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Top 15 Best Restaurants in Midtown, Toronto

Canada is an eclectic mix of culture, ethnicity, language, traditions, food, and more, making it one of the top sought-after countries in the world. Toronto has the largest population in Canada and ranks as the fifth most populous city in North America.

With these facts in mind, it’s evident that there are many food corners, fine-dining restaurants, and food places, making it challenging to pick the best restaurant in Midtown Toronto alone, which is the most dynamic part of Toronto.

Midtown Toronto is undeniably a bustling place both day and night. It has museums, art galleries, live street performances, clubs, bars, a general active life, and many restaurants.

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Restaurants are born and die every time, but some outstanding restaurants have been able to offer exceptional services. A few of those restaurants are listed below

1. Best Restaurants in Midtown Toronto

1.1. El Tenodor

Eating organic food has become a trend in the past few years, and its health benefits are unmatched. That being said, El Tenodor sets itself apart by being a Spanish-French-Latin cuisine-based restaurant and advocating organic foods. With a more straightforward slogan, the restaurant uses seasonal, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients.

El Tenodor offers a chef table experience for its guests. The chef’s table service allows dinner to witness the birth of different exotic delicacies. For individuals who want to have a special treat with a private chef experience, restaurants offer private chef service so that people can create unforgettable food experiences at their functions.

El Tenodor is located at 909 Yonge St. It’s a must-visit for an enjoyable yet healthy food experience.

1.2. Sorrel

This Gem of a restaurant redefines sophistication. In a cozy neighborhood at 1158 Yonge St, Sorrel offers French and other Mediterranean cuisines in the heart of Midtown. Diners receive the finest dining experience, from great exotic meals to perfect customer service.

As a French restaurant, Sorrel offers a great wine list to all who visit. The restaurant often gets busy, so making a reservation is a wise choice before going there. Sorrel has been in the top 100 list of the best restaurants in Canada for six years.

1.3. Scaramouche

Nothing tops eating while watching the skyline as the sunsets. Scaramouche is a modern French restaurant that has captured not only the guests’ taste buds but also their hearts and souls. Scarmouche exposes you to what fine dining is. Their food is unbelievably mouth-watering, from pasta and pizza to oysters and other great French cuisines.

Scaramouche | Modern French cuisine | Skyline View | Michelin Guide | June 2023 | Throwback May 2022

Scaramouche is open Monday through Saturday evening. The last orders are received by 9:00. From then on, no food orders are accepted, but guests can enjoy a calm night for as long as they want to. Most dinners give the restaurant a five-star review because it deserves nothing less than a five-star. The restaurant is located at Benvenuto Place, and there is valet parking.

1.4. Sassafarz

Candian cuisine and French cuisine separately are loved and appreciated by a lot of people, even those who are not food lovers; now imagine the combination of both on one plate, one table. Sassafarz brings Canada and France together to make delectable meals and unforgettable memories. The restaurant is located at 100 Cumberland Street and is an all-in-one restaurant.

Do you have a brunch, dinner, wedding, or private event? Sassafarz can cater for all that you need. The ambiance and decor are world-class, with many details and passion put into them with their guests in mind.

Sassafarz is known for its cozy and soulful experience, with a romantic interior. It hosts more than 100 weddings a year and has been recognized as one of the top fifteen venues for intimate weddings.

Wedding in Toronto , Sassafraz restaurant

1.5. Chandelier Dine and Bar

life at Chandelier is filled with Eastern European cuisines that have inspired the two sisters who founded the restaurant. The restaurant embraces Eastern European cuisine and has the concept of family in their hearts and soul.

The restaurant aims to recreate centuries-old Armenian recipes and add a modern touch. Embracing food as a symbol of love and togetherness, the restaurant also emphasizes quality, ambiance, and elegance. The restaurant is located at 1993 Yonge St, Midtown, Toronto.

1.6. Oretta Midtown

You can not mention restaurants in Midtown Toronto without mentioning Oretta Midtown, which brings modern and traditional Italian cuisines to the heart of Toronto. Oretta attracts passionate people with contemporary and chic tastes. The restaurant not only serves the best Italian dishes but also stimulates the eyes of its guests with its unbelievable interior and ambiance.

Oretta Midtown restaurant offers great wine pairings from Italy with its meals. It also provides spaces for events, private dining, and event coordinators who can help plan your event. Oretta is located at 2131 Yonge Street. Experience Italian dishes in the most modern way possible with great cocktails at Oretta.

1.7. Blu Ristorante

With so many accolades, Blu Ristorante is a modern Italian restaurant located at 90 Avenue Road, Toronto. It is recognized as one of Canada’s top 100 romantic restaurants and the best Italian restaurant with the most beautiful patio. The restaurant offers surreal Italian dishes, from perfect risotto to the most authentic pizza.

Blu has live performances on weekends, setting the perfect mood for its guests. The wine bar, dining area, patio, interior design, and combination make Blu an ideal spot to unwind and relax.

1.8. Opus Restaurant

Find a synergy between world-class cuisine and a Canadian touch at Opus restaurant, 37 Prince Arthur Ave, close to Toronto’s top hotels and the fashion district. The restaurant has become a canvas for chef Jason’s creations, making it among the top 93 wine restaurants in the world.

