money online.

  • If you got the looks and the charm, you can always get a huge following on social media and show off your talents exclusive to yourself.
  • Finally, with the hard part of gaining followers and likes out of the way, we can get into the meat of the subject.
  • Most social media influencers get brand deals and sponsors to pay them for promoting their brands and/or their products. And if those brand deals are from a mega-corporation, it‘s safe to say you can hustle quite a lot.

Besides, a social media influencer can always just open up a brand under their name and start promoting it on their socials. Given the number of followers and subscribers they have, they can surely pull a huge number of customers for their products in no time.

2.7. Content Creation

A couple watching a video on their laptop. The concept of Content Creation.
Image by Frank_Reppold from Pixabay/ Copyright 2021

Although very similar to social media influencers, content creation generally requires talent and a consistent amount of posting content. Besides, your content should also be getting a good amount of likes and views for it to generate a stable income.

Content Creators are mostly based on video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, etc. A content creator can upload all sorts of content, like:

  • Gaming Content,
  • Fitness Content,
  • Beauty Content,
  • Travel Content,
  • Memes,
  • Reactions,
  • Music.

The type of content uploaded by a creator should always be the content they have the skills to back up for. As a result, the content will be able to draw a greater audience and more importantly get their attention for a longer amount of time.

Content Creators get a percentage of their income based on how many of their viewers are watching videos and/or impressions their content is getting. But, the major percentage of their income also comes from brand deals and sponsorships just like a social media influencer.

2.8. Search Engine Evaluation

Ever think about how Google can provide you with the exact thing you’re searching for? Well, a great credit that is due in this case goes to search engine evaluators.

Search Engine evaluation indicates the task of seeing if a search engine is providing relevant results to a user’s searches and/or queries.

If the evaluator gets irrelevant results to his searches, he/she reports those searches to the search engine company so they may resolve the issue from their side and complete a search engine optimization.

Since the workload of a search engine evaluator is not much, they also get paid in lower amounts than most other online jobs. And therefore, most people looking for online jobs are not very interested in being a search engine evaluator for a search engine company.

2.9. Selling Courses

If you are genuinely skilled and proficient inactivity and think you can help others be as skilled as you, then selling courses and/or online tutoring might just be the perfect job for you.

Selling courses online on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc., or just websites like Udemy, Masterclass, and so on are great places to get started to sell your very own courses. Of course, you should advertise your course on social media as much as possible and should also ask your friends and families to publicize it.

Courses sold are generally sold to customers in the form of a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription package. These courses vary from one another and the topic of the course depends on the skills and specialties of the one that is selling the course.

Some of the most common topics and subjects of an online course are Education, Sports, Entertainment, Commerce, Language, and so on.

2.10. Virtual Assistance

A woman wearing headphones and virtually talking with someone on her laptop. The concept of virtual assistance.
Image by snehaltechnotery from Pixabay/ Copyright 2021

Let’s say you’re a 50-year-old dad who can’t for the life of you figure out why you’re camera isn’t working. Chances are, you call the customer support company you bought your smartphone from.

The people that will pick up your calls to support you in this regard are called virtual assistants.

  • Virtual assistant jobs will help you get through your problems by offering one or several solutions to your queries.
  • In Canada, most virtual assistance jobs are generally done from an office infrastructure.
  • But you can also find employers that are willing to provide a salary for your virtual assistance services while you’re working from a remote location.
  • Most companies that are offering virtual assistance jobs are usually companies related to mobile phones, telecommunication, shopping websites, and so forth.

It is to be noted that fluency and proficiency is one of the key skills used to get a better post and/or income while providing doing the job of a virtual assistant.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1. How can I avoid scams and identify legitimate online jobs in Canada?

Well, the easy way to identify scams while venturing for these jobs is to keep in mind that: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” So keep your expectations close to reality and do at least a few hours of your research for these jobs instead of blindly signing a T&C agreement.

3.2. Is working online a part-time job or is it just for full-time workers?

It depends on the jobs you find and the jobs that offer a position to you. Whether you want to make money online in Canada using an internet connection by just doing part-time jobs or applying for a full-time position depends entirely on you.

3.3. How can I build a strong online portfolio that showcases my prior experience and also represents my skills?

The literal meaning of the word “experience” is having practical contact with something for a long time. Therefore, all you need to do to showcase your experience and skills is nothing more than just be patient and work hard.

How do I receive payments for the online work I provide to my employers?

Since you’re providing online services to your employer, the payment you receive will also be of the same means i.e. online. So, our advice to you would be to own verified payment accounts under your name. some of those methods are PayPal, Venmo, Wise, AirTM, etc. Or simply have a bank account.

3.4. Can I join online courses to hone my skills further?

You can most definitely do that. Countless sites sell online courses for doing remote work online. So if you want to complete those courses, you should certainly go for them since they can gather you more attractive opportunities.

4. Conclusion

And with that, we will be concluding this list of tasks and jobs that you can do from the comfort and warmth of your very own home as a resident of Canada.

To our knowledge, most people would want these types of work due to the convenience that comes with it and because they can be their boss and make their schedule which only consists of a few hours.

How to Make Money Online in the Canada for FREE (5 REALISTIC Methods)

In conclusion, the internet has transformed the way people can find ways of earning money by providing numerous opportunities for online income generation. So, understanding how to make money online in Canada is convenient even for freshers who are also simpletons.

From e-commerce to freelancing, there is something available for everyone in this article to explore. The key to success in making money online lies in careful research, strategic marketing, and building a strong online presence.

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