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12 Best Places Have Ramen Vancouver Edition

Something that most Vancouverites are obsessed with is delicious ramen. So much so that there is even a ‘Ramen Row’ in the West End. Vancouver Ramen is something that the city is known for. It just does it right!

One of the main reasons why ramen is so popular in Vancouver is because of the weather. With frequent rain and colder nights coming up, a warm bowl of fresh noodles that taste like home hits the right spot.

And with the world slowly familiarizing itself with Japanese culture over the years, the demand for ramen is higher than ever.

We’ve created a bucket list of some of the best Ramen Vancouver restaurants in Vancouver, BC, that you must visit- from affordable to fancy. 

So if you’re travelling to Vancouver, BC, or are a resident looking for great Ramen spots, this list is for you.

1. JINYA Ramen Bar

JINYA Ramen Bar has many outlets filled to the brim with flavor and aesthetics. The bar-like atmosphere adds to the restaurant’s charm.

Like most other Ramen Vancouver restaurants, they are thorough in planning and execution. 

For example, for the broth, they only use FUJI water which is 99.9% impurity-free. 

The thick broth is slowly simmered for over 10 hours and is mixed with whole pork bones, vegetables, or chicken with just the right amount of seasonings and ingredients.

Must-try items

  • Wonton Chicken Ramen
  • Tonkotsu black
  • Goku Midnight Cowboy is a pork broth mixed with bean sprouts, beef brisket, and a seasoned egg.
  • Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen is a great plant-based option.
  • Lobster Me Happy, which is a broth with lobster sauce, wontons, seasoned egg, crispy brussels sprouts, and served with thick noodles.
  • Other items to try are their mini tacos, Brussels sprouts tempura, and Tokyo curry rice.

2. Marutama Ramen Vancouver

With locations spread across Vancouver, it is a must-visit when you’re craving a bowl of noodles. They specialize in rich, creamy, yet light-tasting ramen.

Marutama has a unique approach, using a creamy chicken broth base instead of traditional pork or beef broth. Their ingredients are all made in-house or imported from Japan.

Must-try items

Tamago Ramen, which is served with green onions, sliced cha-shu, semi-runny soft-boiled soy sauce eggs, and seaweed.

3. Ramen Danbo Vancouver

This global chain has restaurants in Vancouver, New York, and Seattle. Noodle lovers can enjoy traditional Fukuoka-style Ramen here.

A key highlight of Danbo is that you can customize everything to your tastes- from the type of Ramen noodles to the spice level.

This spot offers almost every traditional dish, like Miso ramen and Negigoma. Another plus point is that Danbo is vegan-friendly. Customers can order a vegan version of all the dishes on the menu!

Must-try items

  • Classic Ramen, which is made with Danbo’s signature Tonkotsu Pork Broth.
  • Traditional Shio Ramen
  • Rekka Ramen, for an ultimate spice challenge.

4. Kintaro Ramen Vancouver

Kintaro has a more homely vibe, with no extravagant details and a feeling similar to the streets of Tokyo.

Their menu includes ramen staples like Shoyu, Miso, and Shio. Like many ramen restaurants, you can customize your bowl to your liking.

You can enjoy a hearty meal with sufficient portions and affordable meals here.

Must-try items

  • Cold Ramen
  • Cheese Ramen

5. Harvest Community Foods Vancouver

This spot is a mix between a farmer’s market and a restaurant. This place has something for everyone with local ingredients and a great menu.

Vegans can find an array of options, like the Udon bowl with Shitake, Shisho, and fresh greens. One could call this place an artisanal hot Ramen Vancouver spot.

Meat lovers can enjoy the Ramen bowl filled to the brim with pork and served separately with candied bacon.

Must-try items

  • Cold noodles with charred chili and almond hazelnut sauce
  • Vegan Udon Noodle

6. Taishoken Ramen Vancouver

Taishoken is a tiny, quaint spot that serves bowls with various ingredients, like a poached egg, Tonkotsu(pan-fried pork cutlet), and garlic oil.

