how to break soul ties how to break soul ties

Nourishing Mental Health: Learn to 11 Steps to Break Soul Ties

Are you experiencing a rift within yourself against someone very dear to your heart? Feeling pain at a deeper level?

with that person involved? Since the relationship is not ensuring an uplifting presence in your life, you may find it challenging to reconcile things.

Friend, in a short life span, a relationship at the cost of your draining emotions is a big no.

1. What Does Soul Tie Mean?

A soul tie is an intensely deep connection that binds two people more internally. So it is a soul connection if you feel a spiritual connection with someone or when you meet someone and feel you are meeting yourself.

That person completes you when you are in a soul tie with someone. It’s like you have a word in your mouth you are about to say, but the other person speaks it out loud before you do.

Soul tie means a strong connection that gives you a feeling of unanimity. In broad terms, soul connections healthily change your life. You feel connected with a person’s soul, which heals all your past wounds.

But wait, a toxic soul tie, on the other hand, make you feel sad. You will always long when will this relationship ends.

2. What are the Various Kinds of Soul Ties?

Soul ties can be classified into two broad categories: further branched. It is important to highlight here that a type of soul tie may overlap with the other category. Or, one may be in a situation where a person finds himself in more than one category.

types of soul tie
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The classification below will help you draw out the soul-tie relationship you are currently in.

2.1. Soul Ties based on Relationships

2.1.1. Spiritual Soul Ties

Whether currently in a relationship or not with a person, if you have a spiritual soul tie with a person, you feel connected beyond emotions. A sense of wholeness deep within surrounds you when that person is around you.

You sense you are with a suitable person, and the person completes you in every respect. This soul-tie relationship is the deepest of all, a spiritual soul-tie.

Spiritual soul ties are generally based on past lives. It is, therefore, hard to lay out the relationship. But most of the time, you may feel a soul tie with your best friend or sexual partner.

2.1.2. Permanent Soul Ties

This type of soul tie is everlasting. You may be married to the person or could be a close family member with whom you have a permanent soul tie.

2.1.3. Sexual Soul Ties

This type of soul tie arises out of sexual intimacy. You may or may not have a romantic relationship, but you feel the energy of the person surrounding you every time. No matter how much time has passed, you feel sexually active with that person’s energy.

2.1.4. Protective Soul Ties

I’m just presenting you with a situation I’d like to share. You are in a bad phase, and suddenly a person bumps into your life, letting go of all your worries. You get attracted to the person due to favor rather than feelings.

Then you always look forward to or manifest the person’s soul to help you out of the problem. The person’s soul rescues you. This happens when you share a very close bond with someone. Generally, we form protective soul ties with our family members.

Protective soul ties can be a marriage soul tie or a friendship soul tie.

The professional intuitive and author of Self-Care for Empaths, Tanya Carroll Richardson, describes soul ties as a broad term describing soul connection between any two people, irrespective of whether it’s a romantic relationship.

2.2. Soul Ties based on Soul Tie Impact

2.2.1. Healthy Soul Ties

A healthy soul tie gives you a profound sense of oneness and frees you from past wounds. You quickly realize that you are with the right person.

You are at peace with yourself and see a higher power guiding you and your partner. A healthy soul tie can easily do away with hard times.

A healthy soul tie might be protective, spiritual, or permanent.

2.2.2. Unhealthy Soul Ties

Not all soul ties are worth keeping. An unhealthy soul tie needs special attention. These are such that you immediately need to break free from them. Such a toxic soul-tie relationship can either be due to past life’s bondage or past relationships.

3. What are the Causes of Unhealthy Soul Ties?

Hasty decisions, blind faith, emotional trauma, and loneliness may persuade you to make quick relationships. They may, for the time being, give you a sense of affection.

You may initially have strong feelings for someone, but later, you are uncomfortable. So, your connection with the person may turn hostile.

An unhealthy attachment or soul tie may have led to painful memories.

More precisely, if you see any of the above signs or situations, you probably have an unhealthy soul-tie connection.

4. When to Break a Soul Tie?

Tie” is a bond or knot. It is between two people. But sometimes, it is challenging to settle things amicably as the mindset becomes different, and then it is better if the tie is broken first.

Breaking an unhealthy soul tie with someone takes you to the level where you are not emotionally involved anymore. This helps one quickly come out of the relationship and think rationally.

Breaking free of such an unhealthy soul tie is not a cakewalk. But if you are in close relationships and one of maybe lead to anxiety, depression, addiction, pressure, or negativity in life, my friend, it’s time to find peace.

  • Business partners may develop disputes in the long run. If you are in a similar situation, further disputes and negotiations can take an ugly turn. It is better to break the unhealthy soul tie first and then do negotiations.
  • Sometimes marriages don’t work, and even after divorce, one might find it challenging to move forward. So if you cannot start afresh or marry again, you must know how to break soul ties with your ex-person.
  • Even friends are sometimes selfish, and you may wish to come out of this abusive relationship as it hurts more than assistance. But if you don’t know how to break the friendship, it is better to break a soul tie.
  • A soul tie may overpower your thought process to such an extent that you consider your identity to make no sense without the other.

Since the soul tie does not foster joy or fulfillment, you know when to break a soul tie. Now let us see the procedure of how to break soul ties.

5. Steps on How to Break Soul Ties

How to break a Soul Tie with an EX!

5.1.Recognize the Negative Connection

Discover the soul-tie relationship hampering your authentic self in life. If any of the soul ties bring distress and you feel no emotional bond, then you are not with the right person.