Opus restaurant received the Spectator Grand award; therefore, expect a comprehensive wine list. The wine cellar has over 2500 wine selections, and guests who will spend the evening can request the wine list selection before arrival.

For guests with private events or dining, the restaurant has an elegant theatre-style screen and wireless internet service in a private dining room that can host twenty guests. On top of great food, excellent customer service, and an enchanting ambiance, Opus Restaurant has a courtyard where guests can drink and relax

1.9. The Carbon Bar

Meat lovers in Midtown Toronto have their favorite spot at Carbon Bar. Located at 99 Queen St East, Carbon Bar has excellent qualities and diverse services, making it a food out among many barbeque places in Midtown. The restaurant uses fresh meat and authentic ingredients, and the barbeque is prepared in Texas style.

The restaurant can accommodate different events, and private gatherings and make custom catering for the guests, Carbon bar has the section of the chef’s table where guests can reserve and watch the chef as they prepare the meal and a beautiful lounge for relaxation. There is a team that can help prepare for private events, and DJs and bands are allowed to help you create unforgettable memories.

1.10. Grazie Restorante

Allow your taste buds to transport you to the hills of Tuscany or the streets of Rome by trying genuine Italian dishes prepared with so much care. Grazie Restaurant is a family-owned business with two locations. In Midtown Toronto, the restaurant is located at 2373 Yonge Street and lives up to its name; after every meal, all the dinners are left speechless with only one word in their mouth: Grazie!

Enjoy exotic Italian meals with your family, friend, or partner, such as hand-tossed pizza or homemade pasta. The restaurant has become a go-to place for most Italian lovers because of its reasonable prices, fair portions, and friendly staff.

1.11. Positano Restaurant

While most Italian restaurants are known for serving a wide variety of Italian dishes, Positano restaurant is dedicated to serving southern Italian dishes inspired by the Amalfi coast. Established in 1993, it continues to offer a fine dining experience with a friendly atmosphere and great authentic Italian wines.

Positano Restaurant is located at 633 Mt Pleasant Rd Midtown Toronto. The restaurants offer top-notch services in all aspects, with high-quality meals on every visit; making a reservation beforehand, especially on weekends, is highly recommended. 

1.12. Le Paradis

Located in a nice and cozy neighborhood166, Bedford Road, this Brasserie restaurant has remained solid for a while now. The restaurant is dedicated to providing authentic French cuisine accompanied by excellent wines and cocktail menus.

Le Paradis has a way of giving a typical French atmosphere by having more French-speaking staff and most diners speaking French, too, making one feel as though they are in the country itself. With outdoor settings, cozy sitting nooks, great food, and more, Le Paradis provides room for a more romantic setting.

1.13. Joso’s

From a small coffee house in 1967 to one of the most popular and loved restaurants in Toronto, Joso’s restaurant has seen more history and evolution than most people who come to dine. The fact that the restaurant is almost 60 years old proves its reliability and excellence.

Joso’s restaurant brings the coast of Croatia and Dalmatia to Canada, delighting the taste buds of all food lovers. Its unique preparation of ordinary sea dishes leaves dinner guests craving more after every bite.

This small but rare Gem is located at 202 Davenport Rd. For convenience purposes, reservations can be made and canceled beforehand.

1.14. Pukkah

All food enthusiasts can testify about the greatness of Indian cuisine, it’s no surprise that where you will go in the world some of the best restaurants have India in their hearts. Pukka is an Indian restaurant located at 778 Claire Ave W in Midtown.

Pukkah serves in a family-style setting in honor of Indian culture, which puts family above everything else. The chefs at Pukkah are from different parts of India and bring flavors from all the arts of India to your plate.

You would not want to miss the combination of rich spices, exquisite flavor dishes, and great wine pairings from a fine sommelier.

Dinners guarantee that the restaurant deserves much more hype than it gets; friendly professional staff and vibrant colors are just the cherries on this cake.

1.15. Tubule

On cold and chilly days in Midtown Toronto, Tabule serves the needed warmth for your day. This Lebanese restaurant brings delicacies from the Middle Eastern world, such as shawarma, to the heart of Midtown 2009 YongeSt. The restaurant has four locations, revealing how popular it is when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine.

The ambiance is cozy and warm, and the outdoor setting is as well. The restaurant has been in operation since 2005 and has gained recognition for being one of the best restaurants in the area, serving great food from the Middle East.

The chef uses fresh ingredients every day. In addition to the main meal, the restaurant serves hand-crafted custom drinks. Quality is at the heart of everything it does.

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2. To wrap it up

The list of great, fascinating restaurants in Midtown Toronto can go on and on, and each restaurant has strengths and weaknesses attached to it. The list above is created to make your search a little less complicated.

The best thing about having many options is that if you do not like one place, you always have the chance to try another. For a better experience, read the reviews to satisfy yourself and ensure your chosen restaurant meets your needs.

While in Midtown Toronto, remember to visit unique places such as the Korean town, Yorkville village, Casa Loma, Spadina museum, and the Toronto public library.

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