Best Canadian Clothing Brands Best Canadian Clothing Brands

13 Best Canadian Clothing Brands You Should Know

Good shoes take you to good places and good clothes define you. From upscale luxury labels to cozy sportswear, these best Canadian clothing brands have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for sportswear, streetwear, casual outfits, or luxury accessories, Canadian clothing brands have trendy and stylish options.

No matter what your taste in fashion is, the diverse range of clothing these Canadian brands offer signifies the immense creativity and talent thriving within Canadian clothing companies. Whether you live in Canada or not, this made-in-Canada fashion apparel brand deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

Best Canadian Clothing Brands

1. Hilary MacMillan

Size Range: XS to 4X

This company was started by a Toronto-based fashion designer in 2013 named Hilary MacMillian, hence they named the company after her. This Canadian brand believes in women’s empowerment and equality in society. It is believed that the brand uses quality fabrics such as cashmere, Italian wool, silk, and many other fine materials.

This award-winning Canadian brand is influential among women, making its place in the Elle, the Vouge, BAZAAR, and even CBC and many other platforms. Hilary’s commitment to using the best quality and finest materials for cloth creation moulds the company to stand out from other made-in-Canada companies, making it one of the best Canadian clothing brands.

This Canadian clothing brand offers a wide range and variety of sustainable clothes. It features jackets, blazers, outwear, tops, swimwear, vests, coverups, jumpsuits, dresses, coats, loungewear and other accessories. Hilary MacMillian has launched a new trench edit featuring Trench Coats. Recently the company has also launched a special Barbie-themed collection featuring the color pink with elegant and classy outfits existing in it.

2. Frank and Oak

Size Range: XS to XXXL

Frank and Oak is a Canadian fashion brand that has gained immense popularity due to its ethical commitment to providing durable and sustainable clothing brands. With the purpose of Better Way Of Living the Canadian company was founded in the year 2012 in Montreal. The core thought of the company was to create pieces that could communicate with the new generation of entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Frank and Oak offers an extensive array of variety for men’s and women’s clothing. The batch consists of tops, shirts, blouses, pants, dresses, skirts, denim, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, overshirts, blazers and coats. Along with the clothing line, there are other accessories offered such as bags, boots, shoes, caps, and beanies.

The platform for shopping the products also provides gift cards, Frank rewards, affiliates, a special career option, and even paid referrals. The products made are from wood pulp resulting in eco-friendly fabrics. Frank and Oak have launched a pre-spring special collection for this year which features trendy and stylish vegan jackets. These jackets are made up of faux or artificial leather which uses sustainable materials including recycled polyester, tencel, and organic cotton in its pieces.

3. Canada Goose

Size Range: 3XS to 2XL

Some Canadian brands are compared to Canada Goose in terms of sustainable fabrics but turns out that it is one of the best Canadian clothing brands company when it comes to weather protection and warmth. This made-in-Canada clothing brand was founded in 1957 at a small warehouse in Toronto.

Canada Goose offers an extensive array of variety for kids, men’s, and women’s clothing. This Canadian clothing brand is trusted for its coats, tops, knitwear, bottoms, fleece clothing, rainwear, boots, sneakers, parkas(short and long), puffer jackets, bombers, hoodies, beanies, caps, snow pants, vests, lightweight jackets, and other accessories.

It is proven that the Canada Goose makes some of the best winter coats and their signature waist-length parkas can easily withstand a temperature of -30 degrees Celcius, making these made-in-Canada accessories industry products more durable and reliable. Canada Goose has launched a new essential spring collection for men and women featuring Puffers, Jackets, Coats and Vests. This made-in-Canadian brand is perfect for both as a function of winter wear and sustainable fashion.

4. Naked and Famous

Size Range: XS to XXXL

This Canadian brand was founded in Montreal in 2008, and since then the brand has been known for its creative designs and fine-quality fabrics. Naked and Famous is a one-stop destination for denim lovers. This is the place offering a wide variety of denim and that too in different colours. From wide leg to a skinny fit and bootcut to flared all kinds of contemporary silhouettes are crafted at this Canadian company.

Naked and Famous specializes in men’s clothing, this brand features different types of denim, trousers, pocket tees, striped t-shirts, shirts, leather belts, caps, masks and other accessories. The company launches its exclusive collection each season of spring, summer, fall and winter. It even has separate city exclusives and core essential pieces of denim.

