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Decoding Chegg Account Deletion: Reasons and Step-by-Step Guide

Are you struggling with your homework? Don’t worry, Chegg will solve all your problems. But what to do if we no longer require its service? That too can be taken care of. Just see this detailed procedure of how to delete Chegg account.

1. What Is Chegg?

Chegg is a famous American educational company which is serving students all over the world. It’s very helpful for homework, and research work and provides a variety of rented books in both physical and digital formats.

This website is widely used by students and is a platform for tutors to impart knowledge of their specialised subjects. The tutors are experts who are selected by the company after careful consideration of their educational background. These experts give advice as well as provide tutoring services to help the students with their doubts about homework and assignments.

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The users can use both the mobile application and the website of Chegg for their services. But, they need to pay for these services on a regular cycle. The payment method just requires your card details and you are good to go.

2. Understanding the Reasons

There can be many issues with Chegg which may prompt you to delete your Chegg account. Some of the main reasons which come to light are,

2.1) No Longer Require the Service

Chegg is an educational platform so it is mainly needed till you are pursuing an academic degree or are in school. Hence, you might want to close your account after the completion of your studies as you no longer require Chegg’s services.

2.2) Promotional Emails and Newsletters

To advertise its current subscription plans and services, Chegg is used to send emails and newsletters to its users. This can be bothersome for many customers which makes them wonder how to delete a Chegg account.

2.3) Subscription Fee

Many subscribers don’t use their Chegg account frequently but they need to pay for the services regardless of usage amount. So, the users see this as a waste of money and want to close their Chegg account.

2.4) Personal Reasons

The user can face some personal problems, like money shortages, due to which they can no longer afford to get Chegg’s service.

3. Essential Precautions Prior to Deleting Your Account

One thing you need to be sure about is if you want to delete your Chegg account or not. This is because once deleted, the account will not be restored. To use Chegg services again, you need to create a new account.

Now, if you are set to delete your Chegg account, then you do not need to worry about the misuse of your data. The company deletes all the data related to your account permanently to stay true to its privacy policy.

Before heading to account deletion, you need to cancel your active subscriptions and return the textbook rentals. If you have rented an ebook, you need to wait till the end of the rental period before closing your account.

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Chegg will delete the account only when there are no active subscriptions and payments left, and after receiving the rented textbooks and e-books. The user will receive an email on his registered mail id after the account is successfully deleted.

There is always an alternative to a situation. So, what can be the alternative to permanently deleting the Chegg account? Let’s see.

4. Options to Consider Instead of Deleting Your Chegg Profile

One of the most common problems is Chegg frequently sending promotional emails and newsletters. This can be solved by simply unsubscribing. Just go to the end of the mail and click Unsubscribe. Or you can move the emails received from Chegg to the Spam folder.

Another method is to cancel the Chegg subscription.

Cancelling your subscription is different from deleting your account. This doesn’t affect your Chegg profile and hence can use its free services like ordering books or writing tools.

4.1) How to Cancel Chegg Subscription

You can simply cancel your Chegg subscription by following a few steps.

i) Log into your Chegg account.

ii) Click on Profile Icon and go to My Account. Select the Orders tab.

iii) All the active Chegg subscriptions will be shown under the Subscriptions head.

iv) Select the “Cancel Subscription” button. Your subscription will be cancelled.

Even though you have cancelled your subscription, it will be shown till the end of its current billing cycle. Also, you can reactivate your subscription at any point in time.

5. Closing the Chapter

There are mainly two ways to permanently delete your Chegg account, that is, either by sending an email or by using the Chegg website. Let’s go through both ways separately.

5.1) By Sending an Email

This is a relatively easier way to delete the Chegg account.

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Firstly, make sure that all the active subscriptions are closed and rental books are received by the company. After this go through the steps outlined.

i) Compose an email to the Chegg Support Team (closemyaccount@chegg.com) with the subject “Account Deletion Request” “Data Deletion Request” or ” Chegg Account Deletion”. Use the same email account that is registered with Chegg for this.

ii) Write all the necessary details like your profile name and registered email. Mention the reason for your account deletion.

iii) Send the email and wait for the reply. It usually takes 48 hours for the Chegg customer support team to respond. The team representative will help you to delete your account permanently.

5.2) By Web Browser

For this, you have to first go to the official Chegg site. Then follow the steps given accordingly.

i) Log into your Chegg account. Click on the Profile icon and go to the My Account page.

ii) Then, go to the Orders tab and ensure that there are no active subscriptions, as well as all the rentals, are returned.

iii) Now, click on the Security tab. There you’ll find “Contact Our support”. Click on it and write, “ Delete my Chegg account”.

iv) Chegg will give you a link to a form. Fill that and select “ Data Deletion Request” so that all the data related to your account is deleted.

v) Then, click Submit. Your account deletion request is sent.

The Chegg customer support team will respond to your email within a few days. They will help you with your account deletion process.

You will receive an email after your Chegg account is successfully deleted.

6. Conclusion

After going through the complete guide on how to delete a Chegg account, you can see how easy it is! Even so, it is advised to cancel your subscriptions rather than to permanently delete the Chegg account, you can do so by simply following the steps.

Deleting your Chegg account can also help you to reduce your digital footprint. This allows you to preserve your personal information and removes the risk of hacking.

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You can also raise your issues and queries regarding Chegg by using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Use the tag @CheggHelp and the Chegg customer support team will contact you.

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