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Indian Grocery Stores in Canada: Top 17 Stores

Namaste! If you check an Indian Canadian’s search history, you will surely find a search result about Indian grocery stores and marketplaces in Canada.

Indian grocery stores in Canada can be found in any corner of the country’s marketplace, which is growing bigger with people across the world handling grocery stores and chain markets here.

You will find Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, Chinese, and several other Asian businesses that are evolving with their grocery collections and services. Are you looking for top Indian grocery stores in Canada?

Have you run out of your daily groceries or maybe acquired a taste for Indian food? In any case, these Indian stores in Canada are going to happily serve you authentic products and ingredients to give your food the Indian cultural touch.

We stop by random stores down the street to explore and buy Indian-brand foods and exceptional delicacies. There are a large number of Indian-owned grocery businesses in Canada, making their way up by learning the tricks of the trade to divulge their well-established markets.

Naming a few Indian-owned stores in Canada that can connect with you in terms of tastes and unique Indian choices. After this post, you don’t need to search anymore about Indian Marts near me or Indian grocery options in Canada.

Indian Grocery Stores in Canada

Here are 17 options listed for you. Scroll down the page and see if the services they provide match your needs. Do look closely; if you are an Indian, some names might ring a bell.

1. Fine India Grocers

If you are looking for a small store selling unique South Asian spices and delicacies from India, then this store is for you. Fine India Grocers keeps food and grocery supplies along with a few Indian and Pakistani-style meals.

You can purchase premium quality products of rice, noodles, fresh halal meat, and anything that you need in your kitchen.

Instant powders for Idlis, pancakes, dosa, cookies, Dahi Wada, Gulabjamun, Rasmalai, and many other food items are always available here.

Contacts and Details

Location: 3040 Don Mills Road, North York.

Phone: 416-496-8887 / 905-455-2530.

2. Fruiticana

You can tell what this store must be selling. Well, you are right if you imagined fruits. Founded by an Indian businessman, Mr. Tony Singh, Fruiticana is one of the largest networks of Indian supermarkets across Canada, which aims to bring the taste of home to the market.

Here, you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, Indian snacks, and spices of top quality at the best rates. Fruiticana stands out for stocking fresh and quality fruits grown locally or from around the world.

Contact and Details

Location: 12855 96 Ave, Surrey, BC V3V 6V9, Vancouver.

Phone: 604-502-0005.

3. Asian Food Centre

Fresh veggies and prepared food? You need to stop by this store. Asian Food Centre has a chain of markets in Canada selling frozen meat, fresh veggies, and a variety of fruits.

They are well stocked with Indian brand products, including snacks, masalas, chutneys, chips, pappads, rice, oil, flour, seeds, pulses, fresh vegetables, and dry fruits. They offer snacks and meals in their ready-to-eat services.

Contact and Details

Location: 10 Westmore Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario.

Phone: 800-708-9232.

4. Taste of India Grocery Store

Taste of India is an ethnic grocery store known for selling fresh veggies, especially those that are sold nowhere else. Cooking ingredients like masalas and chutneys are available here.

You can have your takeaways of tasty Indian packaged food from this store. This place also keeps decent kitchenware that is made and styled in India.

Contact and Details

Location: 10411 NE 4th Plain Blvd, Ste 133, Vancouver.

Phone: 360-254-2000.

5. Rao Food Market

Rao Food Market is an Asian spice shop that is run jointly by Afghani and Indian grocers. You will find a range of spices and cooking oils. They also carry fresh halal meat.

The masala curry powders they sell should be on your list if you are visiting this shop. Combining the age-old dishes of East Asian countries, the store showcases a collection of Indian-Afghani recipes and food products.

Contact and Details

Location: 665 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2C9, Canada.

Phone: 604-568-7233.

6. Batala Supermarket

This store has a collection of ingredients and food items from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Groceries such as ghee, oil, bread and butter, curry powders, seasonings, and pastes as well as dairy products, frozen foods, and frozen meats are always in stock here.

This supermarket sells traditional Indian utensils like kadhai, Tawa, and other Indian-made tools for households.

Contact and Details

Location:  200 Markham Rd, Scarborough.

Phone: Grocery: 416-264-3111, Meat: 416-264-0700.

7. House of Spice

Quite as the name sounds, this place reserves impressive quality spices and sauces. Need a hot Sauce for your Chipotle? You name it, they have it.

Their hot sauce collection is the critical recipe for the store’s success. They have anything and almost everything you need in your kitchen, from spreads and powders.

Contact and Details

Location: 190 Augusta Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

Phone: 416-593-9724.

8. Singal’s Indian Grocery Store

This Indian-owned store richly celebrates Indian culture by serving sweets and traditional Indian spices to the customers. They provide free home delivery services.

