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Ontario’s Sarnia -9 Amazing Things To Explore

On the banks of Lake Huron, in the province of Ontario, is the lovely city of Sarnia Ontario. With a mere population of 72 Thousand people, it is the biggest city in Lambton County and Lake Huron. Sarnia is a city in the southwest of the province of Ontario, on the eastern bank of the confluence of the upper and lower Great Lakes, where Lake Huron empties into the St. Clair River.

There are always exciting things to do, whether you are a local or a visitor to Sarnia, Ontario. This location offers thrilling activities for everyone with its lush parks and beautiful beaches.

Thanks to the beautiful beaches and lush green parks, everyone may find something thrilling to do in this location. Not only may you go here for entertaining activities and adventures, but you can also do so to learn about its fascinating past. Additionally, it is well known for having theatres, art galleries, and museums, all of which add to the excitement of the area.

Check out our list of the top 9 things to do in Sarnia, Ontario to learn more about this lovely city.

1. Fun Activities In Sarnia

In Sarnia , Canada, there are lots of things to see and do. So let’s investigate the enjoyable activities in Sarnia.

1.1. Visit Germain Park

Sarnia Onario
Photo by Mitesh on Unsplash/copyright2021

Parc Germain options lovely gardens, and in the summer, floral beauty is all around. A refurbished F-86 Saber jet craft is accessible to the military. August is a good time to go to the most effective of gardens. However, the sporting potentialities are varied. Watch or play football games, baseball, bowls, and additional.

The park has dog-friendly areas; therefore, if you have got your pet with you, bring it. If you’re searching for peace and solitude, there’s a meditation garden. The actual fact that their square measures lots of free parking areas adds to the present peace of mind. Take an opportunity during this impressive natural setting, a small indefinite quantity from town. Bring a picnic basket and linger in the shade on a hot summer day.

1.2. Animal Farm for Kids in Downtown Sarnia

The children’s animal park is made in a very picturesque setting in Cantara Park. The farm offers attractions for guests of all ages and interests. The farm is open year-round, and guests will explore the farm and many animals.

You’ll walk around, observe and study the various animals. Round the park, you may realize a range of flowers, gardens, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

1.3. Glen Mountains Beside the Clair River

There square measure several activities for guests like fishing, yachting, and alternative water sports. You’ll swim on the beach and organize a picnic. There’s a playground for kids at the beach. The place is gorgeous in the fall, and it is not a busy beach just like the others. It is a quite hidden place settled at a distance from Sarnia.

The Judith and Norman Alix gallery could be a public gallery in downtown Sarnia. Admission is free, and it offers varied exhibitions of historical and modern art.

The exhibitions here in the main concern artists of national and regional caliber. The Canadian art history gallery offers a motivating choice of lectures, children’s programs, college programs, art exhibitions, and more. It’s a useful cultural resource for developing people’s interest in the visual arts.

1.5. Stones and Bones Deposit

This wonderful museum presents history in a beautiful environment. This beautiful gallery is home to over 6000 natural history items, from fossils to rare jewels. Things on show embrace dinosaurs, fossils and artifacts, gems, minerals, insects, butterflies, Canadian native tools and artifacts, and several alternative superb things.

Along with their ongoing exhibits, they occasionally add new artifacts as well.

Their most well-known feature is a huge dinosaur building. It is a fantastic location for history and art buffs enjoying the outdoors. If you have a few hours to spare, they also host several educational events and tours, which are fantastic. Don’t forget to bring some trinkets from their gift shop home.

We strongly advise you to take your family here to learn about some fascinating prehistoric history.

1.6. Centennial Park

This Park is a gorgeous recreation area situated in the heart of Sarnia, Ontario. Tourists and residents come to this area to enjoy the stunning view of the marina for boats. It is one of the most well-liked locations in Sarnia for leisurely strolls and trekking because it is covered with several kilometers of paved trails. The Garden is also kept up beautifully, and there are lovely picnic areas and benches where you can relax away from the bustle of the city.

At Watford’s Centennial Park, athletes, especially baseball lovers, can unwind for hours. The expansive park has wading pools, tennis courts, basketball hoops, running tracks, and two baseball diamonds. Bring your group together for a fun day, or let the kids burn off some steam on the playground. There are also restrooms and a refreshment stand.

1.7. Lake Huron

Lake Huron
Photo by Michael Rodock on Unsplash/copyright2021

Lake Huron, near Port Huron, was originally known as La Mer Douce. Huron is the fifth giant fresh lake and the second largest large lake on the earth. At the lowest of the lake, there are a thousand shipwrecks. Underwater historical sites are great destinations for divers, snorkelers, and even kayakers to explore. There are thirty lighthouses on Huron beaches that are hospitable to guests.

Lake Huron features beautiful shorelines with stunning vistas. This beautiful lake Huron is good for swimming, boating, and sightseeing. Plan a little picnic or other recreational activities at the well-known Lake of Sarnia, Ontario.

1.8. Canatara Beach

Only 26 beaches in Canada adhere to strict standards for clean water, and Canatara Beach proudly displays a blue flag as proof. Numerous bird and animal species are drawn to this sandy paradise, which is ideal for admirers of nature. Pack a picnic and unwind in the picnic area while using the 84 acres of parkland with hiking paths and recreational opportunities.

The ideal starting point for your excursion to Sarnia, Ontario, is this Park. This magnificent, multipurpose park has something for everyone to do and provides beautiful views of the city.

This area, which is near Lake Huron, is also well-known for having a beach. You can arrange your day vacation to this seaside park while enjoying a cozy day here. You can also engage in various other water-based activities in this location.

1.9. Point Edward Waterfront Trail

Take to the trails along the Point Edward coastline with your bike and a friend as you make your way to the Bluewater Bridge, which ultimately terminates at Canatara Park. Enjoy stunning views of the St. Clair River and Lake Huron as you ride through.

Waterfront Park is situated beneath the Bluewater Bridges and offers views of the St. Clair River. There are several conveniences and recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages. Play baseball there, or just let the kids run around the playground.

If you’re hungry after all that exercise, stop by the chip truck, a favorite of children and adults.

This Valley Camping near the bridge offers seasonal and overnight camping and rental cabins and is only 20 minutes from the Bluewater Bridge.

Two swimming pools, horseshoe pits, mini-golf, and volleyball nets are just a few of the amenities.

2. Geographic Location of the Sarnia Region

Like its neighboring counties in southwestern Ontario, the Sarnia-Lambton region could be a preponderantly rural atmosphere encompassing an associate degree urban center. The town of Sarnia sits at the confluence of the lake and, therefore, the St. Clair stream, whereas Lambton County stretches on the shores of the St. Clair stream and the coast of the lake.

Not only may you go here for entertaining activities and adventures, but you can also do so to learn about its fascinating past. Additionally, it is well known for having theatres, art galleries, and museums, all of which add to the excitement of the location.

Visit some of the mentioned locations within and around Sarnia, Ontario, this summer to take in the beauty of this lakeside town and its lush natural environment.

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