They also have vegetarian ramen, which is Tomato cheese ramen. This includes basil pesto, tofu, corn, parmesan cheese, and caramelized onion.

They serve Tsukemen, a Ramen dish with noodles that are eaten after being dipped in a separate bowl of broth or soup, not letting the noodles soften.

Must-try items

  • Tomato Cheese Ramen
  • Traditional Ronkotsu
  • Spicy Garlic Miso Ramen

7. The Ramen Butcher Vancouver

This restaurant has a carefully curated menu that takes you on a unique culinary journey. Their traditional Tsukumen and Chicken Ramen are crowd favorites with additional garlic oil.

You can ask them for free extra noodles to add to your broth. ‘Kaedama’ is a handful-sized mound of extra noodles.

Must-try items

  • Green Basil Ramen
  • Orange Miso Ramen
  • Butcher Shoyu Ramen
  • Black Garlic Ramen
  • Other items include Rice Bowls and Gyoza.

8. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Vancouver

“Family-friendly, delicious, and healthy ramen” This restaurant has a huge following, with long queues during mealtimes.

Santouka makes their broth from scratch and uses minimal artificial seasoning and salt.

They serve a mild and gentle flavored broth, which isn’t burning hot, but at just the right temperature. This helps preserve the taste and smell of the soup broth.

Specializing in Northern Japanese ramen, Santouka serves delicious ramen, usually served with a small, pickled plum.

Must-try items

  • Spicy Miso Ramen
  • Kara-miso, which is spicy and creamy
  • Shio Ramen

9. Ramen Gojiro Vancouver

Every ramen on their menu can be served with a traditional side of Chashu or subbed in for a crispy, delicious serving of Karaage (fried chicken).

Ramen Gojiro specializes in Jiro-style Ramen. This style of ramen includes large amounts of noodles and toppings and is very popular in Japan. The over-the-top bowls will fulfill all your ramen cravings.

The restaurant continually tries to introduce different styles of ramen wildly popular in Japan to the rest of the world.

Must-try items

Spicy Bakamori, which has a massive serving of both- noodles and Kaarage

10. Kinton Ramen Vancouver

This Ramen Vancouver joint is famous for its authentic, traditional Japanese ramen and casual ambiance. Executive Chef Aki Urata develops the meals.

The visitor can pick up five types of ramen: either slow-cooked pork or chicken broth.

Ramen varieties include a vegetarian option and Original, Miso, Shoyu, Spicy Jalapeño, and Spicy garlic. Visitors can also choose noodles-thick, thin, or shirataki noodles.

Must-try items

  • Spicy Jalapeño

11. Ramen Koika Vancouver

This modern ramen Vancouver spot is known for serving bowls full of fresh and authentic Japanese ramen and making their noodles in-house every day. 

None of their items on the menu include any MSG as well.

When you feel extremely hungry, they have a Big Bowl Ramen Challenge to test your tolerance!

Must-try items

  • Triple Black Garlic Ramen, which is served with a thin noodle, spinach, bamboo shoot, green onion, seasoned egg, garlic chips, and triple black garlic oil
  • Sapporo Ramen

12. Benkei Ramen Vancouver

Despite being the most affordable ramen Vancouver joint, Benkei’s quality is no less than upscale. 

Their thick and flavorful broth is full of umami flavor and several toppings. It also serves vegan-friendly options. 

Their Black Ramen bowls include noodles in a vegetable broth and black sesame miso, garnished with coconut milk and roasted black pepper.

Must-try items

  • Akaoni Ramen, which includes pork bone broth, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, roasted sesame, and spicy chili garlic oil
  • Curry Ramen
  • Rice Bowls

Closing Thoughts

Knowing numerous well-known eateries, you may enjoy great dining in Vancouver. So, selecting the finest option for you won’t be tough.

The remaining eateries make up the best grouping in the city, and these 12 restaurants are listed. Even several excellent casual ramen eateries might be found close by.

What are you still holding out for? Get a bite to eat now! Vancouver Ramen scene is awaiting you.

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