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Jack O Lantern Designs: 35 Fascinating Ideas For You

Are you looking for jack o lantern designs?  With the festival of wizards, witches, and ghosts around the corner, you might hit the internet to find new and superb ideas to celebrate Halloween.

This is where our site comes to your rescue. Halloween, popularly known as the day of the dead, is celebrated on October 31st worldwide. Halloween has been the second biggest commercial festival in the United States of America after Christmas.

Halloween falls before Western Christian Feast by All Saints and marks the start of Allhallowtide and concludes with All Souls’ Day. Halloween was introduced into the United States of America in the 19th century by the Europeans, and they also helped the state popularise the festival.

Halloween activities include attending Halloween costume parties, trick or treating, carving Jack o lanterns, apple bobbing, lighting bonfires, playing pranks, divination games, and many more.

Coming to one of the popular activities of Halloween- carving pumpkins into Jack o lantern designs. Legend says that Jack o lantern designs are believed to ward off evil spirits or are supposed to represent supernatural beings.

It is also said that long before pumpkin carving’s association with Halloween, it was first related to the Harvest season in some parts of the United States of America. Some use turnips instead of pumpkin to carve the designs. That is called ‘ Hoberdy’s lantern.’

We have put together some cool jack o lantern designs of pumpkin carving to inspire you to keep the Halloween spirit. You don’t need pumpkin carving skills for this, try to have fun, and I’m sure you will have the time of your life.

Jack O Lantern Designs Guide For You

Starting with the basics, let’s go!!

1. Polka Dots Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Be it on any fabrics or pumpkins, polka dots never disappoint. Carve the polka dot pattern on the jack o lantern designs of pumpkin and place a candle inside. Poke holes near each other, but they should not overlap. You can also place led lights inside the carved pumpkin.

This pumpkin carving jack o lantern design is one of the simple ways which even young pumpkin carvers can quickly get done with.

2. Wide-Smile Pumpkin Carving Ideas

What better than inviting trick or treaters with a wide grinning smile pumpkin carving design of jack o lantern designs. This pumpkin carving will be both creepy and cute at the same time. Take a medium pumpkin and empty the contents inside it.

This hollowed-out pumpkin with a thin smile on it will be a great Halloween display on your front porch.

3. Crazy Hair Jack O Lantern

Taken a medium-sized pumpkin and carve eyes with a thin smile. Use these carved pumpkins as pots to place small plants or shrubs. These tiny plants can also create hair for the pumpkin face. 

4. Kitten Pumpkins

Take mini pumpkins and empty the pumpkin seeds inside them. Spray the pumpkins with black paint for black kittens. Make some use of clay loop and hot glue to create pupils, chicken wire for whiskers, and cut out triangle nose and stick it with hot glue gun onto the pumpkin face.

This will make an adorable jack o lantern designs.

5. Haunted House Pumpkin Carving Ideas

You always wanted to recreate the haunted house you had seen a while back in the horror movie. Please do it now on the Halloween jack o lantern. Use all your craft knife skills on the pumpkins and place them on the front porch for a realistic castle feel.

6. Googly Eyes

If you want to go with a cute and not creepy pumpkin design for this Halloween. Stick store-bought googly eyes with a hot glue gun onto the pumpkin.

This Jack o lantern designs of pumpkin do not require any effort but appear equally cute.

7. Candy Holder Halloween Pumpkin

Design this unique Halloween pumpkin for the children visiting your house. Carve out the pumpkin’s top layer and empty the pumpkin seeds inside. Fill the hollowed-out pumpkin with a store-bought candy bowl.

Use a permanent marker to write some message on the pumpkin design for the trick or treaters or use a craft paper cut alphabets to the pumpkin a creative effect. Use the hot glue gun to stick the alphabets onto the pumpkin. This jack o lantern will surely engage a lot of visitors.

8. Candy-Coated Pumpkin

Carve a scarecrow on the pumpkin. Stick some candy on the outline of the carved pumpkin. Give a new look to simple pumpkin carving ideas with this candy-filled scarecrow.

This pumpkin carving will give a colorful look to all your Halloween pumpkin carving ideas.

9. Cartoon Jack O Lantern

Apart from carving pumpkins, one can even paint the pumpkin with any design of your favorite character. Trick-or-treaters will love Halloween of your horror house with this Halloween pumpkin design even more.

10. Scarecrow Pumpkins

By SurFeRGiRL/ Flickr

Carve scarecrow design on the giant pumpkin. Scarecrow-carved pumpkin will scare not the humans but also the neighborhood crows. Carve the eyes with the help of a linoleum cutter and place a parsnip nose, stick it with the hot glue gun.

