How do you customize your Chromebook? Learn the 10 Essential Points

A Chromebook is a laptop or computer that functions mainly on the Google Chrome OS platform. It is famous for its lightweight designs, fast boot times and sentence integration with Google’s suite of productive tools of Google’s collection.

Chromebooks have increased in popularity in recent years, especially in fields of education and business, due to their cost-effectiveness and simplicity. So here, devices are well-designed for online uses, relying on good internet connectivity to finish tasks like web browsing, emailing, cloud-based, and storage.

Thus, they come equipped with Chrome browser as the default web application and access to the Chrome Web store, where users find and install many web apps and extensions to increase their working productivity and entertainment experiences. 

So, one of the essential benefits of a Chromebook is the minimal maintenance needed. Over there, Google manages software updates automatically in the background, ensuring users often have access to advanced features and security patches. This streamlined approach to updates prevents manual installation and system management by making Chromebooks a compelling option for individuals and companies seeking a hassle-free-computing solution.

Moreover, the low cost of Chromebooks makes them demand preference, especially for the budget-conscious and schools with fewer resources. Above all, their simplicity, low maintenance need, and integration with the Google ecosystem have set their place in the market as a practical preference for users searching for a durable and human-friendly computing device.

How to Customize your Chromebook
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1. Customize your Chromebook : Detailed Guide

In general, customization of Chromebook’s desktop includes tailoring its settings, looks and operationality to suit your choices. Here are the ways to guide. 

1.1. Change the Wallpaper 

To customize your Chromebook wallpaper, right-click on your empty desktop and select “Set wallpaper “. Next, choose from the present Chromebook wallpaper or upload your new image to set as your background. 

1.2. Customize your Shelf Position

Secondly, you can change the position of the shelf: Right-click the shelf. Next, point to the Shelf position and choose where you desire the shelf to go. If you want to hide the shelf and status area, then right-click the shelf and select Auto-hide shelf.

1.3. Pin the Apps 

If you want to easily access your favourite files app, open the launcher icon (then click on the circle at the lower left corner of the Chromebook.). Next, find the app you desire to pin, right-click on that particular app and select “Pin to shelf “.

1.4. Change Chrome Browser Theme

Next, start the Chrome browser. Click on the three dots in the top right side, go to “Settings”, and under “Appearance “, click on “Themes”. Afterwards, you can select from a pre-installed theme and download more from the Chrome Web Store.

1.5. Customization of Keyboard Shortcuts

In the Chrome OS setting, go to “Device “and next to “Keyboard”. Here, you can create customized keyboard shortcuts for many functions or apps.

1.6. Set on Multiple Users 

You can add more in the settings if multiple users utilise the Chromebook. After that, choose “People” in settings and click “Add person” to set a separate profile account picture with their choices.

1.7. Change Touchpad and Mouse Settings

Here, you can allocate the sensitivity level and behaviour of the touchpad or the connected mouse. In the settings, explore “Device” and then select “Touchpad” to make your applicable changes. 

1.8. Manage Notification

Overall, customize how notifications appear on your Chromebook settings by reviewing your ” Notification”. Here, you are allowed to adjust the Notification on a per-app basis.

1.9. Transform Language and Input Method 

To change the language or the keyboard, explore “Advanced “in the setting and under “Language and input”. Over there, you can add or transform language and input methods

1.10. Install Chrome Extension

Afterwards, go to the Chrome Web Store to search for and install an extension that adds functionality to your web browsing experience it ranges from efficiency tools to ad blockers.

Following the above steps, you can create a customized and practical computing experience in your Chromebook that suits your requirements and style.

2. How to Add Custom Shortcuts?

Adding custom shortcuts to your Chromebook app launcher allows instant access to your favourite websites or web apps. Here are the steps to follow: 

2.1. Open Chrome Browser 

Firstly, begin by launching the Chrome browser on the Chromebook.

2.2. Go to the Website or Web App 

As a rule, visit the Chromebook website or web app you desire to create a shortcut by typing the URL in the address bar and hitting the Enter key. 

2.3. Access the Menu Icon 

In the Chrome browser, click on the three-dot menu icon at the top right section of the window to open the menu.

2.4. Create Shortcut

Later, hang your cursor over the “More tools” options on the menu list, and a submenu appears. Next, click on “Create shortcut”.

2.5. Name Shortcut 

A dialogue box appears, permitting you to give a name to the Shortcut. Please enter the name of your choice to be able to identify as it is the label which appears in your app launcher. 

2.6. Click on Create

After you give the name of the Shortcut, click on the “Create “button. 

2.7. Locate Customized Shortcut

As a result, scroll over the app launcher to get your customized Shortcut. You will be able to find your assigned name.

2.8. Launch Shortcut

Last but not least, to start the website or web app, you can easily click on your custom shortcut in the app launcher, and it will automatically open in the new web browser window section or as a separate app if you choose the “Open in window” option. 

In conclusion, with these steps, you can add customized shortcuts to your Chromebook app launcher by making it easy to access your likeable website or web apps with just one click. 

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3. Final Words 

Customizing your Chromebook opens an extensive world of possibilities, permitting you to experiment with your computing experience according to your choices and requirements. Hence, it personalizes the look, optimizes the keyboard shortcut, or streams your workflow with customized app shortcuts. The extreme power to change your Chromebook shelf is at your fingertips.

So, folks, do not hesitate to tailor the customised Chromebook options present on your Chromebook. They allow you to learn about the digital environment that showcases your styles and increases the efficiency of your regular tasks.




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