A tennis bracelet on a white background. A tennis bracelet on a white background.

What Is a Tennis Bracelet? A Comprehensive Guide

A tennis bracelet is an exceptional ornamental piece worn around the wrist. It consists of a symmetrical line of diamonds connected through a precious metal chain. The precious diamonds are held together closely by a chain of links, which gives the bracelet its perfect shape when worn.

Let us check out what a tennis bracelet is and the surprisingly amazing facts about this stunning diamond piece. The diamond tennis bracelet has secure clasps and a safety catch to keep it securely locked. You can wear this fine jewellery with charms, too.

Buying Guide: Tennis Bracelets

1. What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are made of diamonds held together through gold, platinum, or silver chains. The diamonds are identical in size, clarity, cut, and colour, fitting together to form tennis bracelets. Tennis bracelets are popular, glamorous, trendy, and dazzling, yet they give an understated touch to almost every outfit. Here are six amazing facts about tennis bracelets.

Moreover, diamond tennis bracelets fit perfectly on your wrist and are flexible. In these bracelets, the diamonds are of the same size, colour, clarity, and shape, sitting together in a single line joined with security clasps. Initially, it was called a diamond line bracelet’.

Diamond tennis bracelets come in various designs and styles; you can find them at any jewellery store. Tennis bracelets are available in prong sets, bezel sets, channel sets, multisets, pave rows, or coloured stones. Select the diamond tennis bracelet that suits your budget and personal style. You can also get a custom-made bracelet for your loved one to gift on a special occasion.

What is a tennis bracelet
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1.2. Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?

The tennis bracelet became popular in the 1987 US Open tournament; eternity bracelets got another name. Chris Evert was playing a game of tennis at the US Open tournament. She is the former world’s no-one tennis player.

The clasp of her favourite tennis bracelet broke while playing a tennis match. The officials had to pause the tennis match and search for her delicate diamond missing bracelet across the tennis court before the game could commence. Chris Evert used to wear the same bracelet very often while playing tennis. Chris Evert’s tennis bracelet was recovered, and the tennis match resumed.

2. Ways You Can Wear Diamond Tennis Bracelets

If you want to upscale your fashion quotient, you can choose diamond jewellery, a fashion statement and an investment. Various gold colours, such as rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, are available for the base of tennis bracelets.

There are multiple ways to adorn this versatile piece of jewellery. You can also wear various tennis bracelets of coloured stones to create a quirky yet classic look with this iconic fashion piece. You can wear your beautiful tennis bracelet with diamond earrings for a formal look.

What is a tennis bracelet
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2.1. For a Casual and Office Look

You can augment your simple everyday wear by wearing the perfect bracelet, as these bracelets go well with many accessories, outfits, and even different styles. Set your style quotient and wear a tennis bracelet with diamond rings above your watch.

Brace your favourite diamond tennis bracelet for anything from playing a game on a tennis court to a formal dinner. You can create a minimalistic look by wearing a tennis bracelet with your favourite office outfit. The subtleness of this look will keep you going throughout the entire day.

2.2. For Those Special Occasions

This compelling diamond jewellery can be included in your bridal set as it pairs perfectly with engagement rings. Whether you’re getting ready for a groovy cocktail party, going to church, or maybe a formal dinner with your special one, the versatility of this piece makes it easily wearable and matches all your outfits.

Diamond Mansion also features a splendid two-carat Tennis Bracelet made with two-carat natural, earth-mined real diamonds. This tennis bracelet highlights a subtle strand of glittering diamonds set in lustrous and graceful white gold. It is also available in Yellow or Rose Gold and Platinum, as per preference. These diamond bracelets have intense lustre, making them seamless for any occasion or everyday use.

Wearing tennis bracelets to lounges is widely embraced, and their classic design makes them part of a sports ensemble. A staple piece of jewellery, diamond tennis bracelets look great when worn as a single piece. They can also be layered alongside other pieces. Diamond bracelets of the same colour can be stacked together to create a fun look or paired with chunky bangles.

3. Regular Inspections Will Escalate Tennis Bracelet‘s Life

Your expensive and perfect diamond tennis bracelet needs to be inspected regularly by a professional jeweller to ensure that the strong clasp is intact and the mountings and catch of your jewellery piece are firmly secure and function properly. The reason behind the incident in 1987 may be a faulty clasp of the diamond tennis bracelet.

Due to the popularity of the diamond tennis bracelet gained during the 1987 event, the fashionable iconic piece is in much demand. However, the delicate diamond bracelet must be taken care of and worn cautiously.

The classic tennis bracelet style is unmatchable. These glittering and unique bracelets feature many designs, such as shapes, sizes, and beautiful cuts. The jewellery industry uses precious metals and gemstones to create the best and most versatile diamond bracelets. You can layer your perfect tennis bracelet with pearls to create an elegant look. You can get assistance from a jewellery expert to help you choose the perfect tennis bracelet.

Classic Round Diamond Tennis Bracelets @ourosjewels

4. Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelets vs. Natural Diamond Tennis Bracelets

There are various alternatives for the precious gemstones of the glittering diamond tennis bracelet and the quality of the stones. There are also abundant sizes and carats of diamonds available for diamond tennis bracelets. Precious diamond tennis bracelets are expensive. A bracelet made with big diamonds will cost more than a daintier tennis bracelet made with smaller diamonds. The beautiful tennis bracelet involves intricate maki; the repair mechanism may be expensive.

Investing in such impactful jewellery is positive, and lab diamonds make it possible. You can also buy a tennis bracelet with lab-grown diamonds, an alternative to natural diamonds. Incredibly long-lasting, just like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and affordable. Laboratory-grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds and share a similar structure.

The Borsheims Signature Collection also features an elegant, evergreen diamond tennis bracelet made in 14K white gold. This classic tennis bracelet comprises 5.00 carats of glittering laboratory-grown diamonds. It has a durable box clasp that promotes effortless and secure fastening. So now you can buy a diamond tennis bracelet without being anxious about its safety.

2. Take Away

The ever-impactful term is also known as flexible bracelets in the jewellery industry. A tennis bracelet is one piece of jewellery that will never go in your box because you will want to brace it with almost every outfit. The tennis bracelets made from cubic zirconia cost less than the authentic and precious diamonds and stones.

Cubic zirconia makes it fit the pocket with the same dazzle and sparkle as the real ones. Buying the glittering tennis bracelet from a professional jeweller will enable you to get easy returns in case of exchange. Now that you know what a tennis bracelet is, you can explore the variety of tennis bracelets before you buy one. The diamond tennis bracelets come in a range of valuable precious crafted gemstones apart from diamonds.


Q1. How to Take Care of Your Tennis Bracelets?

Tennis bracelets for everyday wear do not require a unique cleaning process. However, occasionally cleaning them with lukewarm water and mild soap can help maintain the polish of your precious jewellery. Remember to take them off before doing any activity like swimming, exercising, or showering.

Q2. How Long Does a Tennis Bracelet Last?

Tennis bracelets are time-honoured jewellery pieces that you can wear every day. Avoid wearing them during a shower or while sleeping to maintain the quality and shine of the diamonds, increasing their longevity.

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