Add a witch hat to this design to make it more realistic. You can also make a scarecrow man pumpkin by clothing it with some dress materials and stuffing leaves, twigs, or any garden waste.

11. Pumpkin Eyes

Hallow out the entire pumpkin and place a white pumpkin inside it. Draw a sizeable creepy eye upon the white pumpkin.

This pumpkin carving on your porch display is sure to scare the life out of the people visiting on Halloween.

12. Peekaboo Pumpkin

Double the fun with these double pumpkin carving ideas. Place a smaller gourd inside the large pumpkin. White pumpkins work best for the more miniature pumpkin. If small pumpkins are nowhere to be found, the mini pumpkins and white paint will be used inside the hallowed pumpkin carving.

Balance the top layer of the giant pumpkin over the small pumpkin with the help of straight pins. This jack o lantern designs of stacked pumpkins on your front porch is a perfect display of your creativity.

13. Trick or Treat Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Carve the second-best fun part (trick or treat) on the pumpkin, which happens to top the list of fun things to do on Halloween. Place this welcoming pumpkin on your front porch to get the trick-or-treaters all excited to visit your castle on Halloween night.

14. Stacked Pumpkin Design

This pumpkin carving idea is best with three pumpkins. These jack o lantern designs are preferred more to ward off bad luck. It is inspired by the concept of see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, and speak-no-evil. Carve a face onto the pumpkins, use mini pumpkins for eyes and faux-skeleton arms for the dramatic effect.

15. Candy Bowl Pumpkin

This Halloween, instead of stocking candies in some regular glass bowl, uses pumpkin carving as a storage container for candy corn. One can also place this jack o lantern designs pumpkin carving in your grocery store if you own one.

The only thing to remember while designing this is to clean the insides of the pumpkins thoroughly.

16. Candy Land Pumpkin

Decorate your pumpkin carving with candy corn, peppermints, gums, and many more. Stick the candies with the help of a hot glue gun on the pumpkin. Make sure not to get caught by your Parents before you complete the jack o lantern designs.

17. Lollipop Pumpkin Carving

Take a medium-sized pumpkin, carve a half-circle mouth with a craft knife, eyes, and a triangle nose with a linoleum cutter. Push lollipops inside the pumpkin carving instead of hair.

18. Pumpkin Farm

Use this innovative farm pumpkin carving to display in your pumpkin patch. Carve a chicken onto a large pumpkin and chicks onto the small pumpkin. Place chicks pumpkin beside the mother pumpkin carving for aesthetic farm effect.

19. Zombie Pumpkin

What better way to combine zombies with Halloween. One of the famous pumpkin carving ideas is zombie pumpkin carving. Hollow out the entire pumpkin, reserving a handful of pumpkin seeds, pat dry them, and set aside.

Now take the pumpkin, carve a wobbly mouth over it, eyes with raised eyebrows. Pierce the cleansed seeds on an outline of the mouth of the pumpkin in different directions.

If carving the entire face is a bit tough for you, try carving a zombie hand onto the pumpkin. Add some creative skills to it, and even so, you are ready with your zombie pumpkin.

20. Monster Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Combine monsters and ghosts, and they come with a bang. Carve eyes, tooth, and mouth in assorted shapes. Draw a rough outline of an irregular scar around the circumference of the pumpkin. Cut the pumpkin along the line of the scar. Paint the pumpkin carving with white spray for more effect.

21. Vines Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Carve into the top layer of the pumpkins. Don’t let your knife pass through the coating, which will damage your pumpkin carving. Place some string lights or LED lights inside the pumpkin. You can also use a lemon zester for this design.

22. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Carve a turkey design on the pumpkin. Add some extra props to make the pumpkin carving come to life. You can leave the pumpkin carving on the front porch even till Thanksgiving.

23. Frankenstein Pumpkins

Frankenstein Pumpkins
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

One of the most loved animated characters, Frankenstein, will make you love Halloween even more. Complete the Frankenstein pumpkin ideas using a single giant pumpkin or two large pumpkins and small gourds.

Block pattern design will best suit this pumpkin carving.

24. Fall Leaves Pumpkin Carving Ideas

This pumpkin carving design will add aesthetics to your front porch decoration. Carve fall leaves on the pumpkin and sprinkle some pixie dust after finishing the carving. Now you are good to go.

For some extra effects, illuminate your garden with string lights.

25. Medusa Pumpkin

Inspired by Greek Mythology, Medusa will be a grand display for Halloween. Carve two large eyes, a wiggly mouth, and nostrils for the face. Stick the rubber snakes on the top of the pumpkin carving with the help of a hot glue gun.

