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A 101 Guide to the Fine Richmond Hill Library

The Richmond Hill Library in Ontario is a must-see destination for people of all ages, interests, and cultural backgrounds. This cutting-edge library is much more than just a structure that houses books.

The Richmond Hill Library has a collection of books more significant than 5000 in numbers that people can borrow. It includes magazines, audio CDs, business directories, maps, phone books, genealogy, government publications, several programs, and app services.

Their purpose is to improve the community’s quality of life by providing outstanding services and top-notch facilities. Overall, Richmond Hill Library offers us much through its resources, experience, and knowledge, enabling us to grow. They have a fantastic collections team and virtual programs.

Richmond Hill library emphasizes hands-on learning and collaborative experiences.

It is a community hub that provides visitors with a wide range of resources and services, such as access to technology, educational programs, cultural events, and much more. The Richmond Hill Library has something for everyone, whether you are a student, a professional, or an avid reader.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the reasons why you should visit the Richmond Hill Library, as well as what makes it such a special and valuable asset to the community.

1. Full Story of Richmond Hill Public Library

The Richmond Hill Library is an organization operating the public libraries of Richmond Hill, in Ontario.

The Richmond Hill Library Association was formed in 1852 and merged with the local Mechanics Institute in 1858. Both organizations split in 1870 over a dispute on user fees. The Association did not support it, unlike the Mechanics Institute.

Almost at the end of the nineteenth century, the Association transformed into an organization not requiring membership fees.


The Richmond Hill Library has four branches in Ontario, Canada. Namely, Richmond Hill Central, Oak Ridges, Richmond Green, and Richvale.

1.1 Central Library


Monday to Thursday – 10 AM – 6:30 PM

Friday to Saturday – 10 AM – 5 PM

Sunday – 12 – 5 PM

The Richmond Hill Central Library is located on Atkinson Street, Richmond Hill. It was opened in 1993. It was designed by A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt, and Company, who won fame for the structure and architecture.

With a 60,000 sq. feet area, this library is the biggest among the four.

There are four levels in the Central Library building housing a children’s department, music materials, reference materials, general subject stacks, administration, local history and culture archives, and more.

1.2. Oak Ridges Library


Monday to Thursday – 10 AM – 6:30 PM

Friday to Saturday – 10 AM – 5 PM

Sunday 12 – 5 PM

People can find Oak Ridges on Regatta Avenue, Richmond Hill. It is a 19,000 sq. feet building. It was formed when, in June 1971, a librarian at Richmond Hill Library brought books that residents of Oak Ridges could borrow.

Phillip Carter designed the old Oak Ridges Library which was opened in 1990. It got replaced by the current one situated northwest of Yonge Street and Regatta Avenue.

The new Oak Ridges Library opened on 12 November 2019. It is a two-level establishment with a memory lab, meeting rooms, a computer room, and more services.

1.3. Richmond Green Library


Monday to Thursday – 10 AM – 6:30 PM

Friday to Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM

The Richmond Green Library is located in Richmond Green Park, William F Bell Parkway, Richmond Hill. It is the school library of Richmond Green Secondary School. The area spans 12,000 sq. feet.

1.4. Richvale Library


Closed on Mondays

Tuesday to Wednesday – 10 AM – 6 PM

Thursday to Saturday – 10 AM – 5 PM

Opened to the public in 1983, the Richvale Library. Philip Carter designed it.

It is located in Pearson Avenue, Richmond Hill, lies west of Yonge Street, and spans 8000 sq. feet, making it the smallest among the four.

2. Membership

Individuals currently staying in Richmond Hill or any municipality falling in the Regional Municipality of York are issued a free library card.

Non-residents can issue a card for a stipulated fee. A person should renew their memberships annually with full payment of outstanding fees and overdue fines.

A person can use their Richmond Hill Library card to borrow titles from partner libraries.

3. Services

The Richmond Hill Public Library provides several services, including Wi-Fi access, computer access, and Ask a Librarian chat service for those who have come to work, study, or research. There is also a Visiting Service for Shut-in clientele and meeting rooms on rent.

The libraries have services and programs for children & adults, exhibits, community information, bestseller book express, virtual programs, and a York Region Transit and Viva ticket agent. They have newspapers, business resources, career resources, local history, genealogy, and e-book resources.

A person can borrow digital magazines in various languages with a library card.

4. Special Events

4.1. History Lecture Series

It is part of a series of virtual programs. Local authors conduct these as they explore and discuss the roaring 20s of Canada, love stories, and celebrate the Irish legacy.

4. 2. Clubs

A variety of online and in-person clubs are offered. There are afternoon book clubs (adults), film clubs, science clubs, coding clubs, robotics clubs, Earth Rangers clubs, chess clubs, and more.

4.3. Richmond Hill’s Election

Richmond Hill holds a municipal by-election for mayoral candidates. Voters need to be Canadian and a resident of Richmond Hill, an owner or tenant of land, or their families.

Closing Thoughts

To summarise, the Richmond Hill Library is an exceptional destination that provides visitors with an abundance of resources and services.

This library is truly a community hub that serves the needs of its visitors, from its impressive collection of books and multimedia materials to its innovative programs and events.

The Richmond Hill Library has everything you need, whether you’re looking for educational opportunities, cultural enrichment, or simply a quiet place to read and relax.

So, don’t be afraid to visit this remarkable institution and take in everything it has to offer.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Ask Ontario and how does it help you find your Ideal Work?


Monday to Friday – 9 AM – 11 PM

Saturday to Sunday – 11 AM – 5 PM (except holidays)

The service app was launched in 2008 and is one of the projects of Knowledge Ontario. Similar technologies include the Ask a Librarian feature. As of 2021, there are twelve libraries in a joint collaborative service doing great work in the city.

With Ask Ontario, students can connect with library staff for immediate assistance with referencing data and receive information via SMS.

It has the license to help a person find adequate information and is seen as a provider of services in response to the needs of society. It is free of cost.

Click here to read more.

2. What should I bring with me to the Richmond Hill Public Library?

It is recommended that you bring identification with you when visiting the Richmond Hill Library, such as a driver’s license or a library card. You should also bring a bag or backpack to carry any borrowed books or materials.

3. Does the Richmond Hill Library provide parking?

Yes, there is ample parking at the Richmond Hill Library. The library has a large parking lot with handicapped parking spaces close to the entrance. There is also street parking available in the surrounding area. Use the apps to find the proper location.

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