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The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto

If you want to taste new flavors and cuisines in Toronto’s Distillery District, You are in the right place. Distillery District has the best restaurants for food lovers with elegant ambiance, delectable food options, chilling drinks, international seasonings, and friendly services.

Whether you are looking for trendy eateries, delicious food, or romantic dinners and family getaways, you will find something in Toronto’s Distillery District that will satisfy your cravings on a whole new scale. We will walk through the top restaurants in Toronto’s Distillery District during your stay there.  

1. Discover the Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto

Distillery District was invented by developers who wanted to create this district as a national historic site in Toronto, Ontario with the largest shopping destination, best coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, amazing festivals, events, and beautiful art galleries. Their dream came true when the distillery district was appreciated by many Visitors and locals alike in Toronto

When it comes to finding the best restaurants in Toronto’s Distillery District, is home to numerous restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food, tasty flavors, and delightful meals that make your dining memorable, unlike others in Toronto.

From the cup of coffee at Arvo Coffe bar, Chef Taka’s japanese cuisine at Boku restaurant, and the savory offerings of Wildly restaurant to the French food of Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie and cheesy pizza of District Pizza, each restaurant in the distillery district caters to delicious treats to everyone.

Today we are here with amazing restaurants and dining spots in Toronto’s Distillery District.

The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto
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1.1. Arvo Coffee Restaurant:

Arvo comes from Australia which means grabbing a cup of coffee during the afternoon and evening the perfect time to sip hot or cold coffee at the Arvo Coffee restaurant.

The Arvo coffee restaurant is just a little shop but offers various food options and coffees in a rustic ambiance and beautiful seating. The restaurant’s menu is fantastic, the inclusive menu also includes vegan, and gluten-free food options, ensuring there is something on every bite.

Try the most popular Aussie Magic coffee with Australian & steamed microfoam milk, flat white coffee, nitro cold brew topped with cream, and Americano coffee, made by skilled and talented chefs who push their limits and serve incredible coffees to visitors.  

For quick bites during breakfast and lunch savor the Ham & Cheese Croissant which is freshly baked daily, The vegan and gluten-free Arvo Powerball and Lemon Raspberry Muffin transport your dining to a new hike.

Kids can enjoy the hot chocolate, vanilla steamer, and babycino, the restaurant ensures everyone enjoys dining at the Arvo Coffee. The Arvo coffee restaurant menu also offers hot drinks and iced drinks which are the perfect pairings to your food.

You can pair an Iced latte served with espresso and milk over ice and a cappuccino with a velvety layer of milk. The Arvo Coffe restaurant has a pretty location in Liberty Village with delectable food options and Coffees in elegant decor and natural lights.

The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto
Screenshot from: Arvo Coffee Restaurant

1.2. Boku Restaurant

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with Chef Taka’s handmade North and East Asian cuisines at Boku Restaurant. He has worked for over twenty years in the Cuilnery scene of the Distillery District, and has given his specialized cuisines to many restaurants, The Boku restaurant is grateful to Taka for serving delicious Asian and japanese cuisines to their visitors and locals.

The Boku restaurant offers an exclusive menu including flagship ramen, and flagship rice bowl with white onion, bean sprouts, soybean, and a choice of pork, vegetarian, or chicken this ramen is so delicious to eat.

Be prepared to taste the japanese cuisine full of flavors and spices along with pickle reddish, deep-fried chicken or shrimp. Try out some different textures like beef udon with broccoli, mushroom, green onion, and red pepper.

They also have signature appetizers from takoyaki topped with tanka sauce, gyoza with deep-fried dumplings, and ponzu sauce to the japanese style fried chicken with Karaage.

To change your taste you can savor the japanese poutine inspired by japanese cuisine with sour cream and cheese curds, inviting all nachos lovers to taste the new kind of nachos which is salmon tartare paired with taro chips.

Getting tired of eating chicken rolls or veg rolls try sushi rolls with mayonnaise, mozzarella cheese, fresh veggies, and sushi alongside California roll, avocado tuna, and spicy salmon.

Vegan diners can find fantastic vegan food options that are so yummy like dazzling stir fry with fried tofu, carrot noodles, fresh vegetables, and arugula.

The Boku restaurant is a japanese based restaurant where you will get everything in a japanese style even cocktails, beers, whiskeys, and wines. 

Sip on the boku restaurant’s worldwide whisky collections, japanese whisky, draft beers, and japanese cocktails, and get a chance to savor the seasonal exclusive deluxe bottle.

