Canada's Best Summer Resorts for Families Canada's Best Summer Resorts for Families

Canada’s Best Summer Resorts for Families

Plan your next epic vacation with your families and kids with some of the best resorts in Canada this summer, from the natural beauty and wilderness of Eagle Nook Resort, the sandy beaches and water spot of Watermark Beach Resort to the quiet and relaxing lake of Cove Lakeside Resort, this stunning country provides full of adventures and outdoor activities for your next summer getaway.

Whether you want to explore the pristine blue sea and lush spaces through Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort or seek national parks and the Rocky Mountains, this list of best summer resorts for families has it all. Continue reading the article and add your favourite summer resort to your vacation list.   

1. Best Summer Resorts for Families in Canada

Canada is the most beautiful country in the world with its charming cities, iconic landmarks, top attractions, and fantastic tourist destinations where every year millions of travellers visit Canada from diverse regions of the world. 

When it comes to finding the best vacation resorts during summer, Canada provides a plethora of lakes and mountain resorts that are complemented with great meals, spacious stays, outdoor adventures, relaxing spas, and green spaces.

Here is the list of best summer resorts for families in Canada with all-inclusive family vacation options.

Canada's Best Summer Resorts for Families
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1.1. Eagle Nook Resort

Secure your vacation spot at the Eagle Nook Resort for a spectacular summer experience. Explore the fantastic fishing spots over the pristine Blue Sea located on Vancouver Island. You will experience customized fishing halibut charters and amazing salmon under the guidance of seasonal professionals.

These fishing spots are customized best accommodations that promise an unforgettable summer vacation in a comfortable resort. Enjoy the fishing salmon and halibut charters on Vancouver Island at the Eagle Nook Resort, offering amazing fishing spots, boats, types of equipment, and professional guides, making it an exceptional fishing experience on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.   

The Eagle Nook Resort provides perfect saltwater fishing spots to experience the coho, Sockeye, and Chinook salmon runs from May to September, and all year round, you can enjoy the Pacific, halibut, and rockfish’s inshore and offshores fishing. 

All the fishing spots and boats are equipped with modern appliances like motors, power engines, washrooms,  and electronic systems, on every ship three or four members can sit and take you to the best location where you can catch the fish, the resort delivers a fantastic fishing experience for you and your families.   

The resort provides knowledgeable and skilled guides who are experts in sportfishing. They will help you walk through the sportfishing and allow you to capture the worthy fish in less time. They also take you to top fishing spots, giving you extensive fishing knowledge and making your fishing experience wonderful. Whether you are a seasoned fishing expert or just a beginner, You will surely have a unique experience at the Eagle Nook Resort.

At the end of your fishing day, bring fresh, filtered, vacuumed, packed, and frozen fish back to your home. After spending a whole day fishing, you can go back to their beautiful resort where you can sit and relax and enjoy their friendly services and modern amenities and the resort also features indoor and outdoor fireplaces and a hot tub where you can relieve your body, mind, and spirits while enjoying the scenic views and stunning sunset on Vancouver island. 

Best summer resorts in Canada
Screenshot From: Eagle Nook Resort

1.2. Watermark Beach Resort

Set on the hot tube, saltwater outdoor pool with water slides and sandy beaches of Osayoose Lake at the Watermark Beach Resort invites all ages and sizes guests and make you feel at home with all the amenities like an equipped kitchen, spacious suites, luxurious living room, amazing dining area, private washrooms with washer and dryer.

Watermark Beach Resort is within walking distance of family spots, sunny beaches, and shopping centers. Families can go to the family spots with top amenities, indoor and outdoor tubs, water spots, and many outdoor games. Kids can enjoy the waterslides and swimming pools, which have a full area for gaming sports like volleyball courts or water activities.

Take a tour of scenic villages and picturesque surroundings by bike or cycle, the resort provides a variety of bikes and bicycles. While exploring the charming town one can scroll through the top attractions, seasonal festivals, and events in Osoyoos.

Prepare for delicious meals at the family dining and BBQ communal area that allows you to savour the signature dishes of lakeside restaurants, delectable offerings of 15 park bistro, and a glass of South Okanagan wineries with family, friends, and loved ones.

At 15 Park Bistro children will find a delicious menu as well as families for breakfast, lunch, or dinner during summer. Indulge yourself in the culinary delights of Osayoos dining, which offers a wide array of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and comfort food, or you can stop at the Fresh Farm or Osayoos artisan market to savour the fresh fare.

Stay at the luxurious accommodations and Osoyoos hotels with beautiful South Okangon surroundings, take a look at the scenery of green space and enjoy the lakeside, as well as the slopes of mountains, from your private balcony and airy bedrooms.

