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16 Best Italian Restaurants Toronto For An Ideal Cuisine

Searching for the best Italian restaurants in Toronto to visit? We have compiled some great Italian food restaurants for you.

Toronto, Canada’s largest city, serves as the nation’s commercial and cultural hub. The scenic town is a top choice for migrants because it is one of the nicest places to live.

The multicultural city is home to some of the best restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines, not to mention a thriving food scene.

Toronto’s Italian Cuisine

While pizza and pasta are both fantastic in Italy, there is much more to the country than just those two foods. You can experiment with a variety of foods, flavors, and substances.

“Italian cuisine is hearty and filling without being excessive. Rich and textured with various flavors, Italian cuisine can be exceedingly delicate, elegant, and robust.”

Also, A large platter of antipasti, consisting primarily of vegetables and a variety of cured meats, will typically accompany an Italian meal.

Here are some of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto. So let’s get started.

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Best Italian Restaurants Toronto

1. Gusto 101

Address: 101 Portland St, Toronto, ON M5V 2N3

Start the best Italian restaurants in Toronto with Gusto 101. Fun fact: The Italian word “gusto” means “tasty.”

Situated in an industrial-style building on King West, and offers contemporary versions of traditional Southern Italian meals. They cater to walk-in customers from the neighborhood. However, they reserve some seating for online reservations for parties of up to 8 people.

Wine from their small tap menu goes well with one of their genuinely Southern Italian pizzas or pasta. They have a beautiful environment, which makes dining there quite enjoyable.

You can enjoy your Italian food and wine on their really good rooftop terrace if you’re seeking for lovely patio in the King West neighborhood. They also provide gluten-free options.

Here you may order properly prepared kale caesar salads, truffle pasta, and pasta with roasted mushrooms. The food here is extremely delicious, and the amazing atmosphere makes it a must-visit place.

2. La Palma

Address: 849 Dundas St W, Toronto ON M6J 1V6

Next on the list of incredible italian restaurants in Toronto is La Palma. An exquisite restaurant with sensual drinks that also serves breakfast and brunch by day and is a cafe and Italian restaurant by night.

Chef Craig Harding and designer Alexandra Hutchison of Campagnolo created the stylish La Palma restaurant. This restaurant is as wonderful as it is Instagram-worthy.

They wanted the food and design to complement and the menu to be slightly healthier than anticipated. They provide traditional and contemporary Italian fare, including Albacore Tuna Crudo, Cacio E Pepe Pizza, and 100 Layer Lasagna.

A modest range of amusing housemade cocktails, regional craft beers, and domestic and foreign wines are also available. Such desserts are a fitting way to end an Italian meal.

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3. Viaggio

Address: 1727 Dundas St W, Toronto ON M6K 1V4

Beautiful Italian restaurant Viaggio offers a fresh meal made with ingredients obtained nearby. Discover more about Italian cuisine here. The service is excellent here. They’re open for dinner from Wednesday through Sunday and have a cute and enjoyable patio! Overall they have amazing food.

You’ll appreciate excellent spaghetti carbonara, N’Duja, bone marrow mafaldine, snow crab tagliatelle, and orange salads. From the perspective of the tourists, the pancakes are good here. Everything is cooked expertly with attention to every detail. Additionally, great are the Brussels sprouts.

It looks wonderful with all the wood details, leather banquette seats, and distinctive lighting fixtures.

This bar has a relaxed ambiance and cozy furnishings. Every visitor will be able to discover something on the wine list to suit their taste. You will be charged reasonable costs for your meal.

4. Oretta

Address: 633 King St W, Toronto ON M5V 1M5

To offer Toronto’s thriving King West neighborhood an authentic yet contemporary Italian culinary experience, Oretta initially opened her doors in 2017.

Oretta is one of the most picturesque places in Toronto if you’re searching for a lovely and Instagrammable restaurant. They offer breakfast as well as contemporary iterations of classic Italian cuisine. They also have a small, adorable café connected to the restaurant, providing a few snacks.

The food here is out of the world and mouthwatering, and the prices are so reasonable that you’ll love it. The pasta dishes here are wonderful.

