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How to Make an End Portal: A Step-By-Step Guide

When Minecraft was first launched, everyone was glued to their screens for hours and could not think of doing anything even in their spare time but to play Minecraft. If you are a game player, you must have faced the query of how to make an end portal in Minecraft. Haven’t you?

It shall be elaborated here through a step-by-step guide and through a few more things that revolve around how to make an end portal in Minecraft.

How to make an end portal
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What Is an End Portal?

The game saw a new addition to it by the developers known as the ender dragon. Beating this ender dragon leads you to your victory. However, a special structure known as the end portal is required to reach the ender dragon, and it shall be elaborated on how to make an end portal.

So, an end portal can be said to be a type of gateway that leads you and give access to the end, the dark dimension- the place where the dragon resides. How to make an end portal depends on the mode you choose in the game- the creative mode or the survival mode, also known as the hardcore mode.

To make an end portal, the basic requirement is 12 end portal blocks and 12 eyes of the ender.

The Survival Mode

The survival mode or the hardcore mode is a mode of the game. In the survival mode, the player has to survive with the help of alternating and building terrain, and during this, the player should not lose sight of the conspicuous hunger bar and health bar.

The sole objective of the game is to survive hence, the name. The depletion of the bar depends on the danger level of the game. Knowing how to make an end portal in this mode is quite elaborate.

The Creative Mode

Creative mode
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The creative mode can be considered one of the main modes, with the hunger and health bar being absent. This mode allows the players to create and destroy structures with ease, and includes flying and use of blocks infinitely. Even the usually indestructible blocks such as the end portal frames can be destroyed in this mode of the game.

Here’s How to Make an End Portal

You shall be presented with a step-by-step guide on how to make an end portal from scratch.

1) Survival Mode: Finding End Portal

As mentioned earlier, in the survival mode, which is the default mode, you don’t need to focus on how to make an end portal but rather on finding an end portal in the stronghold.

Knowing how to make an end portal in this mode isn’t enough and not that easy either; you need to first locate the end portal, which can take up some of your time, and then, there is no assurance if the stronghold contains an end portal at all.

The first requirement is to obtain ender pearls, which are necessary for making the eyes of ender. Eyes of ender help in finding the nearest stronghold and completing the end portal.

1.1) Finding Ender Pearls

Ender pearl
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There are some ways in which you can look for ender pearls. The one way to assure you 100% result of getting them is doing Minecraft villager trading with them on expert level clerics. Provided you play Bedrock edition, you get one ender pearl from these villagers for every four to five emeralds. On the other hand, in the java edition, the percentage of chances drops lower.

Another way is to search for the ender men and kill them though the chances of getting ender pearls using this method are around 66%.

A way that holds only a 1.83% of chance for obtaining the ender pearls is offering a gold ingot to a Piglin in the Nether. Though the chance of getting the pearl in return for the gold ingot, as mentioned is low.

1.2) Obtaining Blaze Powder

After your quest for ender pearls is over, you move on to looking for blaze powder which can be done by going to the Nether, which is accessible only through the Nether portal. The following materials are required:

  • 14 Obsidian Blocks: A black block called Obsidian is obtained when you pour water over lava. Use a Diamond pickaxe or a Netherite Pickaxe to extract this resulting obsidian from the ground.
  • Flint and Steel: To create flint and steel, put one iron ingot (in the first block) and one flint (in the second box) on a crafting table with a 3×3 grid.
  • Fire Charge: Place one unit of gunpowder, one unit of blaze powder, and a coal or charcoal piece within a 3×3 grid to get three units of fire charge.

Once the materials are acquired, simply construct the nether portal frame. It should be four obsidian blocks wide and five obsidian blocks high. Activate the portal using either flint and steel or a fire charge.

The center of the portal block should glow and become purple once you’ve used the flint and steel in the frame. This indicates that the nether portal is open and that you may pass through it.

Nether Portal
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After standing inside, you will have to collect blaze rods, which shall be required to create the blaze powder. You must kill a blaze (flaming creatures) to obtain one blaze rod, whom you can find inside nether fortresses in the nether world.

When added to a crafting table, one blaze rod will provide two units of blaze powder.

1.3) Crafting an Eye of Ender

After collecting the Ender Pearl and the Blaze Powder, the next step is to create an eye of ender.

In the grid, place the Ender Pearl in the middle of the grid and the Blaze Powder to the left. Eye of Ender crafted.

You need at least 12 Eye of Enders to complete an end portal, but keeping 20 to 30 as a backup is good as you also need several to find a stronghold. Finding an End Portal frame that is entirely pre-filled is extremely unlikely.

1.4) Finding a Stronghold and Searching for the End Portal

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An end portal can only be found in the nearest stronghold, which is situated under the Overworld surface. Explore the underground stronghold with several chambers and corridors to find plunderable chests, libraries, etc.

These Strongholds can be located in two steps using the Eye of Ender:

  • Find a stronghold using Eyes of Ender: Choose the Eye of Ender from the hot bar, simply throw it. But in the Minecraft pocket edition, you can just tap the screen. See it fly, float, and then fall to the ground. This process has to be repeated in order to locate the stronghold.
  • Start Digging Straight: Keep an eye out for the precise block that your final eye of ender falls on upon throwing. You can find the Stronghold you’re seeking directly beneath that block by digging. When you start to see stone bricks and mossy stone bricks, you are at the Stronghold.

You must navigate the Stronghold passageways, which are almost like a maze, while looking for the portal room. The distance between the start of the stronghold and the portal room is often less than 10 rooms.

The portal room is indicated by corridors, doors, or a staircase leading to it.

1.5) Finish the Broken End Portal

You’ll uncover a monster spawner in the portal chamber, which you must eliminate to prevent any accidents. Beyond that flight of stairs is also the damaged End Portal frame.

There will be 12 blocks around the broken End Portal where the Eyes of Ender must be set in the missing pegs to complete the end portal.

After positioning the eyes of ender, the center of the frame will become dark, giving the look of a galaxy, indicating that the portal is open, allowing access to the End Dimension.

2) Creative Mode: Making Your Own End Portal

Building your own end portal is easier in creative mode since you already have all the necessary materials in your infinite inventory. To create an end portal and enter the End Dimension, use the already present end portal blocks and eyes of ender. Simply follow these steps:

2.1) Equip End Portal Frame and Eye of Ender

Launch your inventory and select the Search Items tab for end Portal Frames or Eye of Ender. You can also find it under the Decorative items tab, then equip each in any one of your hot bar slots.

2.2) Build the End Portal Frame

The End Portal is basically a ring with three blocks on each side. Place end portal frames, three in number, next to one another, then turn to the right and put another three end portal frames there to create the portal’s second side.

Ensure the green tabs on the end portal frames’ tops face the portal’s inside. Keep doing this until you create a frame with 12 end portal frames.

2.3) Opening the End Portal

Finally, simply place the Eye of Ender in each end portal frame block to open the end portal. When the center of the frame becomes dark, the portal is open.


To most parents, video games seem like a harmful activity (which they can sometimes be), but one must acknowledge the advantages too! There are some advantages of playing video games that might not seem like much right now, but it certainly comes in handy in the future. So like everything else, in moderation, video games can have their good sides too!

Minecraft is an ageless inclusive game that even you, as an adult, can enjoy with your kids! And with some tips and tricks, you can be champions in the game together. So, next time you see your child struggling in the game, join them with your knowledge of end portals!

The players have two ways to access the end portal in Minecraft: by creating the portal themselves or by using the already existing one in the stronghold. Knowing how to make an end portal in the game can be too much work, but going through this and then winning is the ultimate feel, isn’t it?

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