The Boku restaurant has franchises in various locations Distillery District, Yonge Street West, Queen Street, and Bayview, offering japanese trendy eateries and drinks to every corner of Toronto.  

The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto
Sceebshot From: Boku Restaurant

The Icy Canada team talked to Kim Christink, Founder and Owner of Bayridge Counselling Centres, about factors to consider while exploring a new dining destination like Toronto’s Distillery District. Here is what he said:

Kim Christink - Featured
Kim Christink

“I’d always thought the restaurant scene in my town’s historic district was a little bit—well, “meh,” shall we say? So many charming buildings, and so much foot traffic, and most of them just seemed fairly pedestrian, with their interchangeable menus aimed at tourists.

And then came the new place, focusing on ‘regional elevated cuisine.’ With them, they brought local produce; even in the menu cocktails, they included historical facts and had plates done with local heritage pottery designs.

While in this place, the visitors taste the flavors of their region, which makes the local people again feel the history of their past.

Word quickly spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth about the unique approach to the restaurant, which rapidly became the most sought-after reservation in the district.

This project highlights the power of place in terms of a source of inspiration rather than just a simple setting. By interweaving local elements into their concept thoughtfully, they built something of an experience not translatable.

This built customer loyalty and buzz far more effectively than relying on the charm of the buildings alone.”

1.3. Wildly Delicious 

Welcome to Canada’s specialty food company which visitors and locals have recognized for over twenty-five years, Wildly delicious is a little food shop with a small restaurant in the distillery district that offers spectacular food products.

The Widely Delicious company prepares food products in some categories like different sauce bottles, fiesta bases, oils, savory offerings, sweet muffins, pancakes, puddings, and homemade spices.

These products are made by skilled and talented chefs who have experience in cooking, products ingredients are locally sourced from fresh farms. They have all types of sauces from jam, chili sauce, and tomato sauce to vinegar, honey, and olive oil. 

They also have a mini cafe in the distillery district where you will get healthy and nutritious sandwiches, salads, sidekicks, toasted bagels, sacks, and bites. 

You can taste some popular choices of wild favorites Parm Crusted Grilled Cheese, Juicy Burger With Cheddar cheese, White Truffle Fries and you can go for Chicken Avocado BLT sandwiches, House Roasted Turkey sandwiches with some tasty side kicks like side Cesar salad, hand-cut fries, and much more, each dish provides unique taste and flavors. 

For diet-conscious diners turkey cobb salad, chimichurri salad, and palew bowl are available, ensuring everyone can enjoy at the wildly delicious cafe. Kickstart your day with cream cheese donuts, bacon cheddar and egg, and fried egg, with white cheddar and lettuce, perfect breakfast to start your morning.

The Wildly Delicious restaurant welcomes you with rustic decor and a beautiful aura, the staff is friendly and attentive they help you to choose the menu and offer their best dish to savor. The cuilnery team is skilled and trained under the guidance of cooking experts to serve the best food to visitors.

Are you looking for something for a sweet? Look no further than the Wildly Delicious it offers tasty chocolate pecan tart, smores bar, milk chocolate buttercrunch, and a lot more. 

 The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto
Screenshot From: Wildly Delicious

1.4. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Enjoy the French delights at the Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie with exciting music, spacious design, and attentive services that make your French dining more delicious in Toronto.

The restaurant has been recognized as the best French restaurant in Toronto according to USA Today and BlogTo which excites and attracts millions of visitors.

Sipping their carefully curated wine collection at the bistro which is made from scratch, there are two hundred different wine bottles to choose from according to your taste in a sophisticated setting and captivating ambiance.  

Cafe and Boulangerie’s menu is sourced and inspired by Parisian cafes that serve tasty pastries, baked cakes, and cookies. Cafe and Boulangerie allow visitors to bring a box of pastries, macaroons, homemade slices of bread, and signature items like frites spice and leaf teas.

Whether you are craving teas, coffees, beverages, and fresh Bargutta or fresh salads, sandwiches, and quick bites in the distillery district, the Cluny cafe provides everything that you want for perfect dining.  

Host your next intimate dining, family gatherings, media, or business events at Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie, they organize the perfect party for any occasion your guests will get modern French cuisine made by talented chefs, excellent hospitality, luxurious suites, and stylish atmosphere.

Explore the restaurant’s exclusive menu for lunch, dinner, and brunch which includes tasty offerings like Omletette du jour served with Boston bibb, buttermilk dill dressing, french burgers, fried chicken with sweet desserts, and chilling cocktails, and craft beers. 