The famous spices from the fields of India can be found and relished here in this store. The chief spice ingredients in typical Indian foods are available for sale here.

Contact and Details

Location: 111 Chabanel Ouest, Montreal.

Phone: 514-349-0633.

9. Kohinoor Foods

Kohinoor Foods is where you can find a variety of food stocks like sauces, powders, ground and whole seeds, fenugreek leaves, tamarind pastes, canned saag, and oils extracted from different seeds.

This place is where you go if you need to give your tongue an Indian hint. Most of the ingredients used in South Asian recipes are available here.

Contact and Details

Location: 1438 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Z8, Canada.

Phone: 416-461-4432.

10. Indo Fiji Supermarket

Indo Fiji Supermarket has excellent supplies of rice and flour varieties, dried and tinned fruits, spices, frozen veggies, cookies, and candies. This supermarket sells jars, bottles, baskets, tiffin boxes, bowls, and other kitchenware.

You will find idols of god made out of clay along with attractive diyas, candles, and other accessories for Hindus. There is a bulk of other Indian-derived products like Basmati rice, pickles, and pappads.

Contact and Details

Location: 8334 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 4G2, Canada.

Phone: 604-543-8817.

11. Bombay Bazaar

It is an Indian grocery store for buying groceries imported from India and Pakistan, ranging from frozen veggies and snacks to household goods, curry powders, ethnic spices, sauces, meat products, and other seafood.

They have a variety of flours and rice, dals and beans, oil, sugar, and a lot more. This store has an elegant ambiance with well-arranged food and products.

Contact and Details

Location: 2875 Lawrence Ave, East Scarborough, ONT, M1P 2S8.

Phone: (416) 264-1614.

12. Punjab Nanak’s Foods

Snack-time? Oh, then you need to arrive here. Punjab Nanak’s Foods, in addition to an extensive collection of spices, pickles, rice, oil, pulses, lentils, and a variety of legumes, offers light meals like samosa, sweets, and popular Indian bites like dosas, dhoklas, Idlis, and parathas.

This place shines for having fresh supplies of milk and dairy products like ghee, butter, paneer, and appetizers like Veg Burger Patties, Kebabs, and Aloo Tikki.

Yummy desserts like Rasmalai, and Gulabjamun are a part of daily meals and celebrations.

Contact and Details

Location: 6308 146 Street, Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 3A4.

Phone: 604-594-9190.

13. Marche Ricxman

This store appears congested with poorly arranged food stocks. Apart from the unappealing ambiance, this store has its daily rush for the sale of veggies like tomatoes, chilies, eggplants, ginger, onions, lemons, and other fresh veggies from the farm at much lower prices.

If you need to buy food and vegetables in bulk for cheaper rates, this is the place.

14. India Bazaar

By India Bazaar

This Indian store has supplies of Indian groceries and halal meats. Known for its fresh and quality meat products, this shop sells instant mixes for making Idlis, vadas, up, and sweets.

What stands unique to this shop is the elegant pottery and beautiful plates made from sand and clay that add more rush to this supermarket.

Contact and Details

Location: 10405 Kennedy Rd N, Brampton, ON L6Z 4N7.

Phone: 416-749-0505.

15. Ambal Trading

This wholesale store sells supplies in bulk and reserves fresh and quality wheat and spices. People arrive here for bulk purchases.

The store has ample an Indian variety of rice, wheat, pulses, cereals, and sugar. The goodies are purely Indian and of good quality.

Contact and Details

Location: 591 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M4X 1P9, Canada.

Phone: 416-928-6665.

16. Trupti Enterprises Inc.

Trupti Enterprises Inc. stocks groceries ranging from spices and flour to nuts and snacks picked from different parts of India.

They store goodies like beaten rice, a variety of pulses and rice, Indian-grown cereals, wheat and maize varieties, edible seeds and their oils, lentils, and a wide range of flours and pastes. Their great roasted and blended spice flavors leave an aroma of authentic and magical Indian flavors.

Contact and Details

Location: Unit #40, 2 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto, ON M4H 1H2.

Phone: (416) 421-0191 / (416) 421-0192.

17. Panchvati Supermarket

Panchvati Supermarket has a clean and bright ambiance with extensive reserves of Indian foods, spices, curry leaves, coriander and cinnamon powders, fenugreek and mustard seeds, rice, wheat, maize, and millets and a whole variety of food and snacks are sold here.

Their store is well-known for selling canned foods and beverages. These were some of the most popular Indian stores in Canada that will give you a dash of Indian flavors and lifestyles.

Contact and Details

Location: 45 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 6N5.

Phone: (416) 213-9394.


The services available in these Indian grocery stores are just amazing and worth visiting. Enjoy Indian spices and ingredients that are filled with an enormous number of flavours in these grocery stores.

The Indian Food Industry In Canada

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