The Toronto Light Festival: 3 Amazing Things to Watch Out

The Toronto light festival is the biggest light show festival in Canada. Not just in Toronto, but this light show is one of the most significant events in the U.S.

The winners were so cold, and people wanted to stay at home with hot chocolate, but the creators of the Toronto light show had something big in their minds. That’s where the idea of the Toronto light festival was born.

Toronto light fest
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What does the Toronto light show offer?

The Toronto light festival offers the most amazing and breathtaking light show presented by local and international artists worldwide.

The light festivals are always a thing to experience once in your life, and the Toronto light show is one of them.

Yes, we will talk about everything Toronto light festival but let me tell you where it occurs and which time of the year you can enjoy it live.

So, the Toronto light festival is organized every year at 55 mill street in the distillery district of Toronto.

What is the Distillery’s Historic District?

Distillery district
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Covering almost 13 acres of land, the distillery district is one of the major attractions of Toronto. The destination is famous for its:

  • history

  • culture

  • art

  • residential areas

  • business class

Not just this, the distillery district is so much more than this because of the beautiful shopping places, art galleries, finger-licking food of cafes, and theatres.

Toronto distillery district
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But the Toronto light show is why the distillery district is so famous.

Where does the light show happen?

The show is conducted at the Mill St of the distillery district during the cold days of winter.

Mill Street of toronto
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Trust me, visiting the Toronto light show is much more worth it than spending a winter day at your home in a boring blanket.

When does the Toronto light festival start?

The Toronto lighting show starts on 27th January and goes till March 1.

Just like last year, this year as well, the light festival will begin at the same time in the same city but with a lot more improved content and uniqueness.

During dark winter nights, thousands of visitors come out of their houses and visit the mill street light show with warm hearts.

What’s so unique about this destination?

The streets inside mill street will make you forget about the outer world, and you cannot help but get immersed in the illusions of lights, fire, LED shows, and the skills of professional artists.

Distillery loop

The Distillery loop is a streetcar loop connecting the historic distillery district’s cherry street and king street.

The pathway is filled with beautiful flowers and trees, making walking so relaxing.

What to see at the Toronto light fest?

So, the first thing you will see after entering mill street will be the whole street covered with thousands of lights and illuminating objects in front of your eyes.

Christmas tree and lights

There will be Christmas lights everywhere, with the biggest Christmas tree in the city decorated with modern lights and illuminators of eye-catching technology.

Glowing origami creatures

There are huge, like, really huge animals filled with unique lighting technology and beautiful illusions using led lights.

You will see breathtaking origami animals glowing and spitting the colours you have never seen before in lights and bulbs and much more.

Other things to explore

Be ready for a playful adventure because you can see a big lighting spiral you can pass through.

The interactive installations by professional artists from every corner showcase their talent in front of visitors with the collective spirit of talent.

The walking streets of the district are crowded with amazing artists showcasing their skills of similar technologies but with the self-expression of lights in different forms.

Fire shows and a lot more

The Toronto light festival is bringing many highly skilled artists in the field of illuminations and light work from all around the world, including beautiful ladies who are well trained in fire experiments.

You can check the lists of these artists and their backgrounds on the official website of the Toronto light festival.

How to get tickets or book a tour?

The first thing is that entry to the Toronto light show is free. Visitors can enter and enjoy any part of the street at zero cost.

About the tour, the Toronto light festival team offers a visual journey tour for their visitors to help them explore the whole show without any regrets.

How long is the tour?

The tour is about 90 minutes long, and they will offer you a guide to ensure you visit every artist’s work and don’t miss any lightning-animated adventure.

You can book the tour online early because of peak times, don’t forget to check the departure timings and schedule on their official website.

Best food to grab at the Toronto light festival

Several restaurants and food stalls offer a range of food items perfect for winter cravings.

You can grab snacks, drinks, and even three meal courses to fill your hunger. Some of the few restaurants are:

  • El Catrin Destileria

  • Brunch and Bubbles

  • Pure Sprints

You can get information about each of these restaurants on the official website of Check out the menu and the rates beforehand.

Other services offered in the Toronto light show

There is an acute scarcity of parking on 55 mill street, so I suggest you take one of the parking lots offered by the Distillery district parking garage.

You can take the parking slots in the distillery district near Cherry street, which is a few minutes walk away from Toronto light show destination.

How to reach Mill St.?

You can take the train from the frank station, then the bus and reach Toronto light fest by walking one block south to Mill St.

Or you can use google maps if you have your vehicle. Check out the maps offered by

Contacts and Inquiry

Visitors can mail to their official website here and ask any questions or doubts regarding any news, artists’ info, or anything you want to know about.

So this was all about the Distillery District and the Toronto light show or the Toronto light festival. I tried to offer every small or major piece of information about the light show.

I hope you got everything you need to know about the show. If you like this article.

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