​The restaurants also provide rooftop and outdoor patios for evening dining or summer nights. If you are looking for French cuisine in a distillery district You must visit the Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie cafe which offers a perfect blend of everything from breads, sandwiches, and burgers, to coffees, wines, and sweet desserts.   

 The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto
Screenshot From: Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie


Michael Alexis, CEO of Virtual Team Building, discussed the factors to consider when choosing a restaurant in a new dining destination, such as Toronto’s Distillery District. Here is what he had to say:

Michael Alexis - Featured
Michael Alexis

“When exploring a new dining destination, such as Toronto’s Distillery District, there are several factors to consider when choosing a restaurant.

One of the key priorities for many is the cuisine variety available, as this allows for options that cater to different preferences and dietary restrictions. As someone who has recently developed food intolerances, I’ve become hyper-aware of this consideration in the past few years. 

Having to plan team-building activities during retreats for my company has further heightened my awareness of this element since entertaining large groups involves juggling different eating needs.

The restaurant density and variety in Toronto’s Distillery District make it a great destination for diners with dietary needs since the multitude of eateries means multiple options for allergies or preferences. 

In areas where restaurants are more spread out, having only a single restaurant that suits everyone’s specifications can derail plans, since if that restaurant is busy, diners will be forced to wait or may even be turned away.

When going somewhere like the Distillery District, I like to opt for a food tour with multiple stops, or select a few different restaurants as backup options when planning a sit-down dinner.”

1.5. Pizza District

Inviting all pizza lovers, who want to try something new and unique pizza in the Distillery District, visit Pizza District the best pizza spot where every bite tastes the new flavors like no other in Toronto.

The Pizza District makes pizza with the best and highest-quality ingredients so that every visitor brings an exceptional taste to their bite and wants to come more and more.

They prepare the pizza dough for two days for a chewy crust and softness, they use gluten-free flour to make dough which contains high-quality wheat that provides authentic flavors and textures that you would not find anywhere in the Distillery District.

They make the gluten-free pizzas in a separate area using imported ingredients and bake them in individual stainless steel panes. The pizza sauces are made with organic tomatoes sourced from fresh farms and then cooked until they give rich flavors without adding salt or any spices. Garlic and onion are added with a little amount of basil and oregano and the best pizza sauce is served on your plate which will carve for more. 

The Pizza District provides a curated menu for every bite, including Pizza, fries, poutine, housemade dips, chicken wings, snacks, drinks, desserts, and pantry items.

Try their classic pepperoni Pizza with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni, and Margherita Pizza with a classic combination of organic tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, sauce, and basils.

If you want to build your pizza with your choice of ingredients, The Pizza District invites you to make your pizza with fries poutine, Barrie poutine, sauce, mozzarella cheese, and french fries that enhance your overall pizza dining. 

 The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto
Screenshot From: Pizza District

1.6. El Catrin Destileria

Are you looking for Mexican cuisine in Toronto’s distillery district look no further than the El Catrin Destileria which offers traditional and pure modern Mexican cuisine. Diners will find delicious Mexican cuisine, an interesting ambiance, and helpful services these are the reasons the El Catrin Destileria restaurant is among the top Mexican restaurants in the Distillery district.

for lunch, dinner, or any weekend parties the restaurant provides an authentic Mexican menu. Try out the chef Zamora’s Especialidades de la Casa the original spicy sauce that can be paired with fresh salads and reddish, this dish is a must-try for everyone and customized to enjoy with family and friends.

Taste the tomato salsa with tortilla chips a perfect snack for the evening or any parties. The El Catrin Destileria’s menu invites visitors to taste the different Mexican seasonings and dishes that are taken from different corners of Mexico.

The El Catrin Destileria’s decor is designed by three Mexican artists who did an excellent job and creating a friendly atmosphere for guests with their creativity.

The culinary team is dedicated to serving delicious Mexican cuisines with impeccable services that transport your ordinary dining into an extraordinary one, the restaurants provide an incredible dining experience with a fun atmosphere.

Take a small bite of botanas with corn tortillas for lunch. Grab the intimate dining scene with chicken tinga flauts with chocolate and strawberry cake making it a perfect dining place for any occasion.

Plan your next weekend’s dinner at El Catrina Destileria with their weekend menu available on Saturday and Sunday try Mexican toast, fried shrimp, and tres cheesecake with chilling drinks, beverages, and wines that pair with your dinner wonderfully.

