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Scenic Summits: The 8 Best Ontario Mountains for Jaw-Dropping Views

Interested to know about mountains in Ontario? Ontario is one of the thirteen provinces of Canada. It is located in Central Canada and is the most populous province of Canada.

Canada includes significant mountainous terrain. It has many beautiful points and lakes that are a perfect place to explore the beauty of several impressive peaks of Canada, such as the Sea to Sky highway situated in British Columbia. Located in the Canadian Rockies, Alberta has places to explore its impressive peaks, such as Icefield Parkway and Moraine lake.

Ontario is just the most beautiful city in Canada. The beauty of Ontario is just unusual and unrealistic. There are stunning views in every single part of Ontario.

What so Great about Ontario?

Ontario is divided into 2 regions; Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. Even though the southern region is the smaller of the two, southern Ontario is more populous than northern Ontario.

Ontario shares its border with Hudson bay, James bay at the north, Quebec to the east, Manitoba to the west, and many U.S. states to its south. The border of Ontario with the U.S. follows inland waterways and rivers such as the Lake of Woods, The Saint Laurence river.

Ontario is known for Parliament Hill’s Victorian architecture and the National Gallery, featuring Canadian and indigenous art and many other monuments. Toronto, Ontario’s capital, is home to the famous CN Tower, with expansive views from its revolving restaurant and High Park, the site of a rare oak savannah habitat.

Canadian mountain
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Now let’s have a look at the spectacular mountains in Ontario.

Unveiling the Top 8 Mountains with Spectacular Views

1. Ishpatina Ridge

Let us start with the highest peak in Ontario, Ishpatina Ridge. Ishpatina Ridge is an estimated 693 m above sea level and approximately 300 m above the immediate area. Ishpatina Ridge is one of the best mountains in Ontario.

Before the declaration of the Canadian government, Maple Mountain was considered the highest mountain.

The mountain lies in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park. Reaching Ishpatina ridge is challenging as the route is uneven and remote.

So, the route is pretty much adventurous and challenging. To climb the Ontario mountains, one needs to put in some effort.

Individuals who love hiking a thriller route might once try hiking the Ishpatina ridge. Abandoned firepower, the Ellis tower is still there at the highest part of the ridge.

One of the beautiful pictures of Ishpatina ridge
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You can visit the ridge to go on for hike and get a great experience.

2. Mount McKay

Situated south of Thunder Bay, Ontario, on the Indian reserve of the Fort William First Nation, Mount McKay is the highest mountain of the Nor’wester mountains. It is the most known mountain of the northwestern mountains.

It is a great place to encounter the beauty and culture of the place. The place is actually a volcanic plateau. The stunning views of the Mountain make it one of the most beautiful mountains in Ontario.

The tourists like to visit here because of its breathtaking views. Mckay is also known as ”Thunder mountains”.

Mount McKay
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3. Maple Mountain

Maple Mountain lies within the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park on the northeastern side of Ontario, which is estimated to be 642 m above sea level.

Although Ishpatina ridge is the highest mountain in Ontario, maple mountain has the highest vertical rise over the landscape.

Maple mountain rising over Tupper lake is even more popular than Ishpatina ridge. A long hiking trailhead towards an abandoned fire tower attracts many hikers, which is why it is one of the most famous mountains in Ontario.

The mountain site is considered one of the best mountains to go for canoeing and has pretty much good campsites along the routes for canoeing, making it a comfortable place for campaigning.

The mountain is not easily reachable as traveling by the roads and trails is difficult due to poor weather conditions. Canoe or float planes are a good way to travel to the mountain.

maple ridge , canada
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The place is also considered a sacred site as the spirits are believed to go there.

4. La Cloche Mountains

The La Cloche mountains are a range of mountains in Ontario situated in the northern region near Manitoulin Island. The mountain range lies in the Canadian shield and is made up of white quartzite.

The Killarney Provincial Park is a provincial park is located in the range on the north shore of Georgian bay. The park is quite famous among visitors.

killanery national park having a mountain in Ontario
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The park has only one campground the George Lake entrance. Tourists visiting here have a great experience encountering the beauty of the park.

It has numerous hiking trails and canoe-in back-country camping that interest tourists. The canoe routes have well-maintained and beautiful lakes.

The silver peak is the highest point of the place. It is the more visited part of the park because it has day trails that attract tourists.

5. Tip Top Mountains

Tip Top mountain is located in the pukaskwa national park. The summit is around 641 m above sea level. The mountain is actually difficult to climb as there are no hiking trails up to the mountain.

The journey to the peak through bumpy and uneven roads is pretty dangerous, but the journey is filled with stunning views that will be a great memory.

6. The Blue Mountains

People consider the Blue mountains a range of mountains in Ontario, but it is not. The Blue Mountains is actually a town in Grey Country on the southwestern side of Ontario on the southern edge of Georgian Bay.

