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18 Best Things to Do in a Family Vacation in Ontario

Family vacations are the best way to create precious memories and strong bonds. Ontario is one of the prime locations for family vacations in North America. You will be astonished by its breathtaking natural habitat extending from beautiful landscapes to freshwater beaches.

It also offers wide forms of entertainment for family vacations to let kids and parents have fun while building cherished memories. You can visit Ontario during any season as it offers mesmerizing, adventure-filled experiences year-round.     

1. Things to Do with Your Family in Ontario

A tip would be to plan your vacation activities based on the season of visit. This is because each season has a different experience to share of all the places mentioned in and around Ontario. Let’s have a look at some of the best things you can do on a family vacation in this astonishing place.

1.1. Niagara Falls: Explore the Magnificient Waterfall

Niagara Falls comprises American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls, which are three waterfalls on the Canadian side. It is located at the southern end of Niagara Gorge, which spans the Canada-USA border. The vertical water drop is from a 160 feet elevation with the highest water flow rate in North America.

Your to-do list for the family vacation should include exploring this beauty, which can be visited all year round. You can also enjoy aero car rides, visit the cliffside observation deck, and have an astonishing meal at any restaurant in Niagara Parks while enjoying their view.

Source: Unsplash

Best Time to Visit: Mid-May – mid-September, with July and August being the busiest. 

1.2. Georgian Bay: Rugged Shoreline and Adventure

UNESCO named Georgian Bay the world’s best biosphere reserve with the largest freshwater archipelago. It stretches to the French River from the Port Severn covering a total of 347,000 hectares. The bay is located on the northeastern part of Lake Huron characterised by rocky habitats, narrowed straits, sandy beaches and white pine forests. 

The place brings wide adventures on the lap of nature for your family vacation in Ontario.

Screenshot from the site Georgian Bay Township

Best Time to Visit: June – August   

1.3. Webster and Tews Falls: Short Trek Amids Nature

One of the few popular things to do as part of a family vacation in Ontario is to go on a short trek to Webster and Tew Falls. Both are located within the same park in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area.

Webster Falls is a natural wonder and offers you a charismatic view of a 22 m curtain fall, with Tew Falls on the other part falling by Logie’s Creek from 41 m into the valley. They are wonderful to visit during the prime leaf viewing in Dundas Valley. You can explore the parks and waterfalls with a memory to collect for a lifetime. 

Source: Unlimphotos

Reservations are required during peak seasons of mid-May to mid-September ( on weekends and public holidays only) and mid-September to mid-November (all days a week).   

Best Time to Visit: May- September to see through the fall colour season

1.4. Ontario’s West Coast: Beaches and Endless Fun

If you plan to spend a long time on your family vacation in Ontario exploring beaches, Ontario’s west coast is your place. It stretches for 100 km with many parks, scenic shorelines, and 15 pristine beaches to explore. It offers opportunities for adventure sports like kayaking, fishing, canoeing, and others.

You can spend some leisure time on the beach while feeling the breeze on your face.  

Screenshot from the site Ontario West Coast

Best Time to Visit: May- September.

1.5. Royal Ontario Museum: Let’s Learn Some History

During your family vacation in Ontario, one of the best things to do is to visit the Royal Ontario Museum. It contains some of the best art pieces, such as the “Death of General Wolfe” by Benjamin West, an effigy vessel, Ere Ibeji twin figures, and many more. The tour of the museum will give you a touch on Canadian history and its famous times.  

Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.6. Canadian War Museum: Heroes of War

Canadian War Museum should be on your to-do list for the family vacation because it will give an idea of the country’s rich military heritage. It contains a wide number of exhibitions and memorials of war artifacts from different years. Its striking and symbolic architecture presents you with a rich idea of Canadian culture.

There are always fascinating exhibitions and temporary shows in the museum which are informative for the children to learn. You can also interact with veterans in the museum to let your children know the astonishing stories of survival and fighting during the war from the people who fought themselves.     

Screenshot from the site Candian War Museum
Screenshot from the site Candian War Museum

Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.7. Toronto Zoo: Go on a Date with Wildlife

Toronto Zoo is a fascinating place to help you and your kids enjoy being around diverse wildlife during your family vacation in Ontario. There are nearly 5000 animals to watch who hail from different parts of the world as well as Canada.

There is a petting zoo where you can let your kids directly interact with animals and have a playdate with them. It is an enriching experience to go for which will be remembered in years to come.

A Walk Through the Toronto Zoo

Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.8. Muskoka and Kawarthas: Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

In Ontario, Kawarthas contains a chain of 250 lakes and rivers. Here, you can go on outdoor activities such as houseboating, canoeing, fishing and others. It would be leading a family life amid nature while enjoying local cuisine and scenic beauty. You can also find many hiking trails around the area, such as Kawartha Trans Canada Trail and Eels Creek.