When planning to visit Toronto You must visit El Catrina Destileria to savor the traditional and modern Mexican cuisines in Distillery District Toronto.   

 The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto
Screenshot From: El Catrin Destileria

1.7. Pure Spirits Oyster House & Grill

Inviting all seafood lovers, to taste the fresh fish, seafood, and oysters at the Pure Spirit Oyster House and Grill that are sourced from the diverse regions of North America 

The Pure Spirit Oyster House and Grill is located in the Distillery district and has been considered the best seafood restaurant in Toronto. At Pure Sprits, your dining table is ready to serve sustainable seafood offerings, delicious Maine courses, trendy pairings, perfect cocktails, and Ontario’s best wine collection.

Catch the expertly crafted menu and enjoy every dish made with love, care, and the finest ingredients. The menu offers fresh fish which is sourced from fresh farms and is so delicious to eat, The fish is served with organic tomatoes, onion puree, soba noodles, fresh beans, and chimichurri.

Grab the main course from the land and enjoy the fantastic dining at Pure Spirits Oyster House and grills, the main course options are fully awesome burgers, jerk chicken sandwiches, pasta with spaghetti, fresh vegetables, and cheese, Gluten-free pasta is also available for vegetarian diners. 

Children can have chicken fingers and fries, mini fish chips, pasta with butter sauce, and kid’s favorite vanilla ice cream, ensuring everyone can enjoy the meal at the Pure Spirit restaurant.

Sink your teeth into the delectable sweet desserts like chocolate raspberry tart, mile-high chocolate cake, and much more, offering the best dessert to accompany your dinner.

Whether you seek wheelchair accessibility valet parking, easily accessible washrooms, or large spaces for fine dining with rooftop patios and outdoor seating, The restaurants provide all types of accessibility with modern amenities.

Pure Spirits provides proper facilities with health and safety protocols, acknowledges the guests’ requirements, and offers the best services to them during their time dining.

Reservations are available at Pure Spirit you can book your table according to your time and preferences. Upon arrival, you can choose a table to dine if the table is not available at the time of arrival, restaurants add you to a digital waiting list when the table is available they will call you.

The restaurant is located in the Distillery District which is surrounded by various shopping centers, art galleries, top attractions, and outdoor spaces so visitor can explore the area until they get a call for their table.

The Best Restaurants in Distillery District Toronto
Screenshot From: Pure Spirits Oyster House & Grill

We interviewed Bhavik Sarkhedi, CMO of Write Right, on the uniqueness of any restaurant in destinations like the Distillery District. Here is what he said:

Bhavik Sarkhedi - Featured
Bhavik Sarkhedi

“When I explore a new dining destination like Toronto’s Distillery District, the factors I prioritize in choosing a restaurant revolve around a blend of ambiance, uniqueness of the menu, and the overall dining experience. 

Here’s how I approach it:

  • Ambiance: The setting of a restaurant plays a crucial role in my choice. I look for places that offer not just food but an experience that resonates with the area’s cultural vibe. The Distillery District, with its historic and artistic flair, sets a high bar for a unique ambiance.
  • The uniqueness of Menu: I’m drawn to restaurants that offer something different—be it a fusion of cuisines, innovative dishes, or a creative twist on classics. This uniqueness often turns a meal into a memorable exploration of flavors.
  • Cuisine Variety: While uniqueness is key, I also appreciate a diverse menu that caters to various dietary preferences and introduces me to local or exotic ingredients.
  • Memorable Dining Experience: A truly memorable dining experience for me combines these elements with exceptional service. It’s not just about the food, but how the meal is presented, the story behind the dishes, and how the staff enhances the experience with their knowledge and hospitality.

In vibrant cultural hubs like the Distillery District, where every corner offers a new taste or a different story, these factors help create not just a meal, but a lasting impression that defines the essence of the place.”

2. Conclusion:

So, these are the best restaurants in Tornto’s distillery district where every corner offers tasty offerings, delicious meals, various dessert options, international cuisines, and craft beers or wines all with beautiful decor and a friendly environment.

Whether you seek intimate dining, family dining, and weekend getaways or just want to savor Toronto’s cuilnery scene, each establishment offers a unique dining experience in the cute distillery district neighborhood.

From the Mexican cruises of El Catrina Destileria, seafood meals and fresh fish of Pure Spirit, and fresh pan pizza of Pizza District to the cappuccino of Arvo Coffee bar and French appetite of Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie, every restaurant covered the delicious taste and flavors, unlike others in Toronto.

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