12 Best Seafood Restaurants in Toronto You Must Visit 12 Best Seafood Restaurants in Toronto You Must Visit

12 Best Seafood Restaurants in Toronto You Must Visit

As a bustling urban city with an avenue to fresh seafood, Toronto is the place for some of the best seafood restaurants on Canadian coasts. From fresh oysters to lobster rolls, Toronto has the best seafood restaurants for every seafood lover.

In this article, we intend to focus on the 12 best seafood restaurants in Toronto you must visit. Whether you are a local living there or a visitor wanting an in-house experience in Toronto, this list provides everything you need.

Best Seafood Restaurants in Toronto

1. John and Sons Oyster House

Location: 56 Temperance Street, Toronto

With a casual and graceful dining style, this seafood restaurant in Toronto is best known for its delicious and sustainable seafood. John and Sons Oyster House flaunts its unique and luscious delicacies. This seafood restaurant accords a trendy Toronto aura and consists of a world-famous selection of oysters.

The main course consists of tuna, shrimp risotto, steak frites, seafood tower, scallops, poke bowl, mussels, grilled whole fish and Thai moules. This seafood restaurant in Toronto also specializes in sandwiches, tacos and other appetizers. The paramount dishes you must have here are clam chowder, French kiss oysters and lobster rolls with a glass of beer.

2. Oyster Boy

Courtesy- Oyster Boy

Location: Queen West district of Downtown Toronto

With the motto of ‘The oyster is our world,’ Oyster Boy is one of the best seafood restaurants in Toronto. With a legacy of over twenty years, the restaurant serves and sells the best seafood, fresh from the ocean and full of flavour. This restaurant even launched a 2-hour program for entertainment purposes, so hurry and book your slots.

Coming onto the bill of fare, the eatery of Oyster Boy offers starters, mains, sides, desserts, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The main course consists of fried black snapper taco, fish n’ chips, red mullet ceviche, grilled squid, P.E.I. lobster mac and cheese, flank steak, seared jumbo scallop, lobster poutine and oven-roasted Ontario pickerel.

3. Pink Sky

Courtesy- Pink Sky

Location: 480 King St West, Toronto

This restaurant is the best choice for night outs and other frolic activities. From hearty delicacies to exotic drinks, Pink Sky provides you with the best taste of seafood and drinks. This place specializes in seafood, beverages, desserts, beer, wine, cocktails and other exotic drinks.

The supper contains wedge salad, oysters, shrimp scampi, calamari, stuffed mushrooms, beef tartare, seafood tower, arctic char, fish galore, scallop ceviche, caviar, tuna, charcoal grilled salmon, truffle lobsters, seafood risotto and grilled ribeye.

4. Joso’s

Courtesy- Joso’s

Location: 202 Davenport Road

This restaurant was established in the 1960s by the couple Joso Spralja and Angiolina and is one of the best seafood restaurants in Toronto. Starting with a small coffee shop, the current owners of Joso’s have maintained 45 years of legacy and have been running a lucrative business since then. This location is regarded as a hallmark of the Toronto culinary sector.

The mains include grilled calamari, lamb chops, beef filet, octopus, sardines, clams, mussels, shrimp bizarre, octopus schiavona and grilled gamberoni. Apart from this, Joso’s also serves sides, desserts, risotto and different varieties of spaghettini.

5. Pure Spirits

Courtesy- Pure Spirits

Location: 17 Tank House Lane, Toronto

Established in 2003, Pure Spirits operates all seven days. The place is particularised in its sides, cocktails, seasonal mains, wines, and worthwhile seafood. The bill of fare consists of a raw bar, fresh fish, mains from the land and the sea, sides, cocktails, local craft beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, salads, a special children’s menu and desserts.

Pure Spirits specialises in seafood and Canadian cuisine. The best dish you can eat here is fish and chips; it is indeed the highlight of this place.

6. Honest Weight

Courtesy- Honest Weight

Location: A-2766 Dundas St W

Honest Weight is one of the best seafood restaurants in Toronto. The place specializes in both kinds of seafood, shell or fin, which is freshest from the ocean. Operating six days a week, Honest Weight provides a friendly service and an amiable atmosphere perfect for having a meal with family.

If you are feeling extra fancy, then this is the go-to place. The main course consists of honest chowder, fish sandwiches, smoked fish salad, honest burger, ginger scallion clams, the admired okonomiyaki (a Japanese savoury pancake), crab rolls and regular shucked oysters.