This made-in-Canada clothing brand has launched a special Made-In-Japan collection featuring detail-oriented designs with hidden pockets at the back, hems stitched with chains, raised belt loops and a tanned leather tag at the back with a logo referred to by a famous comic book creator Alvin Lee. Naked and Famous launched a spring-summer collection featuring Denim Jackets, Pants and Trousers. The quality of material and fibres used in making these versatile denim pieces provided by Naked and Famous are of fine quality and high-end style.

5. Raised By Wolves

Size Range: S to 2XL

Known for its fashionable and edgy designs, this Canadian clothing brand was founded by Cal Green and Pete Williams in Vancouver in 2008. Raised By Wolves is one of those Canadian brands which gained global popularity because of its limited-edition and coactive designs which quickly sell out among consumers.

From women’s clothing to men’s, it has a wide range of headwear, outerwear, tops, hoodies, shirts, jackets, shorts, sunglasses, sweats, tees, bottoms, footwear, perfumes, footwear and other accessories. Raised By Wolves also offers personalized merchandise such as logos, incense stick holders, license plate frames, stickers, incense sticks, thermal logo skateboards, headlamps and many other things.

Raised By Wolves launched a special spring collection lookbook for choosing the featured outfits according to one’s choice. The brand introduced its merchandise with a contemporary look and a dash of technological innovation, and it carved itself an oddball niche in the Canadian fashion industry.

6. Kotn

Size Range: XS to 2XL

This Canadian brand was founded by Rami Helali who started this business with the vision of making premium and affordable sustainable materials. This Toronto-based company was launched in 2015 on the initiative of Rami, and his co-founders Benjamin Sehl and Mackenzie Yeates.

It is one of those sustainable brands specializing in men’s and women’s clothing. The collection features a wide range of categories such as tanks, bottoms, suits, dresses, loungewear, sweatshirts, comfortable tees, socks, knitwear, caps, tote bags, scarves, beanies and other accessories for women and men. Even bathing, bedding and living room accessories are also included in the collection.

The supply chain ensures good quality materials and fair wages as Kotn directly works with farmers to eliminate the middlemen markups. The manufacturing company works with high-end fabrics resulting in the finest pieces designed by craftsmen. At Kotn, each piece is designed meticulously using fine materials resulting in cloth durability and comfort. The new arrival collection features, Denim Skirt, Metro Pant, Mini Shrug and Cardigans as some of the bestsellers worth trying.

7. Hudson’ Bay Company (HBC)

Size Range: XS to XXXL

Founded in 1670, it is considered one of the best Canadian clothing brands company, Hudsan’s Bay is the oldest company in North America which was famous for its transportation of fur all over Canada and overseas, making it more than 350 years now. The company was originally set up as a fur trading firm. Later on, the company also founded Hudson North in 2005.

Along with these accessories, the company is also recognized for its prominent striped point blankets. When it comes to the clothing line this Canadian clothing company is influential and has a great impact on the fashion industry. The company is named The Bay for shopping purposes. Hudson’s Bay Company is known for its signature piece of its iconic winter coat which signifies Canadian style and legacy. Recently a collection labelled as Cat & Jack was launched featuring kids’ apparel.

8. Reigning Champ

Size Range: XS to XXL

With a market value of $63 million, Reigning Champ originates from the fashion city of Vancouver. Rather than other brands this clothing brand focuses on athletic wear and other outdoor clothing. This Canadian brand focuses on men’s clothing which features tees, hoodies, shorts, sweats, outerwear, knitwear, polos, tops, pants and other accessories which are transported all over British Columbia and Vancouver. Also, the brand provides its customers with the benefit of shopping according to their fit, whether it is a slim fit, classic fit or relaxed fit.

The ready-to-wear comfortable yet high-quality clothes are perfect for any occasion whether for a street-style look, staying at home or gym sessions. The website even provides the customers with their exclusive fit guide to check the size accordingly. Reigning Champ has launched a sportswear spring collection featuring Coach’s Jacket and Hoodies. The pieces designed by Reigning Champ are versatile, comfortable and durable to focus on an effortless wardrobe that fits an active lifestyle.

9. Saintwoods

Size Range: S to XL

This is a made-in-Canada outdoor clothing brand which was founded in 2015. Saintwoods is a Canadian brand which features a collection of seamless workplace-to-street-style designs. It also features activewear and luxury clothing designs.

The motto of this clothing brand is to knock out the fashion industry with its fast fashion apparel line which is appealing to customers. Saintwoods is one of the ethical brands which commits to sustainable and even recycled materials, elevated aesthetics and decent practices.

