Pink Themed restaurant. Pink Themed restaurant.

Top 16 Best Themed Restaurants in Toronto, Canada

In recent years, Canada has become a trendy destination for many people, both for settlement and tourism. Half of the Canadian population is immigrants, so by default, many restaurants exist in Canada, especially in Toronto. Toronto has over 7,500 restaurants, and picking the best-themed restaurants in Toronto is not as easy a task as it seems.

When in Toronto, there are all sorts of restaurants in all places. It sometimes feels like visiting the world in just one place. As much as it is difficult to pick a hundred percent of the best restaurants, below are a few top-rated, must-try restaurants with unforgettable experiences and themes.

1. What are the top themed restaurants in Toronto?

 1.1. ONOIR

When it comes to the best-themed restaurants with unique concepts, Onoir has successfully stood out. Its unique, enlightening, and humbling aspects make it a must-visit place.

With the theme that “it’s better if “it’s dark,” Onoir is the “first North American restaurant to invite customers to eat in complete darkness.

When you eat in darkness, all other senses, such as smell and taste buds, get heightened, allowing customers to savor every bite of the food and feel it. After being in darkness for a while, customers now understand what it feels like not being able to see how blind all the staff in Onoir are.

Onoir  Restaurant & Bar

As you enter the lobby, menus are handed out, and you can choose your food or surprise. After that, one of the staff will direct you to the dining area, which is pitch black. The staff can make you feel comfortable immediately, and when food is brought up, they will inform you about all the silverware available on your table. 

After this brilliant dining experience, most people have testified that it is a life-changing and must-try experience that ultimately teaches gratitude.


Canada can get very cold so that a chill ice house might sound like an unreasonable restaurant concept, but that is precisely what draws many people to it. A home made of ice?! How do you miss visiting such a restaurant? Everything is made of ice or glass except the floor. It is no surprise that many people see it because Canadians love the cold, and it is a fact that can not be hidden. The restaurants offer protective coverings and jackets to keep their customers comfortable.


Are you into mystery-solving? Spooky stories? As you dine, you get to solve the mysteries that are in play actively. Who knew Murder Mystery could be fun too? Your theatre company has been operating for more than 30 years, making them extremely experts in creating and solving mysteries.

Characters are first introduced to the table, and the plot becomes intense when some die. All the suspects are spread across the dining room and sit with the guests, who get involved in solving the mysteries.

To enhance teamwork, yours is a good place for company or private events, such as weddings or other group parties.


You can not list the best-themed restaurants with snakes and lattes. With three locations in Canada alone and others in the United States, this restaurant offers fun and food simultaneously. Everybody loves board games once, twice, or anytime; Snakes and Lattes provide everything you can enjoy, from the most complex world-class board games to simple local games.

After all the fun, you can visit the gift shop and buy toys for your friends and loved ones or souvenirs at the snake shop.

Group events, birthday parties, family dinners, and team-building activities are suitable here. Just fun and food, as they say.


What are the chances that you will see the whole of the mighty Toronto in just a single day? Well. The chances are not much later; when you visit and dine in the 360 restaurants, you’ll have the best just below your feet.

Once upon a time, this tower was the tallest standing tower in the world until the Arabs decided to build the Burj Khalifa. It is still among the tallest buildings, so there is no loss.

The restaurant slowly revolves so everyone can get a view of the city while in the sky. The best part is that all the wine bottles are suspended in the air instead of buried in wine cellars. Enjoy all Canadian specialties and excellent wine pairings while in 360.


Comics have always and will always be one of the things that can be so close to the heart. With the increased love for animations and webtoons, who would not want to visit a place they can relate to and feel like they are in the world they read about all the time? The figures restaurant is dedicated to offering a comic experience while at it.

Lovers of art, imagination, and customized comics, this is your home. The decor is relaxing and inspiring, the services are excellent, and the food is delicious.

This restaurant stands out among the best-themed restaurants because it allows readers and lovers of comics to share the same space with some famous characters they have known and loved.


A restaurant will rarely tell you to feel at home. If they do, it is probably out of hospitality, which they must show customers. What makes Addison so different is that you are supposed to feel at home because that is what it is.

Addison is a restaurant that especially gives a family and homey feel, so when they say feel at home, they mean it. It is as if you are being invited to one of your rich friends in high school for a party. It is an excellent restaurant for a house party theme. Most adults visit it to experience school days and house parties.

Many games and activities are played, especially after 11 p.m. The DJ, too, is good at taking customers back in time by playing old, good music that most adults used to hear in their school days.

If you want comfort, go a little earlier than 11 p.m. From then on, the crowd increases, and you might have to wait in line for a long time.


As you enter the restaurant, you will sense that Toronto and Morocco are two worlds apart. Mediterranian food and culture are among the must-try things to do. If you have never been to Morocco, Sultan’s Tent can give you a glimpse.

Everything about this place is breathtaking. First, the food experience is completely mouth-watering just by looking at the menu. The service is top-notch and world-class. The ambiance and theme are entirely Moroccan, from the cushions you sit on to the presentation and the whole decor.

The best part of dining in this restaurant is the entertainment that will make you want to visit them repeatedly. The interactive and engaging belly dance performance and the music are a top-tier and unforgettable experience for most of the rs.