7. Pearl Diver

Courtesy- Pearl Diver

Location: 100 Adelaide St. E

Providing a special board daily is a strong suit of Pearl Diver. This restaurant offers the best dining room experience regarding seafood in Toronto. Pearl Diver provides both takeout and dine-in facilities.

This eating place consists of a raw bar, hand-crafted cocktails, Belgians, and a unique bar for wines, beers, mocktails, and cocktails. The raw bar consists of shrimp, pearly chowder, Caesar salad, calamari, diver scallops, chilled lobster sliders, fish n’ chips, grilled whole sea bream, Icelandic cod, Atlantic lobster, Atlantic steelhead trout, and salads.

This restaurant also specializes in Korean-style fresh catches from the ocean. Kimchi fried rice, maple miso cauliflower, grilled pork belly, chicken liver and oyster pate, Korean-style Atlantic mackerel and another platter.

8. Buster’s Sea Cove

Courtesy – Buster’s Sea Cove

Location: 199 Bay St., Suite C-150

Buster’s Sea Cove is Toronto’s one of best seafood restaurants. It was established in 1992; the restaurant earned a decent amount initially, but the business blew up when Tom Antonarakis took over Buster’s.

Last year, the owner started their new food truck scheme during festivals and other catering services. Buster’s Sea Cove has a different menu for the dining room and food trucks. The food truck menu consists of lobster rolls, fish sandwiches, lobster grilled cheese, tacos and other fish-related items.

Although the food truck’s bill of fare is limited, the in-court has a varied bill of fare with many fresh and seasonal seafood options. The court menu has grilled octopus, salmon, trout, halibut, snapper, lobsters, tilapia, tuna, and swordfish for lunch, dinner and appetizers.

9. Rodney’s Oyster Bar and Grill

Location: 469 King St. West in Toronto

Rodney’s Oyster Bar and Grill is one of the best seafood restaurants in Toronto. From the main course to drinks, Rodney’s diverse varieties of delicacies and drinks will put you on cloud nine. The main menu features fried fish, steamed mussels, crab cakes, lobster rolls, pan-fried oysters, hot smoked salmon and many other delicious seafood dishes.

The restaurant has a special oyster menu consisting of dishes including oyster. There are 9-26 varieties of oysters provided by Rodney’s daily to provide you with a remarkable and luscious coastal meal. The overall fare varies according to the dishes and depends on the season they are selling. It has both takeout and dine-in facilities.

10. San Antonio Seafood Market and Oyster Bar Ltd.

Location: 8383 Weston Road, Unit 106, Woodbridge

San Antonio Seafood Market provides freshest seafood from around the world. ‘The Oyster Brothers’ are famous for their special catering services in Woodbridge. San Antonio serves its customers with three different stations: oyster bars, shrimp stations, and lobster boils.

This European market cum restaurant caters to customers with oyster events held at different places all over Toronto. The place has a familiar menu for dine-in or takeout deliveries. From a crab station to a separate kids menu, this place is a must-visit.

The menu includes salads, pasta, rice, sides, meat entrees and seafood. It sells fresh oysters, shrimp, crabs, fried fish, and other fresh fish delicacies. The place serves wine and other unique cocktails made from shrimp.

11. Zee Grill – Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar

Location: 641 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Toronto

This place opened in 1981 and has been running smoothly since then. This lively spot serves up freshly husked oysters, fish and chips, clams, crab cakes, tuna tartare, grilled calamari, smoked rainbow trout pate and salads. The main dishes consist of roasted half lobster, sudado de Pescado, steak, ahi tuna, chase fish and brome lake breast.

This local restaurant has unique vibes and good quality food. Reviewed as one of the best seafood restaurants in Toronto by many customers, Zee Grill serves seafood and Canadian cuisine; you can also get a particular gluten-free option for your food. It is also known as a little gem on Mount Pleasant. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from guests, Zee Grill is affordable and a must-visit.

12. Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

Location: 4020 Finch Avenue East, Toronto

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant is one of the elite seafood restaurants that was established in 2009. Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant brings seafood fresh from the sea. A variety of dishes are served at this restaurant.

The main course includes king crabs, Vancouver crabs, lobsters, green bass, golden turbos, deep-fried crabs and other seafood dishes. Being a lobster-extensive seafood restaurant, Fishman provides culinary excellence to its customers. Don’t miss the special lobster platter of this excellent clubhouse restaurant.


In conclusion, Toronto treasures the best seafood restaurants when craving fresh seafood and other marine products. Toronto is known to have some of Canada’s top restaurants, and some serve seafood as cuisine. From model casual spots to high-end deluxe restaurants, Toronto has many magnificent options when craving fresh seafood.

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