Their primary goal to the visitors, no matter the occasion or event in their dining rooms or café, is to deliver the best eating environment, service standards, and overall culinary experience that Italian hospitality offers, any time of day, seven days a week.

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5. Terroni

Address: 720 Queen St W, Toronto ON M6J 1E8

This adorable Queen West eatery is committed to giving its patrons a genuine southern Italian dining experience. Italian restaurant Terroni has been around since Cosimo Mammoliti and Paolo Scoppio first started it in 1992.

They put a lot of love and care into their food because the pasta is prepared from scratch: very good wine variety, excellent cuisine, and great service. Terroni has an amazing appetizer, specials, and a perfect basic salumi plate, but chances are, if you’re there, you’re there for traditional pizza or pasta. They serve grilled calamari as a conventional starter over mixed greens with tomatoes, capers, and balsamic dressing.

A crudaiola, also known as a pizza Bianca or white pizza, is one of the unique pizzas with fresh mozzarella that your taste buds would dance to. It is perfect for a date night. Additionally, they provide daily desserts, housemade gelato, a comprehensive vermouth variety, and excellent coffee.

The back patio is a summertime favorite, and regulars frequent it for a peaceful morning coffee on their way to work and to stop in for an aperitif or dinner with their families on their way home.

If you’re planning to eat here, make a reservation. While a simple lunch for one or two people may be served immediately away, reservations are required for dinners with bigger groups.

6. Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar

You must be hungry reading about all these delicious foods, so up next on the list of best Italian restaurants in Toronto is Scaddabush. At Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar, savor exquisite Italian cuisine.

Customers can unwind in this space. They create handmade pasta with fresh ingredients and passion. anks to the sophisticated decor and fun atmosphere. They make handmade pasta with fressemary fries, caesar salad, and butternut ravioli. Do not leave without indulging in delectable crème caramel, creamy tiramisu, and raspberry cheesecakes.

Every visitor can select a wine that appeals to them on the extensive wine list. Come here for delicious lemonade, healthy juices, or caramel lattes. Many visitors appreciate how courteous the staff is. Scaddabush’s attractive prices can astound you.

They have a site in the Entertainment District on Front Street and outposts in Mimico and Sherway Gardens. This restaurant is at multiple locations.

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7. Pizzeria libretto

I hope you liked all the suggestions up till now on the best Italian restaurants in Toronto, so next is Pizzeria libretto. If you share my fascination with pizza, you must visit Pizzeria Libretto for their incredible wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas.

The Italian government and the European Union have given the heritage-grade Neapolitan pies from Pizzeria Libretto the VPN seal of authenticity. You might find Pizzeria Libretto’s expertly popular dishes, mushroom pizza, pizza salads, and gluten-free pizza pleasing. Numerous visitors come to sample delicious gelato, tiramisu, and biscotti.

Most tourists agree that this eatery offers great wine, margaritas, and craft beer. Your meal will be improved with a greYou may use their in-house vegan cheese or gluten-free crust to make any of their pizzas vegan or gluten-free.

At cappuccino, espresso, or lemonade, and you’ll return. You may use their in-house vegan Cheon demonstrates its high degree of quality.

You’ll enjoy reasonable prices. Customers can unwind in this location because of the stunning décor and inviting ambiance. Because of the wood-fired oven, this is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto. There are currently four locations, including the Financial District and Danforth. You can even order on different apps if you’re not in the mood to dine out.

8. Giulietta

Address: 972 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1A5

Come to host a birthday celebration, wedding, or anniversary in a stunning setting. This downtown Toronto establishment is an authentic Italian eatery, making it the ideal place to grab delicious meals and go shopping simultaneously.

Although there is a fantastic assortment of pizzas and pasta on the menu, the wine list at this restaurant shines out. There are many choices for white, red, and even sparkling wines.

Delicious chianti, limoncello, or grappa are some of the most frequently requested here. The grilled octopus with cannellini beans is one item you shouldn’t miss when dining here. The octopus is perfectly prepared, and it pairs well with the beans.

During the warmer months, it’s a terrific spot to have lunch or dinner with friends or family because it has big windows that open up, giving the interior a feeling of openness. Both indoor and outdoor dining areas are available at this establishment.