You can never visit this place without returning to it or telling your friends and family about it; that is just the thing with it! It is completely irresistible.

In addition to its irresistible charm, Sultan’s Cafe offers a delicate, romantic setting and delightful French cuisine.


To all lovers of a good-themed bar, search for more. While in Toronto, you will get a taste of a vibrant night light, and there is no better way to complete it than having good drinks and enjoying them with your friends, family, or significant other. As you enter the shameful kiti room, it is as if you have teleported into a completely different era and world. The restaurant has a beautiful vintage theme and a great drink menu.

The Polynesian fun cocktails, being their specialty, come with great warmth in the cold weather, beautiful colors, unique taste, and mix; however, you might have to wait longer for the drinks than you would have to wait for the food. That is just a thing for places with drinks close to their heart.

The staff here are amiable and more than willing to explain the chemistry behind the drinks you are interested in and how they come to life.


While most restaurants might be focused on an era, century, country, or Stranger Things, The Experience is dedicated to giving you the feels of this award-winning series that everyone from all sorts of age groups gets to enjoy. 

If you are unfamiliar with the series, it is an extraordinary story about young kids who try to navigate and fight against another dimension of the world through exceptional abilities and the application of physics. The show has captured the hearts of many individuals worldwide, from young ones to older groups.

The restaurant aims to offer a space with an 80 feel, food, drinks, aesthetics, and other interactive performances. Please bring your friends and family colleagues and get to virtually save Hawkins and fight alongside your favorite heroes while at it.


One of the top experiences you can have in a new country is its food, and there is no better way to virtually travel to your dream country than through Nomads retro bar. While most restaurants and hotels offer an experience and cuisines specific to a given country, Nomads offers all cuisines simultaneously.

This means that while dining at Nomads, your taste buds can take you to more than five different countries. This quality makes them stand out from most restaurants that offer other delicacies. 

1.12. BYBLOS

The theme of this beautiful Eastern Mediterranean restaurant is the use of handmade ingredients in every dish. Is there any better way to make your dinner guests feel at home than to use in-house materials? 

The combination of modern touch and Mediterranean traditions is a credit that should be appreciated.


As much as Keg MAnsion is recognized as a franchise, one of the things that makes it stand out is that it was once a house before it became a restaurant. So many events occurred in the house, leading people to believe the restaurant is haunted!

Many creeping records have been written and claimed to be seen about this historical mansion, such as a creepy woman in the washroom or a little boy who fell down the stairs and died. Along the staircase there are vertical spindles, one spindle has been recorded to be falling off on the same day every year.


There are many spooky stories about the restaurant mansion, but no one has ever been hurt, and nothing terrible has happened.

1.14. 3030 DUNDA WEST

Traveling back in time is never a bad idea. The world today is different from what it used to be in the 1990s, and 3030 Dunda West can give the perfect experience for those good old days. The aesthetics are not the new ones that will throw you back to the old days. VHS tapes can be watched on old TVs, and games can be played.

The restaurant venue is available for many events, including fundraising, weddings, and other live or private events. If you enjoy live events, Saturday nights are a call to pick up.

1.15. Kaiseki Yu Zen Hashimoto

This is the climax of Omotenashi in Canada. Do you want to visit Japan without literally being there? Then Kaiseki Yu Zen Hashimoto is a destination you must take advantage of while in Toronto.

If you are new to culinary delicacies, Kaiseki is a Japanese method of food preparation. Kaiseki is the ultimate and traditional standard of cooking that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The menu offers various options, from tempura to finely seasoned sea dishes. Witness the chef preparing your meals from start to finish, and your meals will be served artistically, honoring all Japanese traditions.


Who does not love cruises!!!. If you want to kill more than one bear with one stone, the dinner cruise is a must-try dinner option with great food. Watch the sunset, go around Toronto, and enjoy extraordinary meals all in one go!

The dinner cruise offers vast services, fine dining options, and themed celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries. The professional and friendly staff that serve on the cruises make the experience even more dreamy and worth going back to more than a million times to come.

The cruise suits all kinds of meals, from a simple brunch to a big dinner.

2. What is the best time to visit Toronto?

To enjoy all that Toronto offers in terms of food, you need to spend time exploring the city and its rich store of restaurants.

The best time to visit Toronto can be in terms of budget-friendly seasons or terms of weather.

2.1. In terms of weather

Toronto displays all its beauty and glory in certain seasons. The best season to visit Toronto is June to September, when the temperature is favorable for most people worldwide.

During these months, visitors can enjoy outdoor dining, outdoor activities, and walking and, more importantly, participate in different activities around this time of year, such as the Toronto International Film Festival and other paredes.

This season, the price of most services spikes due to the flood of visitors and activities. It is not June to September if you are looking for a budget-friendly time.

You should check out Beautiful Places in Toronto if you are a Travel freak. You Need to Visit At Least Once

2.2. In terms of budget

December to February is the best time to visit Toronto on a tight budget. Around this time, there are fewer activities and fewer visitors because the weather can be freezing; however, if you enjoy ice activities, this is your time to shine.

At The End

The list of the best-themed restaurants in Toronto can go on and on; a handful of the restaurants mentioned appeal to most individuals and visitors. What kind of food experience do you need in Toronto? There is a thousand-percent guarantee that you will find what you want. 

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