A close-up view of a magnifying glass focusing on the word 'cancer'. CCS 2023 Breakthrough team grant to study Esophageal Cancer. A close-up view of a magnifying glass focusing on the word 'cancer'. CCS 2023 Breakthrough team grant to study Esophageal Cancer.

Unveiling the CCS 2023 Breakthrough Team Grant: Advancing Esophageal Cancer Research

A new ray of hope for people afflicted with esophageal cancer! A team of expert researchers and specialists has been put together under the Breakthrough Team Grant

The project will receive funding from the Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Institute of Health Research-Institute of Cancer Research and the survival rate of people with esophageal cancer in Canada is as low as 16% as long as 5 years after diagnosis, which is indeed very low.

This expert team will be led by Dr. Lorenzo Ferri. The team “aims to understand what causes treatment resistance in this type of cancer and find new treatment options”. Their study is titled “Tailoring Treatments for People with esophageal cancer”.

If the project yields promising research findings, they will soon be used for clinical trials for treating esophageal cancer globally.

A screenshot of a Twitter post from 'Research at Canadian Cancer Society' tells about the Breakthrough Team Grant project.
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1. What is Esophageal Cancer? 

Esophageal cancer is the cancer of the esophagus tube and the esophagus is a hollow and long tube that forms a passageway connecting the back of your throat to your stomach.

The function of the esophagus is to transport swallowed food from your mouth to your stomach for digestion Esophageal cancer generally starts with malicious growth in the inner cell lining of the esophagus, anywhere along the whole tube. 

Amongst all death-causing cancers, esophageal cancer stands sixth worldwide and is found to be more common in men than women.

Stages of Esophageal Cancer and Treatments

Symptoms of esophageal cancer can be difficulty in swallowing, intense coughing, and chest pain and also sometimes it can cause fast weight loss, heartburn, and indigestion.

Like most cancers, esophageal cancer is also very difficult to detect in the initial stages as there are no symptoms or signs typically. 

2. What is the Canadian Cancer Society?

The Canadian Cancer Society is an organization that prioritizes the welfare and well-being of Canadian people and their families who are suffering from deadly cancer through various volunteer work and donations. However, the organization aims to, 

able to fund groundbreaking cancer research into all types of cancer, offer support services to help people better manage life with cancer, shape healthy public policies to prevent cancer and support those living with the disease, and offer trusted cancer information for all Canadians”.

3. What are the CCS Breakthrough Team Grants?

The Breakthrough Team Grants: Transforming Low Survival Cancer is a project started by the Canadian Cancer Society in cooperation with the Canadian Institute of Health Research-Institute of Cancer Research and also the project aims to provide funding to teams of researchers, experts, and scientists.

The funding is for conducting a thorough study into the six primary cancers that have the lowest survival rates (below 30%) and these cancers include cancers of the pancreas, esophagus, brain lung, liver, and stomach. 

In summary, by encouraging research into these six low-survival cancers, the Breakthrough Team Grants project intends to improve the survival rates by finding new prevention methods, ways for early detection, and effective and precise treatment of the disease. 

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