Guests will find amusements, a sense of relaxation, and family fun in every corner of the Watermark Beach Resort if you are looking for a perfect family summer vacation.

Watermark Beach Resort is located in the charming town of Osoyoos on a thousand feet of Sunshine Beach. For a hangout with friends, family vacations, and anyone who needs a break from daily chores and wants to experience rejuvenation, the Watermark Beach Resort is an ideal spot to have fun

The Watermark Beach Resort provides a pretty wedding destination in South Okanagan, whether you seek an intimate wedding, beachfront ceremony, or destination wedding with elegant decorations, sleek designs, and sophisticated suites, the resort provides an iconic venue for every occasion that will give you lifelong memories. 

Osoyoos invites guest to create their wedding into an ideal at the South Okanagan destination, their attentive staff helps you in every situation from catering to an extensive range of menus to help you decide the perfect venue for your wedding. 

With myriad water activities, sunshine atmospheres, beaches, mountains, dining, wedding destinations, and local wineries, the Watermark Beach Resort is the perfect backdrop for your next family summer getaway.

Best summer resort near Canada
Screenshot From: Watermark Beach Resort

1.3. The Cove Lakeside Resort

Whether you are a first-time visitor at the Cove Lakeside resort or visit again because the resort holds so many vacation memories, you will find the perfect lakeside retreat along with Kelowna hotels and relaxing resorts.

The Cove lakeside resort provides a quiet place near the shores of Okanagan Lake with elegant rooms, private dining, and spacious suites coupled with lush gardens. The palace is amazing for removing the stress of a busy life and feeling relaxed in a beautiful resort.

The resort is within walking distance of shops, boutiques, and dining spots in downtown Kelowna. Capture the essence of Cove Lakeside Resort which offers luxurious stays and rejuvenating settings and explore the tranquil surroundings with a bunch of amenities enjoy as much as you can and nourish your body, mind, and spirit followed by deep massages or body treatment at the spa of Cove lakeside resort with a glass of chilling cocktails or wines is your private patio or picturesque gallery against the stunning beaches and lakes.

Spend a whole day with your families, kids, and friends and browse outdoor pools and water activities, splash in waterslides and hot tubes, from the gaming areas, fitness club, and relaxing spas to the local wineries, skiing, spacious rooms, and fun adventures, guests will find something to enjoy at the Cove Lakeside Resort.

What makes the Cove Lakeside Resort a better place than other resorts, is it’s a lakeside resort, with outdoor recreation, Unique experiences, and friendly hospitality. At the Cove Resort, you will find something to enjoy and explore whether you are seeking a family vacation, girl’s night out, romantic trip, or business trip and events, the Cove Resort is truly a special place for any getaway. 

The resort provides various special packages that allow guests to choose according to their preferences the packages are girl’s getaways where you can enjoy and spend some quality time with your friends, and the next package is a spring suit escape that offers Okanagan’s gastronomic treats, shopping centers, iconic attractions and other exciting experiences with luxurious stays, welcoming wine drinks, and friendly atmosphere. 

Apart from the special packages, the resort also provides amazing restaurants and accommodations that will enhance your overall vacation at the Cove Lakeside Resort, it offers delicious eateries and local cuisines to savour in Kelowna’s beautiful lakeside resort with scenic views of Gellatly Bay area, the Cove Lakeside resort is nearby to westside wine trail which includes top places to explore Quails’ Gate, FrindMission Hill, and Mt. Boucherie.

Next time when you plan for a family vacation or any other getaway in Canada, consider the Cove Lakeside resort which offers a bunch of unique experiences and enjoyment against the stunning Okanagan Lake. 

Best summer resorts near Canada
Screenshot from the site: The Cove Lakeside Resort

1.4. The Beach Club Resort, Parksville

If you are looking for a beachfront resort, visit the charming Parksville Beach Club resort and enjoy the beautiful oceanfront beach on Vancouver Island of British Columbia, so be ready with your cameras to take photos of scenery surroundings and enjoy the countless adventures and relaxing opportunities only at the Beach Club Resort with their front location of sunny beaches and fantastic amenities.

The Beach Club Resort features different types of stays from elegant rooms with stylish suites, a cool dining area, and a full kitchen to the two-bedroom room for a couple with romantic settings, each room is customized with a private balcony, airy windows, sleek bedding and all the trendy facilities that you need for a comfortable accommodation.

The resort offers exquisite dining, a fitness club, a roof patio, an indoor and outdoor pool, and much more; guests will get everything they look for in the best vacation. Whether you go to the resort to see the natural wonders of Vancouver Island, enjoy with family and friends, or relax on the sandy beaches and wedding ceremonies, the resort ensures everyone can enjoy their own space.