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9. Pizza e Pazzi

Address: 1182 Saint Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON M6E 1B4

The popular Corso Italia neighborhood of Toronto’s Pizza e Pazzi opened its doors in 2011 at St. Clair and Dufferin. A new management team took over in March 2017. The staff at this Italian eatery is outstanding, and the ambiance is wonderful. The menu has calamari, fritti, lobster tail, and other dishes.

But if you go here, you must have the pizza; it is delicious and worth every mouthful. The outstanding service at this restaurant demonstrates its high degree of excellence. Because of its ideal location, it is considered the best Italian restaurant in Toronto.

What kind of pizza you order here actThe variety of pizzas available to you will astound you. It doesn’t matter because they are all excellent. The type of pizzas available to yoious Neapolitan pizza, pappardelle, and gnocchi. Most reviewers agree that the place serves tasty flija, tiramisu, and crème brûlée. It is well known for its mouthwatering margaritas, wine, and beer.

This location is ideal for dinner or brunch on the weekends because they have a great patio for having lunch or dinner during the summer.

10. Ristorante Sotto Sotto

Address: 120 Avenue Rd, Toronto ON M5R 2H4

You might be craving Italian after reading about all the best Italian restaurants in Toronto, so be with us a little more, and next is Sotto Sotto. In the vicinity of Avenue Road and Davenport Road is Ristorante Sotto Sotto.

This Italian restaurant is a terrific choice for anyone wishing to have a relaxing, private meal with friends or family. Italian romance comes to Toronto’s downtown core thanks to Sotto Sotto Restaurant.

It’s a lovely setting, along with its authentic Italian food and extensive wine list, which captivate visitors. Visit the best Italian restaurants in Toronto for a beautiful lunch or dinner.

The grilled octopus served on a bed of beans and radicchio, which is simply exquisite, is one of this restaurant’s most popular dishes. The service is exceptional, and the food will not let you down.

There is no excuse not to try out this restaurant since it also accepts takeout orders. You can tell it’s good since so many famous people eat here.

11. Buca Osteria & Bar

Address: 53 Scollard St, Toronto, ON M5R 0B2

Next on the list of best Italian restaurants in Toronto is Buca. On King Street, there is a chic Italian restaurant called Buca Osteria & Bar. There is a wide variety of wines and beverages at this restaurant.

Gnocchi al tartufo bianco, salva cremasco, polpo, and other dishes are on the menu. This area has a rustic appearance because of the exposed pipes and ceilings. One of their most well-liked meals, duck ragu, is one you won’t miss, especially if you’re seeking something different.

No issue if you want prime rib with bThe seafood salume is outstanding. Brown butter laced with truffles or duck egg bigoli with duck offal ragù. But take note: the greatest location to play is on the menu’s piscine side. The seafood salume is outstanding.

Date night or family celebration.

12. Figo Toronto

Address: 295 Adelaide Street W., Toronto ON M5V 1P7

FIGO serves food with Italian influences in a chic atmosphere. Executive Chef Anna Chen creates Italian food with only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Adelaide Street is where Figo Toronto is situated. Some of the prettiest food in the city can be found at this Italian restaurant. The room is beautiful, thanks to the open kitchen and tall windows.

You can choose from a wide variety of pasta options and a wonderful range of wines at this restaurant. Additionally, on their menu are dishes like calamari fritti, bucatini, and a selection of pizzas that will leave you wanting more. Come here for delicious pancakes, blueberry gelato, and olive pastries.

This restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner date, family celebration, or special event. Even though the servings are small, they are all quite excellent.

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13. La Vecchia Restaurant

Address: 2405A Yonge St, Toronto ON M4P 2E7

Without ever leaving Toronto, go on a trip to old-world Italy. La Vecchia offers a genuine Italian ambiance and an authentic flavor of Italy from its location in the trendy Yonge and Eglinton neighborhood.

La Vecchia perfectly encapsulates Italian cuisine with a European flair from the walls covered in Italian art and photographs made of stone and stucco. This Italian eatery is situated on Yonge Street in Midtown. This location is excellent for brunch. There are excellent fresh pasta options and a warm and romantic ambiance here.