Beware not to look directly into the eyes; you would not want to turn into a stone statue.

26. Cannibal Pumpkin Carving Ideas

By Photography Cornwall on Shutterstock

Give your Halloween a dramatic effect with this pumpkin carving. Carve a zig-zag mouth that is wide enough to rest a mini pumpkin. Use toothpicks or straight pins for sharp teeth. Carve sharp eyes for a villain look. You can use a melon baller or small gourd for the mini pumpkins.

27. Flower Vase Pumpkin Carving Ideas

This pumpkin carving idea is my personal favorite. What is more, fun than a color-filled delightful Halloween? This will even add a pleasant feel to the celebration. Cut out the top layer of the pumpkin. Hollow out the entire pumpkin and place a small tub filled with water later. Place the stems and branches of the flower bunch in the tub.

Place this pumpkin carving on your dinner table or be placed as a welcoming pumpkin. Spray paint the pumpkin with metallic paint if wanted.

28. Owl pumpkin

By MizJoyful on Shutterstock

No horror scene is complete without an owl hooting from a nearby branch. You can also add this effect to your celebration. Select a large pumpkin and carve the owl design onto it.

Decorate it with LED lights. Add some hooting noise in the background, and you are good to go.

29. Drink Display Pumpkin

A perfect display for your home bar is a drink display pumpkin. To make one,  carve out the topmost layer. Scoop out the seeds and everything from inside. Add some ice to the pumpkin bowl. Now place the bottles inside it. Even your drink table will give the Halloween vibes.

30. Toss Pumpkin

Transform the Halloween celebration into a fun get-together game for the whole family or friends. Use the largest pumpkin in the store. Carve the face and a wide – big enough mouth.

Try to toss candies or bean bags into the mouth of the pumpkin. The person with maximum points takes home a surprise gift.

31. Jigsaw Pumpkin

Add to the festivities your hand-carved jigsaw puzzle pumpkin carving. Carve the puzzle shapes out of the pumpkin using a sharp craft knife. Paint the carved-out pieces. Guests should be asked to place the appropriate selections in the proper voids. You are sure going to be children’s favorite by the end of the night.

32. Crawler Pumpkin

Use mini pumpkin for this carving design of pumpkin spiders. Add telephone wires for the legs of the tarantula. Place these mini designs under the temple or the places where guests are expected to creep out the most.

33. Vampire Pumpkin

Make the Halloween celebration more spooky with the vampire pumpkin. Carve the face with fanged teeth. Add some red sauce or red paint to the tooth for a blood meal effect. Use craft paper for the cape and transform the present design into a Dracula pumpkin.

34. Bat Pumpkin

It’s Halloween night, and there are no bats around. Make the night more creepy and design a bat carving on the pumpkin. Carve the mouth, eyes, and nose. Use the carved-out pieces for the pointed ears.

35. Happy Halloween Pumpkin

Wish your guests and neighbors a creative and innovative style. Carve the letters- ‘Happy Halloween’ and place them on the front porch.

This will surely land a smile on their faces.

Halloween Fun Games For You

Double the fun of Halloween with these fun games. Host your family and friends on this festive occasion and make millions of memories.

1. Beer Pongs

Fill your glasses with beer or fruit juices, depending on your choices. Instead of ping pong balls, use spooky eyeballs bought from a store.

2. Paper Mummy

4-5 people can play this game at a time. One person will act as a mummy. Others will try wrapping toilet paper around the person as fast as possible.

The person who wraps the paper fastest wins the race and gets an exciting gift.

3. Good Witch, Bad Witch

Flip a coin. You will get a tasty dessert to eat if you land on heads. Unfortunately, if you land on tails, you will be given a sour, bitter, or chilly mixed dessert to eat.

4. Halloween Quiz

Let the players answer some fun Halloween trivia questions. For every correct answer, they will get a sweet drink, and for every wrong answer, they will be punished with a bitter drink.

5. Cocktail Auction

Ask your friends to come with their cocktail drinks prepared. Host ‘Best Cocktail Competition.’ Let all of your guests taste the participant cocktail, auction for the best cocktails served. The winner gets a gift hamper or a complete dessert box.

Halloween is the most favorite season of the year. Dress up in your fabulous Halloween outfit, Gather your family and friends, tell some horror stories coming down through generations, cherish it with fantastic food and fun games. Trick or treating, bake some fantastic Halloween special deserts and invite neighborhood families home.

Be a fantastic host using these jack o lantern designs carving ideas, and arranging the fun games listed above. Do everything and anything and make this horror season a tremendous experience. 

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