A tablet and game controller lying on the grass. A tablet and game controller lying on the grass.

Controller-Free Cloud Gaming: Mastering the Art with Exciting Hacks

Cloud gaming is taking over traditional gaming. Gamers love to play cloud games. It requires a high-tech device. But do you know how to play cloud gaming without a controller?

Besides, it does not need more space to install. Players play cloud games with a gaming system and controller. But what about people not having a controller? How will they play a game? Yes, you can make this possible.

These controls are available for a few games. Not every game possesses this characteristic. These features allow you to access cloud games through the touch feature. Let’s understand cloud gaming without a controller. First, we take a look at cloud gaming.

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1. Understanding Gaming in the Clouds

A new world of gaming is evolving. As you have heard of it, cloud gaming! It is now available on Xbox and Google Stadia. Many other platforms work on cloud gaming. The concept behind cloud gaming is quite simple. No need to obtain a console or a disc.

It is like watching a Netflix movie. Cloud gaming uses a method of remote servers. There is no need to install video games on a PC. But, it requires a consistent internet connection. Without that, the game will lag.

You notice and take control of every interaction of the game. It is just like a steaming platform. However, there is a slight difference. You are not the only one making interactions over the server. It can also interfere and interact with your inputs.

So, you do not need a Playstation5 or Xbox Series X. All you need is an internet connection. The strongest rival of video games includes Xbox and PlayStation. They are also the best-selling consoles for video games.

Popular games such as Halo 5: Guardians are available on the cloud server. But, every player does not have controllers. Also, they do not have a gamepad to access cloud games.

Additionally, equipment like a keyboard and a mouse can come in handy. So, how to play cloud gaming without a controller? Let’s take a look!

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2. Playing Cloud Games without a Controller

Yes, you can play could games without control. Yet, it is not available for every game. You get to experience cloud games without a controller through touch. However, Xbox game pass games offer a few cloud-based games without a controller.

You don’t require a controller to stream these video games. You play these games through touch! Now what are the games you have access to with touch? These pc games are Persona 5, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Pentiment.

But the game pass cloud also requires controllers. But can you access the game pass cloud without using a controller? Yes! You can have access to the game pass cloud with touch. You do not require controllers to do so. These titles are available on many devices.

You can stream games on iOS devices, Android phones, desktops, and Windows PCs. They are also available on tablets. You can play Xbox games by clicking on the remote play option. The game will mirror the screen of the TV.

It will also mirror the phone screen. Now it is controlled by the remote of PlayStation 4. You can play it through the phone’s screen and touch controls. In addition, you can also control it on a TV screen.

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3. How Does the Touch Feature Work

Xbox game pass application allows you to access depending upon the device application. For example, Android devices for cloud games. Then you need an Android version of at least 6.0 or more to play.

Yet, if you want to play an Xbox game pass on an IOS device, then you need Apple iOS version 12 or more. Now you can play with touch while setting up an Xbox game pass on your phone.

They will only work on games with a feature touch. This includes every game you can play without a console. Additionally, you can play games without a controller.

Look at the category of featuring games that can work without a controller. We have already mentioned these games above. However, these games are very limited. But these are the top games!

3.01 How to play Cloud Gaming without Controller: The Steps

Now you know, you can access cloud games without a controller. It is all possible via the touch feature. You should know the steps. So, you run to your device and start playing console free. To play cloud games without a controller, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Xbox game pass software or application on your device. You can use Android, iPhone, or Windows PC.
  2. Go to the Xbox game pass home screen.
  3. There are subcategories displayed on the screen. Scroll down the subcategories.
  4. Once you scroll down, there is an option to ‘play with the touch.’
  5. Click on the option. Now, press the ‘show all’ option.
  6. A list will appear on your screen. These are the list of games that you can play without a controller.
  7. Select the game that you wanna play.
  8. Click on the ‘play’ option. This starts the game on your device.
  9. Now the game will load and overlay on your screen. You can adjust this overlay. It is a replacement for a controller. There are also on-screen prompts.
  10. Thus, you can navigate the game on the screen. Now, you’re all set up to play a cloud-based game without a controller.

Key Note

Cloud games need controllers in most cases. But have you ever considered playing cloud games without a controller? Or maybe, you failed to do so. Now, you can play cloud games on servers without controllers. It is possible through the touch feature.

It allows you to play some of the most popular games without a remote. Yet, this feature is only available for a few games. Let’s hope the touch feature evolves for many more games in the future! is necessary. And there you have it!

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