Satisfy your appetite at their on-site restaurant-and-lounge dining restaurants alongside Parkville’s pretty beach. Take a boardwalk and sip the chilling beverages. While savouring delicious offerings at seaside restaurants, guests can see the breathtaking sights and hill-mountain views, making it the perfect spot for a fine dining experience or intimate eating. The restaurant’s chef provides excellent food using only the finest and locally sourced ingredients for every craving.

The Beach Club resort offers amazing stays in the Charming town of Parkville and is just a step away from the most iconic Vancouver island and beach. Every room is complimented with a full kitchen, private balcony, cool suites, and modern amenities ensuring every moment at the beach club resort is exceptional. The rooms are available in various categories one-bedroom, two-bedroom, private cottage, or apartment.

All the rooms are coupled with Air conditioning, services, large space for parking, an outdoor pool, a full-sized fridge, steamer, and coffee maker, and an Elegant washroom with a hot tube. Guests also scroll through the relaxing spas, fitness clubs, dining, and stay-well amenities, and the resort ensures everyone stays comfortably.

The resort is located on the oceanside of Parkville where the entire family can explore the ocean area and enjoy the adventure activities over the ocean including sea Kayaking, scuba diving, caving at the Horn Lake, biking and hiking on mountain trains, and a lot of more things to do.

Take a tour of top attractions and discover every corner of the Bech Club resort, browse the local markets, spend a day at the Sunshine Parkiville beaches, play golf in the oceanside area, enjoy the parks and lush forests, and endless opportunities to enjoy no matter in which season you are visiting.

Plan your next event at the Beach Club Resort and add serenity, natural beauty, and comfort to your occasion. Whether you seek a large space for a Wedding or an elegant venue for business meetings, the resort provides the perfect background for any event.

You will be wowed by the resort’s facilities, excited by the venue, and the jaw-dropping services that Beach Club Resort has to offer.

Summer resorts near Canada
Screenshot From: The Beach Club Resort

1.5. Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort

Welcome to the most-visiting resort in Alberta, Canada, situated in the Waterton Lakes National Park townside.The Waterton Lakes Lodge resort has various buildings with luxurious rooms, an open kitchen, a private patio, and other facilities that you always want for a perfect stay.

To dine, the Lodge provides on-site dining. Guests need to walk outside the resort to reach the restaurants, connected to relaxing spas, Waterton’s fun activities, and parking areas, which are all combined with a homey atmosphere and friendly hospitality.

Whether you are visiting with family friends or for a romantic getaway, guests will find everything at the Waterton resort that suits their needs and preferences.

Tourists visit Waterton Lakes Lodge resort to embrace the beautiful natural beauty that offers many things to do every summer. Visitors find an array of activities at the Waterton Lakes Lodge resort like boat tours, wildlife watching, biking, hiking, sightseeing, road trips, long drive hiking trails through green forests, and many other adventures.

Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort is the best destination in the most vibrant province of Canada and the prime location for wildlife discovery and scenic views and is the best spot for hiking.

Waterton’s pretty allure attracts visitors to host their weddings, celebrations, parties, or business conferences. The Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort provides elegant suites, large space where up to one hundred fifty people can accommodate, beautiful venues, and outdoor pools with attentive staff, fantastic catering, an excellent event team, and impeccable services.

From summer vacations with families and outings with families to romantic outings and adventure destinations, the Waterton Lake Lodge Resort has everything for everyone to enjoy and explore.

Without great food and delicious treats, a vacation would not be complete so freshen up your taste buds at the Vimy’s Lounge and Grill restaurant, which welcomes you with casual drinks and offers a lot of food varieties for lunch, brunch, and dinner. 

The restaurant features digital screens, a fireplace, and a private dining area for romantic dates or groups upon the stunning scenes of vegetarians and gluten-free dieters who can have fresh salads, juicy burgers, and plates of pasta.

Best summer resort near Canada
Screenshot from the site: Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort


2. Final Words:

When planning a summer trip with your families add these resorts to your travel bucket lists they offer every type of fun, adventure, activities, stays, beaches, lake dining, spas, and many more to suit everyone’s budget and preferences.

From the fishing activities and spots of Eagle Nook resort, waterslides, and outdoor pools of Watermark Beach Resort to the lakeside adventure of the cove lakeside resort and stunning front views of Parkville’s beach, each one provides incredible explorations for a super summer vacation in Canada. So pack your bags and plan a trip this summer to one of the top family resorts for your next summer vacation.

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