It is better to confess with the best friend or the therapist in the field.

5.2. Predict the Consequences of Breaking a Soul Tie on Yourself

The next step is to list the impact of breaking the soul ties on yourself or the person you are connected to. I think the listing is essential, as you have to be sure of no regrets about breaking a soul tie in the future.

Break free should not be the only purpose. You must be considerate enough of the feeling of the person too. Otherwise, his wrath may leave you disturbed.

In all, breaking soul ties is not just breaking but learning to live in peace.

5.3. Accept the Results

Before the actual break process starts, accept that to break a soul tie is your own free will. You sense a negative connection and accept whatsoever the results when the relationship ends.

5.4. Block or Delete

The next step is to block or delete the numbers or contact details like addresses, email IDs, and phone numbers, both in hard copy or on your laptop or mobile.

Use the bin of your laptop or phone’s memory to delete the pictures of the person or any other memory you have.

5.5. Dispose

It is equally important to discard the gifts or any other belonging of the person. It is a necessary step before you meditate on breaking a soul tie. You may find feelings more suffocating if you see anything related after you break a soul tie.

5.5.1. How to Dispose of Things?

I am helping you with a few ways to discard anything:

  • Donate.
  • Resell or sell in a scrap.
  • If perishable, let your pets eat or bury them.
  • Throw it in the dustbin.
  • Tear any written notes, burn or flush them.
  • Burning gifts is a big no; you know its side effects, right?

5.6. Manifest

Sit in meditation. Call on the spirits, angels, or your guiding soul to help you become completely free of the negative soul ties.

Meditate about the person and deep within connect with the person’s soul.

Say within, “This relationship is not working out. We must take our ways. I wish the best for you. We will be free of negativity after the ties are broken.”

Believe the above words will reach the other person’s soul at that very moment.

5.7. Cut Ties

At this point, you may feel a slight heaviness surrounding your soul. It will be better if you visualize cutting an imaginary thread linking your soul to the other person.

Take a deep breath; the breath out will release all the negative feelings and emotions.

5.8. Pray for the Strength

Since you have cut ties, it is time to cleanse the soul. It is the last but most crucial phase of breaking soul ties. It is the stage to build a deep connection with yourself and the almighty.

Pray and forgive not only for yourself but also for the person with whom you have broken soul ties. This will fill you both with new energy and ensure a sense of deep fulfillment.

5.9. Write and Tear

Now is the time to write your feeling on a piece of paper.

I just wanted to let you know that this is not to be sent to the person concerned. This is to release your feelings whatsoever left now.

You may find it hard to release all emotions in one go. So keep a journal, add on points whenever they arise, and pen them down.

You may tear or dispose of whatever you have written later.

5.10. Be Compassionate

You may feel lonely, and a vague chance you may regret breaking a soul tie.

But more chances are, this loneliness might be due to the dropping of the heavy, unhealthy baggage which you have been lifting for a long time.

So, love yourself. Talk to your close one or consult a therapist.

5.11. Develop Self Confidence

With breaking soul ties, your confidence must have been pulled down. Friend, let go of the things. The past is over. You have other relationships to look forward to. Nourish your soul with positivity and start fresh. Be confident in yourself.

After this, divert your life to something interesting.

6. Points to Remember

Remember the following points. They will act as an aid to you before you follow to learn to break soul ties.

  1. Breaking soul ties that have a spiritual connection is the hardest but not impossible. You may take some time to reconcile with yourself.
  2. Soul ties are a strong connection. Healthy or unhealthy soul tie, if you plan to break a soul tie, remember it may impact you both for some time.
how to break soul ties
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3. You should choose the depth you wish to have in a relationship or, more precisely, in romantic relationships because it is easier to have an emotional bond and to challenge to nurture.

4. A healthy soul tie works wonders for your personality. Trust me to maintain the relationship. As the saying goes,” Trust takes years to build up trust, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”- A.D. Ryan.

7. Takeaway

My dear friends, emotions are what we long for in our relationships. It may be hard to cut ties, but finding peace in those emotions or feelings is equally important.

Positive soul ties result in healthy relationships and everlasting emotional bonds. On the contrary, negative soul ties shatter you at the emotional level, and life loses its charm.

So, if you are in a close relationship with some and finding it hard to connect emotionally, it is better to break soul ties and think of moving forward.

Breaking a soul tie takes work. No doubt it is easier said than done.

You have kept in mind its impact on another person too.

So at the moment, rejoice with yourself with the words penned just for you,

Broken a soul tie,

Remember, it was just a slice of pie.

Nature has more to offer,

But only when your heart, mind, and soul are in order.

You are what you are,

Don’t limit yourself to just this hour.

Embrace life as a game of chance,

And you will get a new team to advance,

And you will get a new team to advance.”

Have faith; you are a blessed soul!

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a soul tie the same as of soul mate?

No, they are not. You have a soul tie with your soul mate. But it is not necessary that if you have a soul tie with someone, then the person is your soul mate.

Q2. Can one have a soul tie with two or more persons?

Yes, soul-tie relationships can be with anyone with whom you share a special bond.

Q3. Is falling in love the same as having a soul tie?

No, both are very different.

Q4. Can one create a soul tie?

Yes, a soul tie can be created if two souls feel the same.

Q5. Can soul tie be one-sided?

No. One person may think more deeply or often than the other due to some external environmental scenarios.

Bottom Line

A soul tie is a deep spiritual and emotional connection between two people. Above we explained some easy steps on break soul ties. Hopefully, this will help you a little bit.

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