The pieces are designed by being mindful of sensibility, versatility and simplicity. This Montreal-based made-in-Canada brand offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing, including t-shirts, leather goods, dog gloves and collars, snow camos, beanies, jerseys and other Canadian streetwear. Saintwoods features versatile outfits offering a variety of clothing options to people. The bestselling outfits that should be tried once are the SW/SK Camo Zip-Up and Stripped Jersey.

10. Lesley Hampton

Size Range: XS to 3X

The firm is named after Lesley Hampton who is one of the leading fashion designers who focuses her designs on body neutrality and mental wellness through her exceptional self-crafted designs.

Established in 2010, the brand offers a variety of skirts, shirts, jackets, shorts, tee dresses, sweaters, hoodies, robes, jumpsuits and even purses and most items are made of organic cotton and other materials. It is one of the Canadian brands where each piece is carefully crafted featuring refined and bold colours, opulent material and meticulous details making the clothes graceful and fashionable.

It is believed that Lesley Hampton crafts and designs each piece from her collection freehand using sustainable materials like cupro, biodegradable fibres and organic cotton. Lesley Hampton is one of those brands which specialize in graceful and sophisticated handcrafted designs. The bestselling outfits of all time include Cord Gown, Beaded Robe, Balloon Dress and Rainbow Warrior Skirt.

11. Joe Fresh

Size Range: XXS to 3X

This company gained widespread popularity for its trendy and affordable fashion apparel. Joe Fresh was founded as a subsidiary of the Canadian supply chain Loblaw Companies Limited in 2016. The reasonable prices, wide variety and ability to deliver the best fashion style are some of the key factors responsible for the success of this Canadian brand. The company specializes in men’s, kids’ and women’s clothing. The brand even launched a special family rain and spring wear.

Whether it is a party dress, office trousers, bags, sandals, heels, raincoats, joggers, slingbacks, jeans, shorts, cargo, swimwear, tunics, hats or even sunglasses everything is available at this made-in-Canada firm. Joe Fresh also operates a chain of retail stores on a wide range making this place a go-to-destination for shopping. Joe Fresh has recently launched a collection named New Spring Essentials featuring Essential T-shirts and Trousers along with many other graceful outfits as some of their bestsellers.

12. Kit and Ace

Size Range: XS to XL

This Canadian brand was launched by Shannon Wilson, the spouse of Chip Wilson’s founder in 2014. The specialty of Kit and Ace is to design comfortable and fashionable clothes by using technical fibres. The fabric manufactured at Kit and Ace is sustainable and made through ethical prefabrication practices also prioritizing the fair manpower level, demolishing the unethical practices of forced labour. This made-in-Canada brand takes charge of free movement and comfortable designs.

The company features a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing including, pants, jackets, shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, sweatshirts, blouses, shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, work and even travel essentials. The wide choices offered by Kit and Ace offer its consumers a seamless transition to clothes for any occasion, whether it is gym, office or weekend this place has all you need.

Kit and Ace have released a spring special collection this year, which includes contemporary and attractive Sweaters and Cardigans. The outfits offered by this brand make the clothes ideal for people appreciating fusions of an active lifestyle for fashion and style.

13. Daub + Design

Size Range: XS to XL

The brand was founded by famous entrepreneur and designer, Lexi Soukoreff in 2010, it is believed that Soukoreff used different surface design methods to make unique and fashionable clothes. Daub + Design is an amazing brand that builds unique garments for everyone’s taste and fashion sense. The goal of the clothing brand is to enhance a positive body image, boost confidence and provide a special sense of fashion to whosoever is wearing its clothes.

The collection features tees, socks, toques, seamless undies, jackets, tank tops, joggers, leggings, sweatpants, skirts and even bike shorts. Along with clothing Daub + Design also offers a collection of bath and body care, fitness, and skincare essentials, SPF products, sunless tanning products and other such products. Daub + Design includes a wide range of Valencia Jackets and fFreedom Joggers as one of their bestsellers. The clothing brand has a unique and wide variety of designs satisfying and fulfilling each woman’s style, body image and taste.


From clothes to footwear and accessories, these 13 Canadian brands not only stand for their innovative design and high-quality materials but also manage social and environmental initiatives. From Hudson’s Bay to Canada Goose, these Canadian brands provide a wide variety of selections according to your choice granting you with a classic wardrobe.

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