Or for those seeking a fantastic Italian meal. There is great fresh pasta out. Exceptional service is a strong element that significantly contributes to the success of this location.

This restaurant serves flavorful Italian cuisine. The wine selection and cocktail menu at this restaurant are both excellent. They also provide a range of delicacies, such as capellini, gnocchi ai quattro formaggi, and carpaccio di manzo. Any occasion is a fantastic fit for La Vecchia Restaurant!

14. Piano Piano Restaurant

Address: 88 Harbord St, Toronto ON M5S 1G5

The piano is next on the list of best Italian restaurants in Toronto. If Piano Piano has one thing in common, it’s a deep-seated soulfulness and sensuality that is simultaneously hospitable, inviting, and entertaining.

The Italian eatery Piano Piano Restaurant has a charming ambiance and is close to Harbord & Spadina. They have a fantastic patio that is ideal for dining in the summer.  This Italian restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to is nearby. Traditional Italian cuisine is offered on the menu, enhanced to be its most delectable self.

Your favorite dishes, such as Al dente macaroni made from scratch, first slow, deep bite. Pizza with just the right thickness is satisfyingly chewy, crispy, and crunchy. Rapini has been lightly cooked and drizzled with grassy olive oil and garlic.

The Piano Piano meal is filling and will fulfill your hunger as a nonna would. It’s never too much or precious; it’s always just enough. The purpose of each component on the plate is to work together to create a dish that is much more than the sum of its parts. You get up from the table, fully satisfied.

The service is excellent as well. Piano Restaurant is worth checking out if you want a fantastic night packed with delicious cuisine and drinks.

15. Trattoria Nervosa

Address: 75 Yorkville Ave, Toronto ON M5R 1B8

You are cordially invited to dine at Trattoria Nervosa. Public transportation and bicycles are also simple ways to get there. The neighborhood’s shops and parks are notable features.

In the center of Yorkville lies a restaurant called Trattoria Nervosa. The ambiance in this restaurant is warm and rustic, which results in fine dining. This is where you can have a traditional Italian supper. Everything except the leftover sauce dishes you can only get at certain locations.

Locals will regard Italian cuisine at TrattowillNervosa. On their menu, you’ll find delicacies like capellini pasta, grilled octopus, truffle Funghi pasta, and many other delectable options. Visitors may unwind here thanks to the lovely decor and serene ambiance.

Great Americano, Cortado, or Latte are available at this establishment. Because of the delicious food available here is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto.

Amazing meals may be found here! At Trattoria Nervosa, the service is excellent as well. Additionally, they have a nice patio for those sweltering summer evenings. Try Trattoria Nervosa if you’re seeking a fantastic Italian supper in Yorkville.

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16. Grazie Ristorante

Address: 2373 Yonge St, Toronto ON M4P 2C8

The last on the list of best Italian restaurants in Toronto, we have Grazie. Yonge & Eglinton customers may still have southern Italian food at Grazie Ristorante, which opened in 1990.

At 9100 Jane Street in Vaughan, Grazie debuted its second location on August 8th, 2008. Grazie Ristorante takes great satisfaction in providing consistent food and service in a welcoming, informal setting. Every sauce is made fresh, and every handcrafted pizza dough is rolled out per order since their food is prepared in real-time. Even their tomato sauce tastes delicious.

This Italian restaurant provides outstanding service and has a classic, great atmosphere. The cuisine at this restaurant has remained the same over the many years since it opened, making it so unique.

Fresh ingredients and affection go into preparing the meals at Grazie Ristorante. Everything here is wonderful, including garlic bread, handmade pasta, and desserts! You will undoubtedly want to return shortly after trying it out for the first time because of their service and atmosphere, which make for the perfect night out.

You might want to visit Grazie again if they provide delicious house wine, white wine, or beer.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are looking for classic Italian dishes, traditional roman dishes, or other pasta dishes, these are some of favourite italian restaurants time tasted for consitentcy and taste with their fantastic Italian food.

Toronto is the best option in the city if you’re seeking fantastic Italian cuisine! So we end with this topic of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto.

If you liked this article about the best Italian restaurants in Toronto, here is something for you.

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