People confuse it with a mountain because of the Blue Mountain Formation, which lies in the town itself. The mountains initially developed underwater due to the large amounts of sediment dropping into the water to cover the sea floor. Over a long period of time, these sediments compressed into sandstone and shale, which later transformed them into underwater rocks.

The blue mountain is the most famous point of the town of blue mountains, which is located in the Nottawasaga Bay southeastward to the Toronto area.

The blue mountains town is also famous for its blue mountain ski resort. The ski resort is one of Canada’s biggest and third busiest resorts.

After its establishment, the ski resort was later transformed into a year-round resort. There are many hotels, and resorts within the town of the blue mountains that are just amazing.

The Blue Mountains is best known for its soaring sandstone ridges covered in native bushland. Situated within the wilderness lies the charming mountain towns, ancient Aboriginal rock art, and the iconic tourist attraction of Scenic World.

7.  Tower Mountain

The next on our list of Mountains in Ontario is The Tower Mountain. Tower mountain is the second-highest mountain in Ontario. It is situated on the northeast shore of the lake superior close to the city of thunder bay.

The summit got its name a few years back; earlier, it was just an unnamed spot elevation.

The mountain is a broad, flat-topped ridge with steep slopes and cliffs surrounding the central part of the plateau. The summit is a broad flat area, marked by clearings with lots of scrap from an old tower.

You can see the tower footings, the detritus of the wooden observation box, old cables, and electrical junk lying around. A rise to the north of the tower area may be the real high point, but it’s hard to confirm. There are no views, but if you bushwhack to the west for a tenth of a mile, you will come to the top of the cliffs, where a nice vista of clear-cut forests extends for miles.

Tower Mountain
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8.  Ogidaki Mountain

Ogidaki Mountain is a high hill in the Algoma Highlands north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The hill was once considered the highest point in Ontario, but later on, with the release of one of the topographical maps, it was revealed that Ishpatina Ridge is the highest peak.

But still, it is one of the highest mountains in Ontario. A well-maintained fire tower still stands at the summit today.

Closing Thoughts

Almost 9 million tourists visit Ontario each year, so definitely, there might be something that makes Ontario special and attracts visitors.

Ontario has the best freshwater beaches, stunning picturesque mountains, and beautiful weather, making it the best place to enjoy and have fun. The city’s architectures are so beautiful. How can one ignore them? Have a visit to Ontario, and you; will know why it is so special.

The numerous Ontario Provincial Parks, Canadian National Parks, and Conservation Areas offer camping, swimming, hiking, paddling, and sightseeing. With more freshwater lakes than anywhere else in the world, beaches such as Wasaga Beach, Sauble Beach, and Sandbanks Provincial Park Ontario stand to be the best place for fun.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What else can you explore in Ontario?

Besides these peaks, Ontario is famous as it is known as Canada’s economic hub.  And Ontario is very important for Canada. Ontario’s economy thrives through its unique combination of resources, manufacturing expertise, exports, and innovation drive.

Ontario generates almost 37% of the national GDP. It is home to almost 50% of all employees in high-tech, financial services, and other industries, which is why Ontario is important to Canada. Ontario is a must-visit as it has beautiful provisional parks, great lakes, stunning vast forests, and the world-famous Niagara Falls.

Visiting Ontario is worth it. Tourists enjoy visiting Ontario. And telling Ontario is the most visited city in entire Canada. There are a lot of places to visit in Ontario.

2. What is the Best time to visit?

The Nation’s capital, Ottawa, lies here and is also home to its most populous city, Toronto. Being the most populous city in Canada, Toronto is also the capital city of Ontario.

Due to Ontario’s size, temperatures may vary enormously from region to region and within the region. Generally, the weather is considered continental, with temperatures ranging from humid in the south, with ice-cold winters and pretty warm summers, to sub-Arctic in the north. January is traditionally the coldest month of the year, and July is the warmest month in Ontario.

3. The highest peak in Ontario?

Mount Logan is the highest peak in Canada’s mountains and the second highest in North America.

Mount Logan is even higher than Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, which an individual can climb comfortably, but that’s not the case in Canadian Mountains. Due to active tectonic uplifting, Mount Logan has changed; it is still rising in height. Before 1992, the exact elevation of Mount Logan was not known, and measurements ranged from about 5,959 to 6,050 meters. In May 1992, a GSC expedition climbed Mount Logan and fixed the current height of 5,959 meters using a GPS.

Mount Logan is located within Kluane National Park Reserve in southwestern Yukon. The mountain is believed to have the largest base circumference among all non-volcanic mountains in the entire world.

4. What else you can do in Ontario?

Ontario has many places to visit, such as Theme parks, including Canada’s Wonderland, Wildwater Kingdom, the Toronto Zoo, and Centreville Amusement Park.

The Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Ontario Science Centre, and Science North are all kids-friendly places and offer kid-specific programs. Historical sites such as Casa Loma or Fort William Historical Park are the best places to visit.

North America’s oldest public aviary is situated in Hamilton, Ontario. The Hamilton Aviary was opened on June 1, 1928, at Dundurn Castle.

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