In Muskoka, you can find nearly 1600 lakes to explore with diverse nature. These areas require two to three days to explore and make you feel like you are in the lap of nature.

Source: Unsplash

Best Time to Visit: end of September

1.9. Ontario Science Centre: Science and Fun

If you want to let your kids explore scientific wonders and have hands-on experience with innovative scientific experiments, go to the Ontario Science Museum. Here, you can enjoy live scientific shows at the IMAX Dome theatre. A little science and fun could make a good knowledge trip and may be on your to-do list for a great family vacation.       

Screenshot from the site Ontario Science Centre

Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.10. Wonderland Canada: Next Stop to Amusement

Visiting Wonderland Canada during your family vacation in Ontario should be on your to-do list. This is because the park provides nearly 70 rides, and Yukon Striker is regarded as the world’s tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster. It is one of the premier amusement parks in the country that provides world-class entertainment to people. You can become the kid yourself on a trip to the park.

Official POV - Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland

Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.11. Casa Loma: Have a Royal Experience

Casa Loma is one of the castles showing the heritage of the Gothic era. It has many secret passageways that create a thrilling experience. It holds the memories of many martyrs of the old days. In North America, Casa Loma is one of the true castles.

A few of the famous films shot here are Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, etc. You should visit it as part of your to-do list on the family vacation to enjoy the royal heritage.

Source: Unsplash

Best Time to Visit: April- October

1.12. CN Tower: Tallest of All

During your family vacation in Ontario, do not miss to visit the architectural beauty of CN Tower and Parliament Hill. CN Tower is currently the third tallest building in the world with a free-standing structure. It is a signature figure honouring the Toronto skyline in Ontario which you should visit to see how it stands among all with such honour and vigour.

Screenshot from the site CN Tower

Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.13. Little Canada: Be the Friendly Gaint

On your family vacation in Ontario, enjoy the world of miniature in Little Canada. Here, everything looks small, and you become the giant. You and your children could have a live experience of living in an animated world and being the friendly giant.  


Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.14. Legoland: It’s a Playdate

One of the most popular family entertainment parks in Ontario is the Legoland. It has Lego-themed play zones, rides, shops, and many other things. The Lego brick flag created here is the biggest attraction of all. Immerse yourself and your kids into the playful world to enjoy your and their childhood once again on this vacation.  

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Tourist Attractions in Toronto

Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.15. Rideau Canal: Explore the Heritage

Rideau Canal is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites which was specially made to support the passage of steam-powered vessels. It is one of the best engineering establishments of the 19th century and is regarded as the most well-preserved slackwater canal. It is still operational with minimum chances made to fit into the modern world. 

Source: Unsplash

Best Time to Visit: January- March

1.16. Ripley’s Aquarium Canada: Enjoy the Aquatic Life

While on your family vacation in Ontario, do not miss the multi-dimensional and state-of-the-art level aquarium in Canada. It houses more than 20,000 different sea creatures and aquatic life. It shows more than 450 live aquatic species, which would be astonishing to watch. So, never miss this underwater adventure at the place to be close to the aquatic life.

Screenshot from the site Ripley’s Aquarium Canada

Best Time to Visit: All year round

1.17. Algonquin Provincial Park: Camping and Adventure

Algonquin is one of the best camping grounds in the world. If you wish to spend a day in leisure with an adventure during your family vacation in Ontario, do not miss visiting the place. It presents vast stretches of natural landscapes covered with thick forests while interconnecting with many rivers and lakes.

The rich biodiversity of the place helps you to view wildlife in nature and hear the melodies of birds while watching them fly around in the vicinity as you camp.

Source: Unsplash

Best Time to Visit: mid-September- mid-October

1.18. Parliament Hill: Watch the Nation’s Pride

Parliament Hill is one of the federal buildings of Canada where the government meets to take decisions and actions for the welfare of the country. It is a symbol of the nation’s pride. You can have a look at its impressive architecture and enjoy the soothing landscape.

Source: Unsplash

Best Time to Visit: All year round

19. In Conclusion

There are many other options for places and activities for your family vacation in Ontario. These are just a few of the best places to go in Ontario to live your adventure with your family while building memories. So, plan your days and keep exploring Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What should families do in Ontario who are visiting to seek adventure?

People visiting Ontario for a family vacation to feel adventure are required to go hiking around Algonquin Park, Stoney Lake, Muskoka and Kawarthas, Georgian Bay and others. 

2. What should the families do on vacation in Ontario to help the kids enjoy?

People to help their kids enjoy their vacation in Ontario need to visit Niagara Falls, Legoland, Wonderland Canada and beaches on the west coast of Ontario.    

3. What adventures the families should not miss while vacationing in Ontario?

A few of the activities like live fishing and hiking around Algonquin and Kawartha lakes, canoeing and kayaking on the beaches and visiting Casa Loma to experience castle life. 

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